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  By: sexybutt

As I walk into work today I notice a new girl making a cup of tea in the kitchen.  From the back she looks good, shoulder length brown hair which is nice and smooth and I can imagine running my fingers through it.  Her long shapely legs show through the fitted trousers she is wearing with her ass sticking out making it look perky and ready to squeeze.


As I walk to my desk I hope that her face and tits are just as good as her behind!  Little did I know I would not have to wait long to find out…….. Mid morning I go to the ladies toilet and as I am washing my hands in walks the new girl!


We are both standing at the basins and she tells me that my ass looks hot in the skirt I am wearing! I thank her and tell her that her tits are  nice and big in her top and to my advantage I can see right down her cleavage!  She asks me if I want to touch them so I say ok - I cup one of them over her top and it feels so firm.  I ask if they are real and she tells me ‘yes’ and lowers her top over her tits so that they are right in my face but still in the bra - I cup them again and rub them and squeeze her nipples through the bra –they instantly get hard and poke through the bra!


I keep rubbing them and she gets closer to me and starts to kiss my neck while I caress her tits slowly taking them out of the bra.  Her tits fit generously into my hands; they are heavy but firm and full with lovely pink nipples that are standing to attention.  The more I squeeze them the harder and firmer they become.  We start kissing each other and move into a cubicle and lock the door behind us!


She lifts up my skirt while I am licking and gently biting her nipples making them wet and giving her goose bumps all over.  Her hands are gripping my ass and squeezing my big tight cheeks.  She moves her hand round to my front and sticks a finger inside my now wet pussy and starts pushing her finger up and down inside me each stroke adding another finger until she has 4 fingers inside me!  She pulls her fingers out and sticks them in my mouth so I taste my pussy juices.  I lick each finger one by one keeping eye contact with her the whole time I eat my pussy juices – it tastes so sweet!


Both of our tops and bras come off and I undo her trousers and pull them down over her ass.  I pull her wet thong to the side and feel her soaking wet pussy for myself – her pussy feels so smooth, no hair at all – clean shaven this morning!  Her pussy lips are pink and swollen, throbbing for my fingers to enter deep into her pussy. I slide one finger up inside her with ease, then a second and third, her juices on my fingers feel warm and slippery.  As she did to me I get her to lick her juices off my 3 pussy soaked fingers deep inside her mouth causing her to gag and making sure she sucks all her juices off!


We stand up and fuck each other with our fingers in each other’s pussy whilst kissing each other hard and fast; with her big firm tits rubbing against mine, making my nipples hard and sensitive.  I squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples while she uses her thumb to rub my clit and finger fucks me! Within seconds I cum intensely all over her fingers!  As she removes her fingers she eats my pussy juices from them one by one!


I tell her to face away from me and as I bend her over I finger fuck her like a whore and rub her tits and squeeze her nipples hard making her moan loudly - someone comes in and goes into the next cubicle but I don’t care and carry on fucking her and cover her mouth with my other hand to stop her moans! 


As she stops moaning I grab her throat with my hand and hold on tight while I push my hand as deep as I can inside her and fuck her like a big hard cock would.  Her long smooth legs start shaking from the force of me fucking her so I bend down in front of her and whilst finger fucking her I lick her clit, it tastes so good – warm and sweet ! I feel her pussy throb as she cums on my fingers and tongue! 


We get dressed and leave the toilet and go back to work!!!





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easypeasy    (2010-12-12 15:09:14)    Flag as inappropiate
Oh, that was amazingly hot. My pussy is so, so wet from reading that. Thank you!! :)
Anissa1985    (2010-10-03 15:03:48)    Flag as inappropiate
Anissa1985 Mmmmm WOW!! This was such a hot story. I dont date women, never have, but I do think they are beautiful creatures. I also do enjoy reading about women. Fantasy stories like this one are great.
hotlips58000    (2010-08-25 08:43:56)    Flag as inappropiate

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