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  By: sexybutt

It was a mini reunion with a group of friends I grew up with during my teenage years.  Back then we were all novices and used those years to experiment with each other to a certain extent.  As we got older a few paired off and others made new friends and partners.  We all had different things going on in our lives and sooner or later we all drifted apart and spent less time together. 


This is where the story begins, 5 years after we drifted apart we decided it would be nice to all get together down the pub, catch up and reminisce about old times.  Not everyone could make it but most of the boys came and just a couple of us girls. 


The evening started off very sensible just chatting and having a few drinks.  It was only when the subject of sex came up did it start getting interesting - Sally was at the bar ordering another round with Daniel while Steve, Darren, Eric, Gary and I were discussing sexual partners we have had and how Imaginative and sexually active we were with our partners.  It became apparent that I had been very lucky in meeting my long term partner who had been more experienced than me when we met and introduced me to positions I had never imagined were possible and opened my eyes to watching porn and finding that I really liked it, especially watching women fuck each other with double ended dildos ! 

When I told the guys this and that I loved to use toys on myself and masturbate while watching porn they seemed to become very interested and were eager for more details.  From what they were saying their sex lives were pretty timid compared to mine and that their girlfriends were not interested in trying much more than missionary position!


As the evening grew to an end and conversations had changed etc. we decided it was time to go home.  We walked up to the cab station and jumped in a cab to Eric’s house to have a night cap.  By this time and as we went up to Eric’s room with a bottle of brandy there was me (the only girl), Gary, Eric and Darren left.  I was standing up pouring us all a drink and they were all sitting on the double bed talking.  Eric turned to me and said “so, all the experience u have that u were telling us about earlier - will u show us some?”  My response was “Of course, always willing to try something new!”


I was wearing a short tight strapless blue dress which as I stood in front of them I undid the zip at the back and slipped it down over the G-string covering my peachy ass and down my smooth thighs and let it fall to the floor, with my 4 inch stilettos still on I kicked the dress away to the side with the sounds of 3 men moaning in delight.  I stood there watching them at the same time caressing my small but round and pert tits squeezing my pink nipples until they were rock hard.   I told them all to undo their jeans and pull their trousers down, which they did immediately and to my pleasure I could see 3 hard cocks waiting for me.


 I moved towards them and squatted down in front of them and took Darren’s and Eric’s cocks in my hand and started wanking them  - stroking their cocks back and forth in my hand while I put my warm mouth around Gary’s throbbing hard cock and took it deep down to the back of my throat.  I looked up at Gary watching him watch my tongue lick his cock up and down and taking it all inside my mouth, I could hear him moan when his cock touched the back of my throat and at the same time felt his thick creamy cum slide straight down the back of my throat before I swallowed!  To my satisfaction and ego boost the blow job lasted less than a minute! Gary got up and moved to sit on the leather chair next to the bed – I winked at him and he just sat their smiling back at me.


I focused my attention back to Darren and Eric sitting on the bed with their cocks in their hands wanking.  I put my fingers down between my legs and could feel my pussy was soaking wet, I pushed 2 fingers inside my pussy and pulled them out and as I took Darren’s cock inside my mouth I held my fingers out for Eric to taste my sweet pussy juices.  As he licked my juices off my fingers I told him to get behind me and stick his cock inside my throbbing pussy – I was ready to be fucked

He got off the bed and knelt down on the carpet behind me on all fours and slowly stuck his hard cock into me – I pushed myself back onto his cock pushing it as deep inside me as I could take.  I told him to fuck me hard while I suck off your friend.  As his cock pounded my pussy my mouth sucked Darren’s cock, each deep thrust of Eric’s cock pushing Darren’s cock further to the back of my throat. 


I pulled myself off of Eric’s cock and climbed on top of Darren sitting on the edge of the bed and taking his cock deep into my pussy - I rode his cock back and forth making him take my tits in both his hands and telling him to pinch my nipples until they hurt.  Eric came round to the side of us and stuck his cock in my mouth telling me to lick and suck my juices off of it.   I did as I was told, wanking his cock at the same time as well as fucking his mate.  After a few minutes I climbed off of Darren’s cock and told them to both stand up while I laid myself on the bed with my legs spread. 

I wanted one of them to fuck me while the other played with my clit – I wanted to cum on a cock!  Darren grabbed hold of my legs, pulling them towards him as he filled my pussy with his cock; Eric knelt on the bed next to me with his cock in my warm mouth and his fingers stroking and teasing my clit until I came all over his fingers and Darren’s cock, feeling my whole body tingle in ecstasy!  Eric tells Darren to move so that he can fuck me.  As he fucks my wet pussy like a bitch he is sticking his fingers deep down in my mouth forcing me to taste my own cum. 

Before I know it Eric pulls his cock out of me and tells me to wank him – which I oblige and his warm load of cum shoots all over my tummy and tits.  I take it off me with my fingers and eat it opening my mouth to show him his cum in the back of my throat before I swallow it.  I get up from my back and kneel on all 4’s where Darren pounds my pussy hard and fast like a whore until he pulls his cock out and wanks it all over my ass, as he moves his cock to my mouth so I can lick off my juice I can feel his cum dripping down my ass and into my pussy, God it felt so nice!





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easypeasy    (2010-10-22 23:26:05)    Flag as inappropiate
Very hot! I love fantasizing about getting fucked hard and everywhere like that, mmm. Really enjoyed this!
Anissa1985    (2010-10-03 15:43:25)    Flag as inappropiate
Anissa1985 Great fantasy or true story, it is very hot
buster    (2010-09-24 10:54:08)    Flag as inappropiate
buster fantastic! Take a look at my fantasy and see if it makes you as hot as yours made me!
buster    (2010-09-24 10:37:37)    Flag as inappropiate
buster fantastic! Take a look at my fantasy and see if it makes you as hot as yours made me!
Roger_Usenseless1    (2010-09-13 16:32:48)    Flag as inappropiate
Great really enjoyed this and your last one

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