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  By: unknown

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" I want to punish you  Bella". Was all he said.  I looked up at him not understanding why or what I did to upset him. I stared into his eyes and wanted to ask so desperately why but that was not what I was trained to do. "Yes Sir and what shall I bring you" I whispered. " The belt Bella, you may bring me the belt, but don't come back in here, I want you to stay in the room and lay across the bed I will be in momentarily. "May I leave the room now Sir?" "Yes you may little one" was his reply. I left the study and went to our bedroom to do as I was told.
Tears filled my eyes as I undressed, removing my little pink skirt and pale yellow tank trying desperately to think of what I did to upset him, Did I raise my voice to him, Did I forget to address him properly, Did I forget to ask permission for something. I was not to know until he decided to tell me. I tried to wipe my tears before he came in the room.
I did not raise my face  to see what he was doing. I lay as still as I could so I would not further displease him. I felt his warm hands rub my bottom and I wanted to reach up to him and touch him and love him but this was not the time. His hands found there way between my legs. "I barely touch you and you are so wet, How did I become so fortunate to own such a wet slut my sweet" His teasing made me want to part my legs to recieve him but I dare not move while being punished. This is for his pleasure but I cannot stop my juices from flowing. I know he likes this.
He  took the fluffy jumbo  pillows and stuffed it under me, elevating my hips raising my rear to meet his gaze and bringing his target closer. He walked in front of me and placed a the tripod and camera directly in front of my face. "Stare directly into the camera Bella, do not look away". "Yes Sir, as you wish" I tried to be as sweet as I could to ease this mysterious punishment. I just wanted to know what I did, to have the opportunity to explain or perhaps understand what to do better.

        He walked behind me and continued rubbing between my legs, inserting his fingers in my pussy, lightly tapping and kneading my clit. It felt so good. "You are dripping, soaked slut." He said as he slid so easily into me. "I own you slut and every ounce of this juice is mine". His strokes were slow and deep, very concentrated. "You are my juicy, dirty little slut." His pace grew faster. "You own nothing, You are mine, Your body, Your thoughts are mine, Mine!!! He rammed into me, "Mine", He slapped my a** with his hand. "Mine" He squeezed my clit and wrenched it. "Mine" He stuck his thick fingers into my a** hole.

I lunged forward and buried my face into the pillow. " I thought I told you to look forward girl." I snapped my head up and stared straight into the camera. "Im sorry Sir, I..." He stilled himself inside me and It was as if I could feel his cock swelling. I just wanted to scream, beg him not to stop but to please keep going. Instead, he slid out of me and that beautiful feeling was replaced by what seemed like a switch slicing into my skin. "Ow , Sir, Im sorry Sir, please, Im looking up, Im looking up."  Like an automatic machine, the whips came severe and quick. Swoosh, Woosh angrily cutting through the air and searing my skin.

     I winced and tried to still myself staring into the camera, It was hard not to flinch or move my bottom to avoid the switch. I was expecting the belt and had mentally prepared myself for it, but I should have known. Mr. Saxton said that he would keep me on my toes and he meant it. He promised there would never be a dull moment and he is a man of his word. What I love about him and dread most is his word. "Obedience, Pets are to be obedient!" He barked as his unfailing aim continued.  Tears filled my eyes as I stared forward, bitting my lip, sorrow filling my heart. It was not from the pain that I wept but from dissappointing him.

I shifted my head to remove the hair from my face. I was going to stare straight ahead to gain his approval. "I will obey you Sir, Always, I will obey you Sir Always", was my mantra as I burned a hole in the eye of the camera.

        After several moments the whipping stopped. He removed the pillow from beneath me and I sank into the bed. I snapped my head up to try and get back on all fourrs so I could look into the camera. He walked around the front and lowered the tripod to be level. " Lay down Bella" He commanded. I dropped on my belly and kept eye contact with the camera. He walked behind me, dragged my legs off the bed,  and told me to keep them parted. After fidgeting with something that could have been another tripod,

 He began slapping and smacking my pussy.  "I don't like when you hide yourself from me Slut, You have an owner and Your owner demands access to you at all times, he smacked again. 1,2,3,4,5- quick smacks. My clit rose to attention, aching for his touch. "Yes Sir" I squeeked. Again a barrage of smacks on my pussy, he parted my pussy lips and flicked my clit back and forth and slapped and wrenched it. The heat from desire filled my clit, it was on fire.

    "Ah, Sir please". I tried to stop the words but they slipped out. " He slapped harder and pulled my clit and twisted it. "You insolent wench, You  know better."  He pushed me onto the bed and began spanking me with his hand. Throwing me over and slapping at my breasts. He reached for the belt on the dresser and returned letting the belt fall freely, across my back, on my stomach, my legs, pussy. I tried to get up but he threw me back down and flipped me over. "Lie still slutty wench." I immediately froze and found the camera.

Panting like a dog, I tried to steady my breathing but it was not working. All I kept thinking was any defiance to him means I just said no and I am never allowed to deny him anything and no is forbidden. I was afraid of what he would do.  I felt his palm on my back, my breathing slowly changed and I grew calm. His touch was like magic it always is. He clenched my shoulders to allow me to know that I was ok. "Deep breath Bella". I inhaled and exhaled and laid my head sideways still maintaining eye contact with the camera. When he saw that I was alright and steadied, he backed away.

        "Sluts who tell their owners No, must be punished. You know the rules. You own nothing."  I shook my head Yes. "Answer me with your words Slut". " Yes Sir". I said calmly. " You will recieve 50 strokes from the belt,  you will count them and you will repeat I am a slave slut and I own nothing, Am I clear". " Yes Sir", I replied.  They began each stroke more and more painful, piled on top of the whipping from the switch. I cried and counted until I reached . " 50!, I am a slave slut and I own nothing."  Immediately after the last one fell, His juicy cock entered me, claiming me, filling me.

" You are one wet cunt". He said moving in and out of me, bucking and groaning. I loved his powerful groans. I felt his need for me was desperate it was as if he were going to split my pussy open, but I needed him, all of him more of him. "Thank you Sir, Thank you Sir, I repeated, he pulled out of me and moved quickly to my mouth, I grabbed for him and suctioned, greedy for the cum that he was ready to unload, He pumped and I swallowed. He filled my mouth and I took it all, grateful for this beautiful gift. I looked into his eyes as he looked down at me with a smile. "Greedy slut".

    After showering and making dinner, I assumed the position with my hands behind my back so my nipples were high and at attention. "May I enter Sir" . "Come Bella, come see how beautiful you are" I walked over to the mahogany desk and looked at what was playing on the laptop. It was a movie of the beautiful, torterous hours we shared. I watched my facial expressions change, I saw pain and pleasure dance across my face, my eyes. Every expression, without saying a word my face said so much.

I saw when I looked away and I myself was saddened for the moment because I enjoyed watching what he did to me, how he loved me, punished me, pleasured me and how beautiful each action showed in my eyes, the quiver of my lips. "How beautiful you are to me Bella, I enjoy those faces and sounds you make. I think  I will record you more. "  He pointed to the screen as it showed me walking into the shower, my butt wiggling and covered in welts. He grinned.I grew wet at the the thought of pleasing him.
He reached for my breast and cupped it in his hands and sucked. " Dinner is ready Sir, I said giggling as he toyed with me." He smacked my bare a** . "Don't think I did not see you look away from the camera, I believe you have a punishment coming." The smile on my face faded as  I tried to wrap my mind around enduring another punishment session. "What should I bring you Sir," I whispered. "Not, now Bella, I will give you a day or so for the scars you wear now to dissappear.  He stopped sucking and looked into my eyes. "Go sit in the chair Bella" I walked over to the leather sofa in the corner sat down and parted my legs.

"Excellent" He said. Do you know why you were punished in the first place? "No Sir" I replied. "Well my little kitten, when you entered the room the last time, you curled up on the couch and never gave any thought to the fact that you were hiding my property."  My eyes grew wide as I clearly recalled that moment. Indeed I did.  "Will that be happening again,Pet" " Oh no Sir, Never again".  He motioned for me to come to him and I quickly obeyed. Positioning me on his lap,kissing me passionately he began stroking my pussy and circling my clit. He abruptly stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes " You are one wet slut, Bella  Saxton."  "Thank you Mr. Saxton" I replied. "You do it to me every time"

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unknown    (2010-08-29 18:55:54)    Flag as inappropiate
Thank you kindly.
Beholden    (2010-08-29 08:23:25)    Flag as inappropiate
The interplay is great. I'm finding myself fascinated by Bella's ass. Well done.

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