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Im 35 and huband is 38 we have been together about 10 years.But now his job took him abroad for 6 months..He was due home in about 2 hours.I showered and dressed to try and look my sexiest for him because for 6 months I only had my fingers to satisfy me.I could feel my self getting damp when he walked through the door.He took me in his arms and we kissed long and passionate.I told him to go and get a shower because I he had been traveling for more than 12 hours.While he was showering I fixed us
 both a drink a took them into the bedroom.
    When he came in he was already hard when he came over and started kissing me again and soon unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor.Leaving me in my red bra,thong,supender belt with black stockings and boots.We kept kissing his hands were allover my back and bum.I pushed him so he fell on the bed with me on top.I started to nibble his chest and work down to his cock which was already leaking pre cum.I licked the head then down the shaft and went back and took the head in my mouth I gently sucked and slowly took more and more of his cock in my mouthuntil I could feel his hairs on my nose then let it slide back out until I just had the head in then took it all in again
.His hands guided my head then he pulled me away I looked up at him he told me he couldn't last much longer.So I smiled at him and went back to him he soon tried to push more down my throat then I felt his first load hit my throat followed by another and another I swallowed as quickly as I could but some still dribbled out I kept sucking until I felt it soften then let it slip out and licked it off my lips and chin then went up and kissed him.
  We sat up and had a drink then he started to nibble my ears and neck then unfastened my bra and pushed me back down and started to suck on my nipples and slid his hand down my soaking wet thong and slid a couple of fingers into me I couldn't wait any longer I had to have him in me so I rolled of him and pulled my thong down and climbed back onto him,and rode him hard then he slid a finger up my bum hole then another it felt so full I couldn't control myself and realy rode him hard while he fucked my bum with his fingers. 
It felt so sexy I was soaking wet and just kept cumming and cumming then he pulled out of me and flipped me over told me to get on my hands and knees and drove it into me doggy style.He held my hair and pulled and fucked me harder then he filled my pussy with his cum then he pulled out turned my head and put his cock still hard and covered in his and my cum to my mouth I sucked it enjoying the mixture of tastes until he went soft and slipped out.
  I turned my back on him and suggled down and Rob cuddled up to me and started teaseing my nipples.We rested for about half an hour then I told him not to go to sleep because I have other places that need him and I pushed my bum back against him so he knew what I wanted.I felt his cock twitching he loves haveing me in my bum.I turned round to him and started kissing.Then he started kissing my neck and then sucking my nipples and fingering me.My juices were soon flowing again.Then I started to work down his chest until I got to his cock which was still flacid and started to suck on his balls then took his  cock into my mouth
.I love the feel of his cock growing in my mouth.After I had got him hard and wanting it again I moved back up his body until his cock was pushing into my pussy.Then I rode him and got him all wet.Then lifted off and led on my back.He sucked and kissed his way down me until I could feel his hot breath on my pussy he sucked on my clit then he lifted my legs up and started to lick my bum hole and then pushed his tongue in and started to tongue fuck it.After I was all relaxed he stood up and squirted some lube on me and onto his cock.Then I could feel him pushing against me I pushed back and felt his head slip in then he stopped.
He felt so big in there after a few seconds he pushed it all the way in.Then started to fuck me and play with my breasts.I reached down and started rubbing my clit and fingering myself.I was soon screaming for him to fuck me harder.I felt him push evan harder then felt him cum and  cum and fill my bum.Then he slipt out and we got cleaned up and went to sleep both happy and content knowing he was home for a month.

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