You and me in public   added 5 years ago    

  By: dana

I'm dripping wet by the time you enter my apartment. My ass is still sore from the sex we had the night before, but the memories kept coming back to my mind all day. The piss, the roughness, the filth. I am all over you after you close the door, moaning into your mouth when we kiss. You smile, obviously knowing about my need. "Turn around and bend over." I do as I'm told. You flip up my skirt (who needs panties when you're up for a fuck?), feeling my ass, fondling my needy clit. God, I need it bad. Your tongue catches me by surprise and I almost fall over when you suck my clit for a while, then leave a wet trail of your spit and my juices all the way up to my asshole. A deep moan escapes my body.

I flinch as cold metal touches my ass as you stick a buttplug inside. A hard smack on my ass interrupts my orgasm and I jump up. "I invited you to see a movie and we're going to see it. Your ass will have to wait." You simply turn around, open the door and say: "Ladies first."


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With the plug in my ass and the feeling of my own juices running down my legs, we're off into the night.


I give up trying to concentrate on the movie after about fifteen minutes and decide to tease you instead. My hand wanders up your leg, right into your crotch. Your hard cock strains against your trousers. The cinema is half deserted anyway. You probably knew something was going to happen, so you chose some old flick. The fingers against my pussy, then inside my pussy with short wiggles on the plug make it hard to open your fly, but I manage it and start stroking you while you bury your fingers in my cunt. Your hand leaves me empty, but you soon stuff your fingers in my mouth for a good taste of myself. I am going crazy and just need relief. "Please", I beg, "make me cum." You just grip my head and guide it to your crotch. "Suck me."

I moan again, then start sucking your cock right in the middle of the cinema, not caring if anyone is watching. After an eternity of sucking your cock, swallowing it whole, then just teasing the head and repeating and repeating it, I lose track of time. The firm grip on my head and your deep breathing tell me all I need to know. I love your taste, the spurts of semen in my mouth while I lock my lips around the head of your cock and just tease you with my tongue. When you start to jump in your seat, I know you've had enough, show you your cum and then swallow. Delicious! You just zip up, give me a smile and tell me: "Let's go, movie is over."
The back of my skirt is a mess and when we leave, I see a big stain on my seat.


The walk home is torture. My legs are shaking, but you still insisted on a walk to "cool down a little". I just want you to fuck my brains out. As if you haven't tortured me enough, you want to try a different route to your place. No more power to resist, I just follow you. You grab me by surprise and just drag me into a dark corner on the street, then press me with my back against a cold concrete wall. Goose bumps. Everything happens so fast. I hear your fly being unzipped and your cock enters my pussy only a second later. My body just starts cumming and I scream in delight. You fuck my pussy until my orgasm subsides


It's the moment my nipples touch the concrete after you turned me around that I realize you obviously freed my tits. You fuck my pussy from behind for a moment, then literally rip out the buttplug and replace it with your cock. When I want to scream again, you stick the buttplug in my mouth. I just moan into the plug. You start fucking my ass like you're in a frenzy, pulling my head back by my hair. A few smacks on my ass is all I need to cum again. And again. And again. It's like an endless orgasm.

When you're done, you just turn me over and press me down on my knees. My instinct tells me to open my mouth, but the plug makes me instantly gag a bit. Cum sprays all over me, burning in my eye and staining my hair.

After you re-inserted my buttplug, I spend the whole way home scratching cum off my face, eating it, showing you what a nasty slut I can be and how much more I need to be punished.

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