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It had been Three  weeks and two days since I left the house by myself. He rarely let's me leave his sight. I kind of like it , I will say. I love the way he loves me. I am usually checked completely when I return home. Top to bottom front to back. We have an examination room in the basement and if I am gone for more than an hour I am to enter the home, undress and head to the examination room, legs in the stir ups and await my love. He, without fail follows me, traces his finger from my chin to my very bare pussy, sits down, inserts his fingers then slides the speculum in. He says he uses his fingers first because he can tell if anyone else has been sampling his property.


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So I lay there as if I were in the doctor's office and allow him to search me, touch me, taste me and do whatever else makes him happy. After which I must get on all fours and he inserts the speculum into my tiny little ass hole. . I hate that thing but I try not to move as he stretches it open wider and wider. If I am good and I don’t wiggle to much, he usually turns it twice or three times but if I am extra wiggly then he turns it  four or Five times and it stretches me open and nearly brings me to tears.

    This stupid thing all started the night before we got married. I had a bachelor party of my own and had more fun than I should have and let’s just say that another man’s   penis  found it’s way into my pussy. Well I thought it was nothing major considering it was my last night of freedom as an unmarried woman. He did not think so, and instead of having that wonderful wedding night that every girl dreams of, I was introduced to the “examination” and consequence side of marriage.

I was told to lay on my back and spread my legs and this would be my first exam as his new wife. I grinned and laughed through the whole thing. After the exam, he looked at me and told me I failed. He demanded to know who had entered his property. I was a bit stunned as I really did not know how he could tell or why he would even care. I thought this was foreplay but it really was an exam and apparently I didn't  do so good. I explained that I may have had to much to drink at the party and had sex with the male stripper.

    That was all he needed to know. He told me to shower and that he would not touch me until I was taught a lesson. “Have you ever been hogged tied and left hanging from the ceiling with fresh ginger and a butt plug stuck in you.? he asked me. “Uh no” I said giving him a look of disbelief and confusion at such a question.

“ Come here love” He said as he reached for me and walked me over to the bed. He held up a paddle that read “ The Teacher” in big bold letters. “ You have got to be joking ” I said and pulled back from him. Wrong move. Four of his grooms men came out of the closet and held me down on the bed each grabbed and arm and a leg as He began beating me with the “Teacher”. It was rather difficult to escape four men holding me face down while my bare bum welcomed each stinging smack from that paddle. He said nothing to me, nothing at all. When he was done, he checked my pussy and passed the paddle to his best man.

Instead of well timed, controlled smacks like my new Husband just doled out, this was different. Matt was just to anxious and excited, “ Aww man this is great, perfect way to teach a cheating wife a lesson." The smacks came fast and furious, no time to gain my composure, no way to prepare myself for the next one, because they just kept coming, one on top of the other like rain falling. I screamed and pleaded, “ I didn’t cheat, it was before the wedding!” No one heard me as the men were yelling louder and encouraging each other. “That’s the way to do it. Get her good.”

When Matt was done, Gregory was then given the paddle, but before he began I heard my Husband say "wait" and he moved to my opening and inserted his thick fingers. “Woooh, she is one juicy  piece”. Greg commented, Can’t wait to sample some of that. “ Do you want me to sample your juices pretty lady? I shook my head no. I had no energy left to even speak, I just wanted it to stop. I was mortified that I was even in this position on what was suppose to be the happiest night of my life. He can’t be serious, I thought surely he would never attempt to rape me while my Husband watches. I was turned onto my back and my legs were raised above my head and held there by Chris and Mack,

My Husband stood over me staring into my eyes, it felt as though he was burning a hole right through me. This was not a flattering position as my nipples were being pinched and twisted. He gave a nod and Greg began his turn of terror on my already hot flesh. His seemed to be the hardest. They were slow, and powerful. He counted  thirty seconds  between each spank.  Loud thwacks followed by my barely there voice. It was screamed away and now a hoarse whisper remained.

He began to unbuckle his pants quickly but was stopped by Mack who said it was his turn, Mack was given the task of inserting the ginger and the butt plug into my rectum, “No, Please…” My raspy voice did nothing to stop him as he pushed the metal plug in snuggly. I felt as though I was drowning in tears. He and Chris each grabbed a breast to suck, bite, tug as they  squeezed and pulled and pinched my pussy. I tried to lay still because the more I moved, it felt like the burning sensation from the ginger root worked it’s way deeper into my body and that stupid plug didn’t help matters.

     “Enough” was all he whispered and they stopped. " Lay her on the floor” The goons grabbed me by the limbs and laid me on the floor. Get on all fours now” He ordered  and I worked my way onto all fours, He pulled out the plug and fished out the ginger and I collapsed onto the carpet. They flipped me over and wrenched my legs open and right there in front of them all , he mounted me and rammed deep into my walls. No care, no mercy, nothing romantic about it at all. He did not stop until he came, he quickly stood up and emptied himself onto my face. Then came Chris and Mac as my new Husband just moved out of the way, sat on the couch watching me, Watching them.

     Chris pulled me on all fours  once again, inserted himself comfortably into my anus hole as his fingers found there way to my pussy, tugging and rubbing violently on my clitty. I tried to let out a scream, but my mouth was filled with Mack’s Cock as he grabbed my hair moving back and forth onto him. I had no control over anything that was happening to my body, my mouth, felt stretched, my ass  was burning as Chris was slapping me to stay up and and my ass hole was on fire from the previously removed ginger and Chris’s cock. “You are one wet slut” He said as he pinched and fingered my pussy lips again and again.

I felt he was about to cum as his pumps grew harsher and deeper, He pulled out of me and his cum oozed out onto my back. I thought I was going to gag from the thought and the feeling and then Mack slid out in time to allow cum to squirt in my eye, down my nose and lips.

When they were done using me, I knelt there and hung my head in shame. I thought the best man would be along but

after watching the entertainment he could not  be restrained and masturbated himself into release........

 I was a whore. I felt like I married a pimp and that this would be my life forever. I hated this man. I hated them all. I felt dirty. I said nothing and neither did they. I heard the shuffle of clothes being gathered and the door close behind goodbyes. My Husband walked to the bathroom and I could hear the bath water running. I was angry and confused and felt like my fairytale had turned into a nightmare.

I felt him lift me into his arms and tried to resist but he just shook me and held me closer. I gave up the fight as he put me into the bath and began to scrub me. “ This will never happen again, so long as you never cheat on me again. I won’t have you giving away what belongs to me. Now it could have been a lot worse, but I went easy on you because it was before the wedding, I trust there will be no need for this sort of lesson as long as we are man and wife. Don’t even think about divorcing me because I won’t allow it. You know me

well enough to know that is not an option.  Do I make myself clear?” Trying to understand this man and all that just happened I simply nodded Yes.  "That's my angel".He finished washing my hair and the rest of me and took me out of the tub, wrapped me in a towel and let me cry helplessly until there were no more tears left. He kissed my forehead, laid me on the bed and went fishing in a bag in the closet. He came out with a long rope and began the last part of my punishment. "If for any reason anyone ever asks if you have been hog tied hanging from the ceiling with ginger and

 a butt plug stuck in you, tell them that your Husband was kind enough to leave out the ginger.”

I spent my wedding nite hog tied hanging from the ceiling, with a butt plug. Thanking my Husband for sparing me the ginger. That was the worst night of my life, but he has made up for it a thousand ways since then. “ You passed” . Those words brought me back to my senses. “Thank you Dear” Was all I said as I got down from the examination table and headed upstairs to the kitchen to put the groceries away. I felt him following me.

“ I’ll put the groceries away You , Bedroom, Spread Eagle I want you now. Was all he had to say. “Yes Sir” was my reply. I walked to the bedroom smiling as I knew I was about to be rewarded for getting an "A" on my exam.

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unknown    (2010-08-29 18:54:59)    Flag as inappropiate
I hope they are pressing the right buttons.
Beholden    (2010-08-27 10:40:59)    Flag as inappropiate
An interesting mix of whore/hate/love/gratitude... it presses many buttons :)

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