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  By: Hillbilliewille

You had interrupted my weight lifting workout and so I stripped you naked and just as I get you tied up to the weight bench and am ready to begin the mission of making you “suffer” some “terrible” punishment, the doorbell rings.  Who in the world could that be we ask each other?  
We try to ignore it but whoever it is rings again and again so I tell you I'll be right back, throw on a robe and head to the front door. 
"Don't leave me here like this" you yell, stark naked, laying flat on the bench, arms stretched over your head, legs straddling the bench and fastened securely to the weight rests, but I have already exited the room and besides, I have more I want before releasing your restraints. 

"I'll be right back and when I get back that pretty pink pussy of yours is going to get some very serious attention".  I can see through the window it is our friend Tom who frequently stops by unannounced.  You have often commented how you would like to have him and his being bi you’ve said you’d like to watch him with me. 
On many an occasion you flirted with him, touching and verbally hinting, displaying your ass and tits with scanty tops and shorts and saying that one day you would have him.  You have also told me of fantasies you have of he and I fucking you silly after his visits.  
In an instant a plan comes to my mind and opening the door I put my finger to my lips for him to be quiet and I step out to talk to him about an "arrangement".  I first tell of how he interrupted us but that I had to "recharge" anyway and then I explained about how you had fantasized about him and the three of us. 
He smiled and told me about your obvious flirting and that it actually turned him on but that he would have never done anything while you were involved with me.  He didn't realize you were really serious about him and had never even imagined a three-some so he agrees to follow my lead and help your fantasy be fulfilled. 

We come inside and he is completely silent, you yell "What the heck is going on?"

"Nothing my love just Girl Scout cookie time, couldn't get rid of the little shits".  I return to the bed room, turn on some music (to mask any sound Tom might make) remove my robe as I get closer, letting it fall to the floor, teasing you visually as I walk across the room toward you.   
 I take a bandanna I had used as a sweat band and fold it to make a blindfold which I place over your eyes and tie it behind your head.  You ask what I have in mind and to that I reply, "a big surprise my lady, a real big surprise". 
I lower my face to your legs and begin licking along your inner thighs, I love the feel of my tongue against the sweet smooth skin of your inner thighs and, even more, I love your pussy when freshly waxed.  The flesh is so tender and silky smooth and my tongue cannot get enough of it. . 
You sigh at the touch of my tongue and lay back to let me have my way at you pussy.  "Was the wait worth it", I ask as my tongue drifts over your clit.

"Ohhhhhh... indeed it was", you reply as my tongue travels along the inner edge of your lips, barely parting them, I apply long slow tongue to your clit with each stroke as I move up and down the length of your dripping pussy.
I signal him to come watch as I intensify eating you, driving my tongue deeper and taking your clit between my lips and gently sucking it while flicking it with my tongue hungrily drinking the fluids you are so generously producing.   My hands move to fondle and play with your titties, your nipples are rock hard and I pinch and roll them between my fingers. 
  He quietly stands watching as my tongue plays with your hot, sopping wet cunt, you sigh and lay back opening your legs even more to my face telling me how turned on you are and how I can do this to you all day and night.   I move my mouth up and along the crease at the top of each leg, being sure to attend every inch of your belly and sides.  
I want to tease and torment both of you, I want you both to be so randy and hot you'll do anything for the pleasure this experience will bring.  

As my mouth leaves your pussy my hand replaces it.   My middle finger torments your clit and insides while the others stroke the lips, you squirm and wriggle you ass pressing against them trying to apply even more pressure against your throbbing clit.   Reaching your breasts my tongue travels there and finds its way over them, sucking, licking, and gently biting. 
I remove my hand from your cunt and use the juices I've collected to lubricate your nipples and cupping your tits in my hands I press them together, rub one nipple against the other and lick away the juices, ohhhhh this tastes so good and feel so very fine.  
I run my mouth across your chest and neck, our lips finally meet and our tongues greet with wild flicks and strokes.  You enter my mouth and I suck your tongue and you insert and withdraw as if to mouth fuck me with it. 
My rock hard cock is against your pussy lips and I press it against you, spreading you open and as I pump my hips your clit is masturbated by my long wet shaft slowly sliding its length along your opening.  I glance over at Tom and it is obvious he is getting horny as hell but I'm not sure if it is you or me he wants and at this point I don't really care because I want you both and I hope he wants us too. 

"Do you want my big fat cock in your cunt?  Do you want me to fuck you fast and hard?” I ask. 

"Oh yes please fuck me now and hard, slam your dick in me as hard and deep as you can and make me cum again and again".  Glancing at Tom he smiles back at me and I know he is getting seriously aroused from the "lump" in his pants.  Our frantic kissing continues as I slowly open your cunt lips with the head of my cock, you try to raise up and take me deeper but I tell you to be patient or I'll have to punish you. 
I reach down and taking my cock in hand guide it to rub your lips and gently opening them with my head tormenting you even more.  "Oh please drive it home baby, I need that big hot cock now...please fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me now!!!"  
But he pleading is in vain, it is not my intention to do anything more than tease right now.   I slowly insert and fill you with my heat, we continue our passionate kissing, we bite at each others lips and drive our tongues in each others mouths, my length is completely taken by you and the warmth of our body is so wonderful, I rest there a moment and withdraw completely much to your chagrin. 

"Why did you stop?  I need a serious fucking, get back in there!” you demand.  "No baby, not yet I want a little titty fucking first", and I straddle your body, lay my cock between your breasts and pressing them together I begin thrusting my hips masturbating me with your tits.   My head touches your chin with each stroke and you extend your tongue to lick me, tasting and licking away the drops of pre-cum being produced. 

Tom stands there watching intently, completely silent and with a smile.  I'm sure he is getting so hot his pants are about to burst which is exactly I wanted.   Releasing my hold on your breasts I lift myself and hold my cock to your lips. 
You eagerly take me deep in our mouth, "chew" on me very playfully and lick my balls when I take my cock away and raise my hips lowering them to your mouth.  You suck one then the other in, rolling and caressing them, you are so good with your mouth and are driving me wild.  
Tom moves closer and starts rubbing his crotch as I pull back and offer my head to your lips once more.   You are so good giving blow jobs, such a talented lover and as much as I'd like to cum in your mouth again I want to cum in your pussy and I want to get Tom involved soon.  Reaching behind me I insert on then two fingers in your pussy.
  I love the feel of your cunt when it is soaking wet with sex juices. 

I have achieved a level of erotic ecstasy I have never felt before and I think you have as well.  Knowing I am being watched and knowing what I do about the happenings that may occur this evening are making me excited to an emotional point I've never experienced.  When I open my eyes Tom staring straight at me, he licks his lips, winks and I grin as I close my eyes. 
I've never had a homo-erotic fantasy but I am now so ready to do anything the tree of us can imagine.  I want you and I want him and I want us all to want and tease and please each other all night long. 
I slide back down your body and slowly insert again, penetrating to the base of my shaft.  "I think this would be so much better from behind, don't you?"  I ask.  "Oh yes please fuck me from behind, I love the feel of your big, fat cock from behind".  
With that I pick you up and turn you over, lifting a leg so you are now straddling the bench, ass in the air, arms twisted, resting on your elbows awaiting my entry.   Lifting my leg over the bench I take my cock in hand and direct it to your wanting cunt.  
It enters easily and I ram it solidly to the base of my shaft, pull out until my head nearly comes out then another hard thrust of my hips and the process is repeated with a steady rhythm of pumping your pussy with long smooth strokes.  

"Oh Baby that is sooooo...goooooooood", you exclaim to me.   "That's the kind fucking I need", your breasts swing each time I jam my shaft home, I watch them sway in the mirror to our side and it makes me even more hot to see Tom watching intently.   I can tell we are both about to orgasm so I slow down, it's time for the next phase of your fantasy.

"I think a shower is in order for us my love", as I unfasten your hands and holding them together I tell you not to peek or the surprise will be ruined.  Completely blind, I lift you, roll you over and reinsert, your wrap your arms around my neck,
I stand, wrapping my arms around your waist and proceed to carry you to the shower, skewered on my cock, I bounce with each step, driving you solidly to the base of my shaft.  You add to it by raising and drooping yourself at just the right moment in my stride.  Damnit but you are gooooooood at sex.  

Arriving in the bathroom I turn on the water and regulate the temperature.  This shower is so wonderful, open, and large and with 5 heads that adjust to completely cover the body with refreshing spray, the center one is also mounted with a hose so it can be targeted directly on anything desired.  
Setting you down I withdraw from you and spread your arms and tie you to two of the nozzles facing the wall.   I carefully adjust the center head to pour a spray down and over you, the other four are set to pulse water on your chest and upper thighs.  

You writhe at the feel of the water pouring over and pulsing against you.  I ask how it feels and you reply, "You set those perfect my love, now what is my surprise?  What's next?" you ask.  

"Just wait, be patient, good things come to those who wait or is it, those who wait cum good?" I reply with a chuckle.  "You'll know soon enough what I have in store my dear".  I pour body wash on my hands, move behind you and lather your neck and shoulders.  Tom remains silent, his eyes fixed on us, still fully clothed, I motion for him to ready himself for the shower. 
I resume your wash by moving down your back and spine, along your sides to your buttocks.   You squirm and rotate your hips as I slip a finger between your legs and rub your clit and lips, one hand plays between your legs as the other squeezes a tit. 
As I pull my hand from between your legs but as I move it back I insert it in your ass, parting your sphincter then twisting and turning my soapy finger to further titillate you.  
You press yourself against it "I want your cock there baby...deep in my ass...please ass fuck me with that big fat cock and soon", you plead.   All the while Tom stands ready to enter the shower with us and I finally signal him to join us. 

He quickly and silently steps beside me and as I offer him some body wash I ask you if it is time to do your front.  "Oh yes, I need my titties and pussy cleaned badly". 

Reaching around you I cup a breast in each hand, slowly caressing them and pinching those wonderfully erect nipples between my fingers.  You arch your back and press your butt against my cock and gyrate your ass against me.   Moving to your side, I motion for Tom and the next thing you know there are four hands on your body and our two wet warm bodies sandwiching you. 
Of course you are startled and instantly ask, "What is going on?  Who is here with us?" 

"It's your surprise, a man who is going to help with a little fantasy fulfillment, I am here to help live out your desires", says Tom.  "Now is your chance to do to me what you have wanted for long long time".

Of course you recognize his voice and now know who was at the door and what the surprise is.  "So you are the Girl Scout", you state with a tone of delight and relief in your voice.  What "treat will I be getting?" 

"Anything and I mean anything you want, your wish is our command", I reply.

I work across your left and he the right and our hands smother you with attention.  We play with your tits, chest and stomach with one hand while the others reach between your legs and our fingers play along your pussy lips and inner thighs.  We share finger time in your ass and pussy simultaneously and our mouths kiss and lick your neck and shoulders. 
turn your head to kiss me then him, having two men's attention is certainly a treat and your thoughts of what the night has in store are making you even more aroused.  We press against you with our bodies and you can feel our erections rubbing your hips. 
  "I thought I would never have you Tom but from the feel of that thing on my hip, maybe there is a chance I'll get to enjoy your cock after all” and you giggle. 
  He tells you watching us for the last hour has given  him some really erotic visuals he had not ever imagined and that being able to watch us naked was wonderful, he finds you so very sensual and sexy and finds you completely desirable and that he will do anything to make this something that brings us all to a pinnacle of pleasure never before had. 
"Untie me please, I want to play with you boys while you play with me", you plead and we immediately remove your bonds and blindfold.  "This is certainly a wonderful surprise", you remark as you grab our cocks and kiss me with a deep wanting tongue.  "We are going to have so much fun", and you go to your knees, take each of our cocks in a hand and begging sucking us. 
  We watch as your mouth gobbles him in, you slide him out, playfully lick his tip then suck me in and alternately you proceed to give us wonderful head.  Your hands masturbate and fondle our balls you are so intense and such a thorough lover. 
Holding us together you take us both at once and it feels fantastic to have him with me wrapped tightly together by the tender flesh and warmth of your mouth.  I feel your tongue lap at our heads at the same time and you gently bit us while moving your head back and forth, sliding us against your teeth.  

"Oh Tom, we have a problem here!  You need to check this out and help me with it", and Tom goes to his knees to see what you mean.  "You're bald, I'm bald but look at him, this is a problem!” you tell him, do you think we can fix this?"  I hadn't noticed he was clean shaven but when I saw he was I wanted to be the same, nothing should interfere with the wild night of unbridled sex we are in for. 

"Oh I'm sure we can, all we need is a razor", he replies, "you get one and I'll gladly prep him".  He takes the body wash, pours some in hand and begins to lather my crotch, wrapping one hand around my shaft he strokes it up and down while the other cradles my balls and he rolls them between his fingers, gently squeezing and massaging them.  
You grab a razor from the shower caddy and drop back down to perform your duty and make me soft and smooth like the two of you. 

"If we keep him hard it will be easier", he says to you and with that he take my head in his mouth.   He draws it between his lips, gives it hard tongue and then offers it to you.   Handing him the razor you insert me and lick at my cum hole with the tip of your tongue, knowing how that drives me crazy. 
"Please be careful with that precious thing", I plead as he makes one pass after another. The right side done he hands the razor to you and my cock is directed to his mouth and you finish the left.  His mouth is powerful and he draws me in with his tongue stroking me forcefully.  
As I watch I am so turned on having the two of you attending me and visions of things the three of us may do are racing through my mind.   You finish with the blade and the two of you lick me, my inner thighs, abdomen, shaft and scrotum are all licked and kissed, sucked and fondled until I am declared “smooth as a baby’s butt”. 

Your attention to me doesn't end there, "He was lifting and really didn't get a proper shower Tom, you'll help me with that won't you?",  you ask and he takes the body wash, pours some in each of your hands and I am immediately engulfed by four hands on my neck and shoulders.   He moves behind me and you in front.
  Your face comes to mine and we kiss or tongues lap and lick as his hands move over my back and shoulder blades along my spine to by butt.  My chest is attended by one of your hands while the other lathers my stomach and cock.  
 This is pure pleasure, Tom wraps his arms around me and squeezes my chest, pinches my nipples and lays his cock between my buttocks, lifting and lowering his hips he masturbates himself against me.  Your hands are both on me, one plays with my balls, the other wrapped around my shaft jerking me off. 
The water is slowly washing away the soap and Tom slides his cock between my legs for your hands to enjoy. 
You look up and smile when his head touches your busy fingers, "What have we here", you declare while stroking his shaft and my inner thighs.  Once again you go to your knees taking me in your mouth but you quickly run your tongue down the length of my shaft and holding my rod to the side you suck his head between  your lips and he sighs at the way your tongue dances over it.  
His hips thrust his cock in and out of your mouth and you love having one cock in you mouth while another is rubbed against your face.  You are so hungry for our cocks you can't wait to have us in your body.
You stand and we kiss, my arms embrace you and pull our bodies together.   Tom moves to our side and we part making room for him and we form a sort of "huddle", arms around one another, bodies pressed intimately together, kissing a 3-way kiss.  Two tongues enter your mouth, then mine, then his, our tongues and lips lick and kiss at each mouth with passion and fury.  
Our hands move over each other and we fondle  your breasts and play with your pussy, you play with our cocks and we twist and turn our slick wet bodies against one another, the pulsating water continuing to add to the sensation.  His hands are busy playing with you and me and we find all of this very sensual and erotic to an extreme level.

"I NEED FUCKED!", you scream, "I WANT A COCK IN MY CUNT AND A COCK IN MY ASS AND I WANT THEM THERE NOW!!!  Tom looks at me and smiles, "Want to fuck her pussy Tom?" I ask. 

"Sure would, I want to fuck her so hard she'll be sorry she ever asked for it!"  he says with a smile.   We move into position, he wraps his arms around you and the two of you kiss a deep sensual kiss.   Reaching between his legs you take his cock and pulling it to you guide him through your entrance and he pushes its length to the base of the shaft. 
Both of you moan as he invades your body, the heat produced by his entry is nearly enough to make you cum but now you await the addition of my cock in your ass.  Jumping in his arms, hands locked around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist, he pumps his hips in and out of your steamy pussy, his arms under your butt lifting and lowering your ass.  

His fingers join mine as we penetrate your sphincter preparing it for my fat cock with one, then two then three and now four soapy fingers,
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Myyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!", you declare as we stretch you open and I grab then direct my cock into your ass, penetrating your hole with force I shove it deep, Tom and I both lift your ass and drop you on our cocks and they simultaneously reach the deepest parts of your body. 
We can feel each other "dancing" inside your body and it must be a tremendous sensation for you judging from the moans emitting form your lips.   You lay back against me and he caresses your breasts while I continue lifting and lowering you on our cocks.
  He is pinching your nipples and covering your chest with sensual massage, I reach around to masturbate your clit and the three of us work together perfectly.  We lift you on our cocks and as we rock our hips back you bounce just enough that when we rock them back to go deep in you again you meet us and we slam together. 
Your clit is being massaged by a finger and is also pressed tightly against Tom's shaft and is being tormented as the length of his cock rubs you with each entry and exit made. 
  The feeling of my cock and his rubbing against each other inside you is the ultimate in titillation, your vagina is being stimulated from within in ways you'd never felt before and all you want is more of our rock hard cocks buried in you, fast, deep, harder and harder and harder. 

Tom and I are unable to keep the pace you are setting, the longer we go the more aggressive you have become and there is no way we can thrust ourselves into you as fast as you can lift and lower yourself onto us. 
  We step back and Tom rests against the shower wall, water rushes over him, down his chest, across his stomach, eventually reaching your pussy and the combination of his cock and the warm water make you even more active.   We simply stand there extending our cocks as best we can as you lift and lower yourself on and off of them, frantically fucking us all in the process.  
Tom holds you while I continue masturbating your clit and fondling your breasts.  Your tits bounce wildly as you ride us but I continue to squeeze them and pinch your nipples.   This is driving Tom nuts and he leans forward to suck at a nipple.  "Oh yes Tom suck it hard boy!" you order. 
"Lick and suck my big titties" and he does his best to attend them as you wish.   You moan with delight as he bits down on them and pinches and licks and sucks and your body is on fire with all the stimulation it is receiving.  

I can feel myself welling up ready to explode soon.   "Oh boys I'm gonna cum, your dicks are making me cum, mouths are making me cum, and your hands are making me cum.  Ahhhhhh!" and you arrive at an orgasm so intense it makes your body loose complete control and you ride us even harder. 
You ass tightens against me and I can tell the same is true for your pussy muscles.  After only a few more moments of riding us we deliver our loads deep within you.   Our bodies tremble as every last drop of semen is extracted from us by your body's muscles tightened around our cocks and I am wondering if you will ever stop. 
"I'm cummmmmmmming...againnnnnnnnnnn", you scream and this time the orgasm is so intense you nearly go into convulsions.  My hand doesn't slow on your clit and you loose your ability to lift and lower yourself so we start banging you again.  
"Stop, oh please stop!” you cry but we want to give you a fucking you will no ever forget and even though we are spent we gather enough energy to continue fucking you.  

"Pleeeeeeease...Stopppppppppppp...Ohhhhhhh....Gawdddddd..I can't take any more!" then you shudder as another orgasm rips through your body. 
We are all spent so we slow and you go to your feet.  Tom moves to kiss you and you cover each others faces with open mouthed kisses of pure erotic response to this little session.  
My cock is still buried in your rectum but is quickly fading and soon pops out.   We can barely stand our legs are so weak but we manage to take some body wash and clean each other up.  The two of you take a turn on me, providing special attention to my privates.  You and I wash Tom thoroughly then we carefully attend to you.  

I lean against the shower wall letting the water massage my sore muscles.  "What's the matter baby?” you ask.  

"Oh I'm just kind of sore from the entire workout I've just gone through", I reply. 

"Maybe you could use a nice full body massage", you suggest "perhaps we can make you feel much much better".  

To be continued, maybe?

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