What A Nice Afteroon   added 5 years ago    

  By: Hillbilliewille

It was a simple afternoon “session” we’d planned and I disrobed and sat on the bed.  I gaze at the open door knowing you will enter soon.  You’ve asked me to wait so you can show me something special.  There you are dressed in a most flattering little piece of intimate apparel I have ever seen.
That beautiful face I can not ever get enough of, those lips whose kisses I never tire of, the eyes I enjoy greeting as they meet mine and the smile that tells me I am loved so very much are made even more glorious by this surprise.   I love you so much for how you please me with things like this.
The cream color of the bustier illuminates the curves of your beautiful body luscious, every part of you.  Your legs so supple and hips so sexy, the cut of the leg is very high and I know another reason why I adore you so, such a lovely lady.  Your breasts are so innocently covered by lace and I make out the trace of your nipples.  My eyes follow the little pearl buttons to between your legs and I want to unbutton every one slowly, deliberately and at just the right moment. 
You ask,” do you like this little thing?”
“Oh, very much my lady, you have never looked so sexy or sensual”. 
Walking to the bed you bend, we kiss, you straddle me with a knee on either side and we embrace.  Our hands have waited too long to be denied any more of each other and we tenderly caress each other at the same time our lips touch. 
Those lips I long to kiss each and every day.  I slip my tongue between your lips and you meet me with the tip of yours.  This is as good as sex to me, to kiss you brings on feelings of passion and are so telling, it only makes me want for more.  I am so happy when my lips meet yours, our tongues entwine and play and we make each other feel like nothing can be better. 
I trace your cheeks with my fingertips, along your neck then on to your shoulders, arms, back and finally to your face again.  I caress your face over and over, we kiss deeply, tenderly and the feeling of complete contentment comes upon us. 
So sweet is your mouth so lovely the touch of your tongue as it traces my lips, my tongue chasing and ever so slightly making contact enough to tease and please us both with this loving play.
  We suck at each others tongues, gently rolling them in our mouths before entering the mouth of the other.  The way you hold me between your lips and pull me into your mouth is sensual to the point of pure ecstasy.   Deliberately and with great need we kiss and the world disappears if only for a moment.  
Tasting your lips with soft kisses and gentle bites heighten the desire beginning to burn deep within you.  My hands encircle your buttocks and you press tightly against me.   My lips kiss your chin and face, I lick your closed eyes and every part of your face is tasted and loved.  You are so good to me, it is so wonderful to make love with you.
  My hands cup and cuddle you breasts and I begin the release of buttons.  I want to kiss and suck your nipples, I want them hard and in my mouth.  The feel of your soft tender breasts against my face and tongue, to lick them and kiss them on my way to your belly and much more is what I want.
You press tightly against my erection and gently rotate your hips, pussy pressing against me thorough you garment, masturbating me and driving me wild.
I caress and fondle your breasts then your face, I love you so. 
My arms are caressed, my sides and back by the touch of your hands. 
You are so adorable today and I feel so lucky, you are absolutely gorgeous and I want to make you happy more than anything.  You will be the only woman in the world while we are together.  I open more buttons while fondling you until your chest is exposed for my lips to touch and taste. 
I cradle your breasts in my hands and pinch your nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, they grow even harder at my titillation as I lick and bit them.
You press against my shoulders signaling me to lie back on the bed so I oblige as you lay upon me and more kissing ensues. 
Now with more aggression, we bite and lick each others’ lips, tongues constantly in motion, mine entering your mouth then yours in mine.  We suck each others lips drawing them into our mouths, licking them, holding them and making ourselves so hot and desirous of one another.
As you sit up, I reach to undo more buttons and you help.  Hands going to each shoulder I drop the straps on each side and pull down exposing you to the waist. I can now run my hands over your belly, breasts and neck without any clothing to interrupt my soft caress.  You are so beautiful sitting on me, hips still undulating against my erection. 
You take what little of me is protruding from under you in hand and using a little drop of cum at my tip you lubricate my head by rolling me with your thumb.  Your breasts are so delightful, pert and wanting my touch which I provide.   I fondle them as if I were kneading bread and pinching your nipples you lay your head back making your chest even more prominent and luscious.
Rolling to my side you pull me onto the bed and proceed to smother my chest with kisses.  You lick and bite at my nipples until they are rock hard as you move your hand to my thigh.  You touch me between my legs and my nerves shock my cock to an even greater level of erect.  All of this is such a wonderful sensation. 
You lips move to my belly and as your tongue wipes my side I nearly go nuts with your licks and kisses. 
The combination of your tongue and hand are driving me completely crazy and I know it will get even better. 
You have moved to my side and your breasts are being fondled by one hand while my other reaches between your legs.  My fingers stroke your pussy lips, you are so wet and I want you completely naked.  I gently pull the bustier over your hips and down to your knees.  I run my hands along your inner thighs and you sigh when a finger brushes against your clit.
I look down to watch you just as you reach my cock.  Your tongue flicks at me and you gaze up at me watching you and you kiss my head, run my length with your lips, return to my head and take it in your mouth from the side, all the while grinning with a twinkle in your eye, I smile at your innocent charm.  You know how much I like your mouth on me and how I like to watch you work and how it makes me happy when you love on me. 
Now I am taken deep into your mouth and your tongue pushes me from side to side.  I love the way you use you tongue to press me against your teeth as you take me in and out of your mouth, it adds and wonderful dimension of erotica to your blow jobs and I do enjoy the special treatment.  
I caress your back, butt, thighs, breasts, belly and pussy, everything within my reach.  I insert my thumb and using my forefinger I masturbate you as I penetrate you as deep as is possible.  I wiggle and wriggle my thumb, the motion rolls your clit around and around, you respond by moving yourself against my hand pressing even harder for even more stimulation.
Your mouth is so busy, you drive your mouth onto me with a near frenzied pace.  You stop to lick and kiss my head, glance up at me and smile, and then swallow me back in.  You suck me even harder while my hand works its’ magic on your clit.  I am so hot and you are dripping wet and I want this to last forever.
I can tell you are nearing orgasm just as I am and I decide this should wait for a little while.  I want to come in you and with you after a bit more play.
I withdraw my hand from between your legs and on your breasts and reach to your face, indication to you I want more kisses.  You immediately turn and are at my lips with yours licking, tongue sucking, and lip biting, as if we are trying to eat each others mouths.  Your kisses are delicious and I get so excited to be with you this way.
I roll you to your back and now it is my turn to give you some real loving, I kiss and suck your chin, down to your neck where long strokes of my tongue run from your chest up to your lips, back and forth, along your jaws and throat many times before moving to your breasts.  I completely cover each breast and nipples with kisses and licks and sucks and love.   My hand attends the breast left alone by my tongue, caressing and fondling each in turn.
I move myself around so that I am beside and you can play with me as I eat your pussy.  My face makes its’ way to your stomach and sides.  You giggle and wriggle as I butterfly lick your sides and belly.  My mouth has covered every bit of your lower body as it arrives at the inside of your leg.  I raise my head to your inner thigh, making a swirling motion with the tip of my tongue on one leg as I move away from your pussy, and repeat the move back to the heat of your waiting love.
I trace the crease separating leg from abdomen on either side of you and you flinch because of the way this sets your nerves ablaze.  I love how you neatly trim your pubic hair and it is nearly “bald”, my cheek brushes against it while I work my way around your pussy. 
My tongue finally arrives and I lick you firmly yet gently with a full long stroke, then back and forth with the full width of my tongue lapping at you moving downward and just the tip flicking it on the return stroke.  Over and over I repeat this, the juices are flowing from your body and I try to lick you dry but you make more and more.  I open you with my tongue and enter as deeply as I can. 
My tongue, my lips, even my nose is part of your blow job and my chin rests on your clit to make the titillation even more pleasing.  I lick at your insides with near reckless abandon sucking at the soft flesh of your vagina.
You are stroking my shaft which is still wet from your mouth being on it.  Rolling my balls between your fingers, taking me in hand and jacking me off with patient movement, you love playing with me while I eat you.  You caress what you can reach of me and you tickle me with light touches along my side and between my thighs. 
My hands are also busy one fondling your breasts while the other lightly caresses the backs of your legs.
My face is covered with your juices and I love it.  I go to your clit and pull it in my mouth, holding it between my lips, I flick it with my tongue while sucking it, it is so hard yet soft and tender to the touch of my tongue and you squirm and sigh with delight.  I press two fingers inside and use them to hold your clit to my tongue and I roll it between my tongue and finger.
  Again I can tell by your sighs and heavy breathing you are nearing an explosion, I want to be inside your body when that happens, I want to feel myself surrounded by the heat you are generating and the sweet softness of the wet walls of your vagina holding my cock so lovingly.
I move my mouth away from you pussy and begin the journey to kiss your mouth some more.  I want my cock buried deep within you, I want your warm wet pussy holding me and this is where I want to be when we both cum. 
Licking and kissing up to you belly I move myself around and place one leg then the other between yours and I caress your breasts with my kisses.  I love to lick your nipples when they are this hard and firm.  My kisses cover your chest and neck and one last, long lick takes me across your chin to your waiting mouth. 
You slip your tongue in my mouth at the same moment my cock parts your pussy lips and slowly penetrates your body.  You lick at the inside of my mouth as if you were on fire.  You grab and pull at my lower lip, sucking n it as you press your tongue against my teeth and gums.  My tongue is stroking yours as my hands caress your face. 
I move my hips up and down and my cock goes in and out of you with a slow steady rhythm, again and again and again.  I suck your tongue into my mouth and hold it tightly with my lips, I lap at it with my tongue, stroking and petting it within my mouth. 
We lick each others lips and kiss with open mouth and the passion builds.   The pleasure of this intimacy is so wonderful, is it the kiss that makes the sex so good or the sex that makes the kissing so good?
I want more pressure against my cock as I press it into and pull it nearly out of your body before plunging back in, using more speed and power with each stroke.  I move one leg to the outside of yours then the other and you clamp your legs together which makes for an incredible feeling as my shaft is being held so tight within your pussy, the friction is fabulous.  I continue to pump in and out, my full length rubs against your clit and is driving you wild. 
We continue kissing with a frenzy that tells me you are nearing climax. I can feel myself growing even bigger and harder and hotter as my cum wells up in preparation of being delivered deep within you.  I rock to one side and then the other taking a slightly different path of entry each time I drive myself into you.
I can hold it no more and I explode with a tremendous orgasm and it feels like I am pumping gallons of cum from my body to yours.  You are even hotter now and the warmth of my fluids cover you inside, this “delivery” is the last titillation you need and you arrive at final ecstasy. 
  Our kisses are fervent, tongue licking and covering each others mouths and faces, we lick one another as you use your vaginal muscles to hold me even tighter and we pump the last drop of cum from within me.  Mini-orgasms ensue as our copulation continues long after our initial mutual orgasm and we work together to please each other to the fullest extent.
We are so wet and sloppy and we both love the feel of our fluids mingling inside your body, stirred by my cock plunging in and out.  I begin to soften but you hold me inside and our kissing continues as I collapse against you.  Oh, how I love making love with you, sweet, sweet love that can not be any better.  We hold each other, our kisses are tender and loving, and we tell each other how much in love we are. 
  I roll over and pull you on top of me, still inserted, still feeling the heat of passion between our legs and at our lips and these feelings make me know why I love you so very much.  I look into your eyes and they twinkle with delight and I smile with the joy you have brought me.  You make me feel so wanted and loved.  You are such a special woman, such a wonderful lover, and such a special friend. 

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