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  By: stormymeadows

Well it happened again. My boss surprised me by stopping by the office late last night while I was working alone. I was chatting online with one of the members here & I had taken my panties off. I was typing with one hand & had the other hand spreading my pussy & playing with my clit.


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He said, "what the hell is going on here" & I nearly jumped out of my seat. He gave me the same option as the other day. Either be written up or take a paddling. I have already been written up twice so this was an easy choice for me.

He told me to strip again & I begged him to let me leave my bra on as my nipples were rock hard & very swollen from playing with myself. They had not been that hard & swollen since that guy had hooked me up to a milking machine, but that's another story. He would have none of it & told me to strip.

He said since no one else was at the office, we would use the conference room as it would give us more room. He followed me through the office & into the conference room. My nipples were sticking straight out as if pointing me there & I was wearing nothing but my high heels.

He moved the chair at the end & had me bend over & place my hands on the table. I'm always a little nervous before a paddling so I was trembling a bit. This time he came over to my side & cupped my left breast from underneath. I don't know why, but I just let him. It was comforting in a way. He had me spread my legs slightly & arch my back. My back arches naturally because I have a slight touch of Scoliosis which makes my ass stick out & my breast thrust out in front.

He said I would receive 2 dozen for this infraction. I asked if we could take our time this time as I found that I can control the situation better with less pain. The first 12 were a little too hard producing a nice cracking sound with each lick.

He asked if I wanted to take a break after the first 12 & smoke a cigarette with him. I thought this was odd, however I really needed to smoke. We went to his office & he poured us both a glass of merlot. I felt sort of embarrassed as here I am pacing around his office naked except for my heels & a wrist watch with my nipples sticking straight out, swollen & rock hard, my pussy all shaved & my ass beet red, drinking a glass of wine & smoking. He was staring at my ripe, nude body as if he had never seen a naked woman before. I felt so indecent. It reminded me of New Year's Eve with just a guy friend last year at my place.

We talked a little about his technique & I told him what to do so I would not bruise or have marks which I hate. I really like to enjoy just a little sting with each lick.

Then he asked me if I was ready to finish up & we retreated back to the conference room. I bent over the table again except this time I showed him a much better presentation. I found that proper presentation can mean everything. Legs slightly apart, back nicely arched & hands squarely on the table. The heels were really lifting my ass up giving him not only a great view of my shaved pussy, but a good target. I had him place his hand in just the right area of my back to hold me steady.

He started out taking his time placing each lick right across the meaty part above my legs & soon he had developed a great rhythm. I had a great rhythm gong as well, my bare ass rising up to greet the paddle with each smack. We were soon both in the zone. That special place that pro athletes & rock stars go when performing. We were rock stars. My head was thrown back with my long hair bouncing around my back, the crack of the paddle sounding loud & consistent

. My nipples swollen & pink & my pussy on fire, puffy & dripping wet. We were moving as one with the energy we were creating. I told him not to stop & to just keep going & I must have taken 50 or 60 licks until his arm tired of swinging the paddle. Not too hard, just right so that I was enjoying it, whimpering & moaning loudly.

After he stopped we were both shaking & a little sweaty from the hot paddling I had just received. We were both very flushed looking & red in the face. It was right up there with my top 10 all time spankings.

I'll be back to tell you about the aftermath soon.

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anonimusrick Cumm work for me!
bikerjohnny    (2010-09-06 05:42:17)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny Nice fantasy, very sexy, love a girl who knows how to take a good paddling.

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