Hazy Morning   added 5 years ago    

  By: xtcman

            This morning I got up with a huge hard on, the other night I had been to the city square for a night stroll after all the pressures of work, many beautiful people were also walking leisurely, some amorous couples were sharing some private moments in the lawn, some more adventurous people were walking arm in arm some guys even discretely caressing the buttocks of their partner as they walk by. The night’s atmosphere was charged up with pent up emotions.

            Maybe because it was because of the other night’s charged atmosphere. I was half dreaming and half fantasizing. I was back there in the square was going around window shopping, just as I came across a bend where there were less people, an attractive girl with straight shoulder-length black hair and wearing a light faded skin tight blue jeans with a tiny white shirt tight at her mid-riff sauntered towards me, she was wearing a white strapped heel shoe, which made her look taller.

 As she approached me, she winked and made a pout as if to smooch and asked if I was looking for a friend tonight, suddenly the reality of the situation dawned on me and I thought why not. So I asked her where she wanted to go, she said that she lives nearby with her friend, we went to a coffee bar, grabbed some coffee and snacks and then headed straight to her place.

 Genila a college girl used to work the night sometimes whenever she needed some extra bucks, she shared a room with her friend. As we entered her room she played a slow eastern classical music, which made the atmosphere quite relaxed, then she made a drink for both of us and excused herself to the bathroom.

 When she came back, she had changed into a pale pink and purple dotted baby-doll dress which ends just at the top of her thigh, she sat on the long sofa near me and as she lifted her legs to tuck it on the sofa, her ass and clean shaven pussy was clearly visible, we talked about the weather and she was talking something about how she gives very good massages, that as we finished our drink, she was rubbing my shoulder and nibbling my ear.

 I stretch my hand between her legs and it was so smooth and moist, I slowly inserted one finger inside her pussy. Her hand by now had drifted down and was rubbing me over my pants, she then slowly unzip me I was not wearing a brief either, she rubbed my pre-cum all over the shaft, and then put her warm mouth over my dick, it was so exquisite as she look at me with her dark kajoled eyes and sucked my dick as if she was sucking a huge lollypop.

 I held my breath hard, she went on and on making wet slurpy noise, sometimes taking it deep down her throat and then sliding it all out and then just teasing the tip of the penis with her tongue, and when it was all wet she grabbed my dick with both her hand and stroked real expertly and with such firm grip that I almost came, then she gently hold my dick with her right hand and guided it back into her warm mouth, the change in temperature left me shivering.

 I could take it no longer, so I lifted her up and laid her on the sofa, kissing her tits and mouth, I urgently entered her, she expertly wrapped her legs around me and drew me deep inside her, and while I pump her deep she expertly rolled her hips which made it more enjoyable. And now there was no escaping, with her legs wounded tightly around me, I shuddered and blasted all my cum deep inside her, and I collapse on top of her and held her. Later after a few post coital drinks, when she stood to see me off, my cum was still seen dripping from her cunt down her creamy thigh.


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