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  By: sexybutt

After a good night out, we all walked outside and as I stood there in my mini skirt looking cold, Tony asked me “Can I give you a lift home?” to which my reply was “yes please, I would deeply appreciate that!”



As we started to get closer to my house to my surprise Tony pulled into a small car park, where there were a few others cars parked but no one was around.  I asked Tony “what are we doing here?” and his answer was “I thought we could get to know each other better” with a cheeky grin on his face.   I leant over to him and started kissing him.  It was a hard and hungry kiss, as though he had been waiting for it all night.  I started rubbing his cock through his trousers while we were still kissing, I could feel his throbbing hard cock on my hand just waiting to be let free.  I could feel my pussy starting to get wet from all this teasing.  I pulled away from his lips and looked down at his trousers as I unzipped his flies and to my surprise he wore no boxers which I now understood why his cock was so predominant underneath  This made it easy for me to see his exposed thick and smooth hard cock staring up at me. 



I moved myself so that I was on all 4’s with my micro mini riding past my thighs exposing my firm ass and G-string to anyone that may happen to look through the window.  The thought of my pussy being exposed to passers-by turned me on even more, creaming my G-string.   I put my warm mouth around his throbbing cock and as I proceeded to slide his foreskin back with my lips I pushed his cock deep to the back of my throat and caressed my mouth up and down it, hearing him moan with pleasure he grabbed my head with one hand keeping his hard cock deep down my throat and with his other hand pulled my skirt up higher and revealed what little there was left to see! 

I continued deep throating his extremely hard cock.  He slipped 3 fingers passed my G-string that barely covered my cunt and entered my wetness.  Tony then proceeded to finger fuck me hard and fast, the intensity and longing for him deep inside me made me moan over his cock with delight.



I was so turned on that I climbed on top of him as he sat in the driver’s seat and I started to tease him by rubbing his big throbbing cock all around the opening of my wet pussy making it difficult for me to keep his hard cock from sliding in.  Tony was getting frustrated by me teasing his hard member with the juices from my pussy that he forcefully threw me onto the passenger seat where he climbed in front of me and he was easily able to slide a condom on his cock after my juices had lubricated it. 

Tony assumed he was going to fuck me.  My arousal by his physical manhandling of me made me eager for his cock to enter me so I moved my soaking wet G-string exposing the remainder of my pussy.  Without hesitation Tony forcefully pushed his rock hard cock deep inside me making me moan intensely from the force.  By holding me tight Tony started to fuck me like a bitch causing the car seat to rock back and forth intensely where I thought it may break.  



Tony pulled out sternly telling me to get into the fucking back of the car.  I obeyed by climbing through into the back where I waited for him to enter through the back door.  As he got in he grabbed me and positioned me where he wanted me looking out the back of the car with my hands wide apart on the rear shelf, my firm tits pressed against the top if his rear seats and my legs spread wide.  Tony then ripped my G-string off me like it was dental floss and shoved his creamy cock back into my warm, wet throbbing cunt.

  Tony continued to pound deep inside me while yanking my hair back making it difficult to breathe.   All of the windows in the car steamed up from the intense heat our bodies were producing.  From him fucking me so hard I noticed extra warmth and a different feel from his cock inside me.   I told him to pull out his stiff member, revealing an exposed dick.  I asked Tony “has the condom come off inside me?” and he replied “yes”.   I was so horny and longed for his member to be back inside that pushed back onto him asking him to keep on fucking me like a whore with his bareback cock. 

After a few minutes of him pounding me I could feel his cock stiffen and pulsate inside me, to my surprise Tony had shot his load deep into my soaking wet cunt without even making a sound as if to keep it a secret.  I know it was naughty of me to have someone I barely know cum deep inside me and feel nothing but sexual arousal and desire.   After he pulled his cum drenched cock out of me I proceeded to put my fingers deep inside my cum soaked cunt to locate his missing condom.  My fingertips found the condom where it was lodged far up my cunt.  As I was pulling his condom out towards my opening I could feel his cum and my pussy juices dripping out of me and all over his back seats.



I turned to face Tony with a mischievous look and asked “did you like my thank you?!”


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