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  By: biscuit

 i went with a girl that got her fantasy with me. she told me she always wanted to do this with her friends but never had a guy that wanted to do it with her.


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here's the fantasy come true...."L" had everything ready. the table was set. the house looked great. she looked great and i was all ready for company. bob and michelle henderson showed up at 7 like planned. we had a few drinks and then sat down for a great dinner. after dinner we sat in the living room for a couple more drinks to let dinner digest and have some small talk.

after about an hour, L went into the bedroom for a minute to get everything ready. she then called us in. when the 3 of us got in there, she had pulled the covers of our king-size bed down and set the lighting very low. but low enough to see one another.

she was only wearing a shear black teddy. the 3 of us all got undressed and climbed on the bed. as pre-discussed, bob and i started carressing michelle and kissing her all over while L watched. michelle returned the favor with subtle carresses and tiny kisses to both of us guys. in no time we were both fully erect and standing at attention.

we positioned her to lay on her side and lift 1 leg as high as she could. bob started to lick her shaved pussy. i went to the other side and started licking her beautiful little asshole. she was moaning in pleasure as L was kneeling beside us fingering herself.

once we had michelle totally soaked in both holes, bob layed on his back and pulled her on top of him facing him. he slid into her rather easily because she was so wet. then L motioned me to kneel in back of them and start to insert my cock into her soaked ass. after a second it slid right in. it was quite a thrill feeling his cock in her only seperated by her warm skin. it even felt nice when our balls were rubbing together when we were both buried deep inside her.

it didn't take us long before we were both slamming her real hard as out orgasms were building. you could actually hear the slapping of our skin. we both almost climaxed at the same time. i think it was due to the fact that michelle was just about screaming in ecstacy from being filled by 2 guys.

i think i came first. it seemed like a cannon going off inside her. at one point when i just sat there with my cock pushed all the way inside her, i could feel bob throbbing inside her. after we both had emptied our cum inside michelle, the first half of L's fantasy was about to come true.

we slowly pulled out of her and could feel her quiver. she crawled back a little and stayed on all fours. that's when L went over and admired michelle's ass and pussy throbbing at the same time. she watched closely till cum started to leak from both holes. that's when she got right in there and started lapping up every drop of cum from both holes. at one point it was like she was licking an ice cream cone. she devoured every drop of my cum, bob's cum, and michelle's juices. it was so hot watching L do that that we never really got soft.

once michelle was all cleaned up, we were about to start the second part of L's fantasy. she wanted to get filled with our 2 cocks and have all that cum inside of her. so i took the bottom and bob took her ass. only, as a twist, michelle backed herself in so her pussy was on my face and L was licking her ass. i could still taste the mixture of her juices, my cum, bob's cum, and L's saliva. what a treat.

it didn't take long before michelle was cumming all over my face and L was all but drooling on her ass. all that wetness in my face was more than i could take and i started cumming in L's hot pussy. i could feel bob's huge member throbbing again, so i knew he was filling L's ass with hot cum. that's when michelle moved around and did the same for L as she did for her. she was licking at both L's holes like a hungry person eating a hot meal.

once she cleaned her up, the 2 girls shared a nice long, hot kiss. we played a little more after we rested for a while. later the hendersons got cleaned up. hugs and kisses were exchanged and we made plans for more fun in the near future.

can't wait.

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easypeasy    (2010-10-22 23:29:02)    Flag as inappropiate
Whoah! I've been gone from the site for a while but am checking back in tonight, and wanted to check out your stuff. Damn! My pussy is totally throbbing wet after reading that. Good job!

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