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  By: Beholden

I had known Stephen for many years, since we both started out with the same company as juniors, and it was always a privilege to be invited to one of his dinner parties.  I told Bella we would be attending Stephen’s dinner, and I saw her eyes light up.  I know she always loved meeting my close friends over fine food and wine.

“Bella,” I told her, “Mr. Wesley is one of my oldest friends.  I want you to look immaculate and to be on your absolutely finest behaviour. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I do.  I think I have the perfect outfit for the occasion.”

“Lord knows you must, out of all the clothes I am always buying you.”


Bella smiled at me.  I would have liked an expression of gratitude, but I let my brief annoyance pass.

“Well, go on then… get ready. And Bella.”

“Yes Sir?”

“Do NOT keep me waiting too long.”


“Oh no Sir, no… I wouldn’t dream of it.” Replied Bella and rushed out of the room.  After her pretty little derriere had disappeared, I smiled it myself.  Bella was a good girl.


Just under an hour later, Bella emerged from our bedroom to greet me in the library where I had been passing the time with some old leather-bound acquaintances from 18th century France. 

“Bella, my dear, you have outdone yourself.  You look absolutely stunning.” I surveyed her from head to toe, admiring her figure hugging black dress, single strand pearl necklace and pearl drop earrings.  Her hair was tied up, leaving curly ringlets dangling by her ears.  Her makeup was perfect.

“Thank you Sir,” Bella beamed.  “You look very handsome too.”

“Bella, come here.”  She walked closer to me on her black stilettos.


I reached up under the hem of her dress and slid my hand up the inside of her thigh.  When my hand reached the top of her leg, I brushed my thumb across the bottom of Bella’s bare pussy, feeling her fuzz and fleshy lips.

I withdrew my hand. “Good girl, Bella.”  Bella smiled.  She really did look radiant.

And off we went to the dinner party.


The dinner party was a huge success, as they always were with Stephen.  Apart from Bella and me, Stephen had invited one extra couple, whom I had only met on one previous occasion.  The man was a spineless fool, I had decided, but his wife, a petite blonde, was very attractive.  But, I noted with some personal satisfaction, not even half as beautiful as my woman.


After we had all finished our main courses and our conversation fell into a satisfied lull, I noted with some horror that Bella hadn’t eaten all of her food.  She had left some of the butter-sautéed mushrooms on the side of her plate.

“Have you finished, Bella?” I asked her.

“Yes, thank you.  I’m too full to eat another bite.”


When she saw the stern look on my face, Bella’s cheeks coloured and she lowered her gaze, looking down at her plate.

“Bella, Stephen, may I have a word in the kitchen with both of you?  Please excuse us,” I nodded to the other two dinner companions.


After a tense few moments of awkward silence at the dinner table, the guests were greeted by a returning Stephen.

“I’m terribly sorry, but I am going to have to ask that you leave.  We have an issue that needs urgent resolution.  I do hope you understand.”

The couple expressed their disappointment and thanks, but farewelled Stephen and left us.


In the kitchen, Bella, Stephen and I were standing around Bella’s unfinished plate that I had placed on the bench top.

“Bella, I’m sure you can appreciate the effort that Mr. Wesley has gone to in preparing this wonderful meal.  And you cannot even show him the courtesy of finishing your food.  I am very disappointed in you.  What have you got to say?”

“I am very sorry, Sir”, said Bella quietly, addressing my shoes.


“Look up when you speak to me,” I barked.  “And what about Mr. Wesley?  Surely he is deserved an apology?”

Bella lifted her face and turned to Stephen.  Her cheeks flushed bright red but no words came out of her lips.  I was furious at her foolishness, and a redness fell briefly over my mind before I swept it away.

“Very well.  Since you seem to be unable to find the words to say sorry to my oldest friend, I will have to offer Mr. Wesley an apology on your behalf.  Take your dress off.”

Yes Sir.  I’m sorry.” said Bella as she unzipped her dress and slipped it down her body.

“It’s too late for that, you ungrateful slut,” I snapped.


Stephen looked Bella’s naked body over and said “Saxton, you could always pick them.  This one’s a very fine specimen.”

“Yes, she certainly is,” I agreed. “Speaking of fine specimens, do you still have those outstanding dogs of yours?”

Bella stood silently, looking down at the floor and no doubt wondering where the conversation was leading.


“Yes, I do,” said Stephen.

“Do you think you could manage to find a collar and leash?”

I noticed Bella’s shoulders relax in relief. I don’t know what she might have been imagining.  What kind of man did she take me for?


Stephen left and returned quickly with a black collar and leather leash.

“Bella, get down on hands and knees like the ill-behaved dog you are,” I commanded, and Bella complied.  Seeing her on her hands and knees, with her curvaceous rump in the air made my cock stiffen in my trousers.


I walked Bella in a circle around the kitchen floor, leading her by the leash.  Stephen was appreciating the wiggle of Bella’s ass.

“May I?” asked Stephen as he opened his trousers.

“Of course,” I replied.  “But Stephen, this bitch’s cunt is mine, do you understand?  Anything else you wish to use her for is absolutely fine.”


Stephen nodded and produced a large erection from his trousers.  I handed him the leash, and he roughly pulled Bella closer to him, making her scurry on hands and knees across the floor.  Holding the leash short in his fist, he yanked Bella’s head up against his stiff cock.  With gritted teeth, he roughly pushed his cock between Bella’s lips and began fucking her face, keeping a tight pull on the leash.  I let him have a few moments of fun with the slut’s mouth, before holding the unfinished plate of mushrooms close to his waist.

“Stephen, if I could ask you to garnish these mushrooms…” I said, and just as Stephen’s eyes started to bulge, he pulled his cock out of Bella’s mouth, leaving her gasping for air while he squirted streams of his cum onto the mushrooms with a few hard jerks of his hand.

“Oh, fuck,” gasped Stephen as he emptied himself onto the food.


I placed the plate of sticky mushrooms on the floor, and lead Bella to it by her leash.  Placing one foot on the hanging leash, I stepped down on it, pulling Bella’s head down towards the plate.

“Eat,” I commanded.

Bella hesitated it, so I bent down and pushed her face into the plate with my hand on her head.

Eat and enjoy it, you ungrateful slut.”

Bella started nibbling at the cum-covered mushrooms, sucking them into her mouth and chewing them.

“Christ, Saxton…” started Stephen but I cut him short.


“Hand me that wooden spoon over there.”

I took the spoon as Stephen handed it to me, and with one foot still pinning Bella’s leash onto the floor, I whacked her bottom with it.

Bella yipped at the impact, so I applied another stinging whack to the same red spot on her butt cheek.  I continued smacking her red ass until she had finished eating the mushrooms off the plate, swallowing in between little yips and yelps.


“Stephen, please leave us for a moment, would you?” Stephen left the room, a little reluctantly I feel.


I took off my trousers and folder them neatly over the back of a chair while Bella sobbed quietly.  “Bella, you really do try my patience, do you know that?”

“I’m sorry Sir,” sniffed Bella.  “I don’t know what comes over me.  I try to be so good for you.” Bella sniffed again.

“Shut up!” I barked and kneeled behind her, my erection poised.  I picked up the leash and pulled it tight from behind Bella, yanking her head back.  I stroked the entrance to her pussy with my cockhead.  Bella always got wet so quickly when I touched her.  Opening her moist lips, I penetrated her and plunged my cock inside her hot body.  I fucked her pussy hard with deep slams of my cock, pulling back at her leash with every thrust, jerking her head back in time with my rhythm, making her gurgle in the back of her throat.  Her pearl necklace swayed and shook as it hung below her neck. Once I had built up a good head of cum, I withdrew and hurried around to Bella’s head and squirted several streams of steaming cum onto her face, splashing wet ribbons across her forehead and nose.

“Don’t touch your face.  This marks you as what you are.  Tell me what you are.”

“I am a filthy bitch.” said Bella.



I put my trousers back on, tucking my cock away.  Pulling on Bella’s leash, I led her on hands and knees out of the kitchen to where Stephen was waiting.  The red welts on pretty bottom were starting to fade.  I pulled up on the leash, and as Bella stood in front of Stephen, I dropped the leash, letting it hang down in front of Bella’s body.  My cum was still dripping down over Bella’s face, leaving streaky trails of makeup.  She really did look beautiful.


“What have you got to say to Mr. Wesley?”

“Thank you for the lovely dinner,” said Bella clearly, ignoring the cum that was trickling into the corner of her mouth. “Thank you for the beautiful food and the delicious mushrooms.  They were the best I have ever tasted.  Thank you for a lovely evening.”

“Thank you, my dear.  I enjoyed your company.” replied Stephen, lifting Bella’s hand to his lips and kissing it.

“Good girl,” I said to Bella, beaming with pride at her.  She really was a handful at times, but I loved her so much.  I would never let her go.


That evening, back at home, I treated her to a luxuriously warm and soapy bath, sitting behind her and massaging her tense neck.

“Bella,” I said tenderly, “I love you very much.  Sometimes you try my patience, but with my help, I will turn you into a real lady.”

“Mmmm, I love you too,” purred Bella and settled back against me. “I know you mean the best for me.  I will try to be good for you, I really will.”


“Good girl”.  I kissed the back of Bella’s neck. I would make a lady of her yet.

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So very delicious.

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