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My dear loving boyfriend was taken aback by what I requested on the phone that one cold evening. I was walking around my college campus, talking to him on my cell for hours and procrastinating on my homework. I guess I would sleep in since I didn’t have early classes the next day. As for homework, I would leave it for the odd hours of the night…as usual. Bad habit, I know. I asked him if he could dominate me – not only plain old throw me on the bed, but fuck my mouth. His immediate response was silence, followed by: “I don’t really feel comfortable with that. I feel like it would be degrading…”

So I reassured him, saying “Don’t worry! Its not like I’m asking you to call me derogatory names. Just a bit of fun dominance…it would get me really wet, you know?” He silenced for another moment. I felt like I was treading on thin water. Maybe my request was a bad idea. I really loved his tenderness and respect for me, but I wouldn’t mind some dominance in bed. I became really intrigued by the idea because I was tired of regular intercourse porn. And yes, I’m a girl, and I do watch porn – as strange of a phenomenon as it seems.

You see, during masturbation, I would block out the degrading aspects of it, such as the complete disregard for the actresses and the video descriptions involving phrases like “worthless whore”. I would block it out in order to get off, but right afterwards I thought to myself: “why the fuck do those girls allow this? How low does their self esteem have to be?” Then I made the conclusion that even though those girls allowed it, if those porn producers were at all humane, they wouldn’t treat them that way. While I found allure in watching the spit fly and the dick go in and out of a girl’s mouth, if the guy said something degrading to her, or if she threw up, I was done with that video and I would never return to it.

I wanted to do this act to my boyfriend, but in a milder way, which I wasn’t worried about, since he cared for me so much. By then, we had been going out for almost two years. Now we’re going out for almost three years, and we plan to get married when we get our bachelor degrees.

                Moving onward, during summer vacation after my freshman year of college, I was at his house for a few days. I was thankful that his parents were away and that I could temporarily escape the demands of my family to spend time with my loved one. It didn’t take long, after I got in the door, to lure him into his bedroom and kiss him passionately until the clothes began to fly off. Next thing I knew, the floor was littered with our underwear, shorts, and shirts. I had worn a tank top which didn’t require a bra. Before he had a chance to lay me on his bed for some good old missionary, I decided to proceed with naughtiness. I wanted to show off what I had been practicing with a banana. I winked at him, helped him undo his jeans, and next thing I knew, his cock was dangling in front of my face.

I playfully licked the head, to which he uttered a short “mmm” and chuckled. I looked up at him, put my hands behind my back with my fingers laced, and asked him “you ready, sexy papi?” As a side note, I’m a Russian born in America and he’s a Mexican born in America.  It’s an odd combination by conventional standards, but only love matters. He proceeded to grin, as he slowly put his cock in my mouth, inch by inch. I loved the way it slid so smoothly and how meaty it was as he filled my mouth. I just loved that man meat. I couldn’t wait for my desert of man goo. I’m getting excited just writing about it! Next thing you know, he was thrusting faster and faster, as my spit began to drip down my chin and some even reached my breasts.

I was doing my best to relax my throat muscles, and for the most part, it worked and it all went smoothly. Several times I gagged slightly so he removed himself and gave me a breather. In those moments I would ask him “Am I your dirty little girl?” in between shallow breaths. With a smile, he remarked “oh yes you are, sexy mami. Of course you are.” Then I smiled and said “hopefully I’ll be a good girl so I can get my reward” and with a grin, he replied “we’ll see about that you naughty little girl”. I looked up with feigned innocence, as part of the act and with puppy eyes, I said “I’ll do my best!” He chuckled.

I could tell he was getting into character, and I could feel myself dripping lady juices onto the floor. “Damn, this room’s gonna smell like sex”, I told him. “One of my favorite smells” he answered. “Mmm, feed that cock to me again, you hot boy” I said. “Oh don’t you worry, I will” he grinned, with lust burning through his darkening eyes. He then re-entered my mouth and proceeded to pump me faster than ever. At one point, he took his cock out, along with a long trail of my saliva, and wiggled his cock around my cheeks, side to side, teasingly remarking “catch the cock if you can, baby”.

I would then proudly catch the head of his cock with my lips and he would slide himself fully back in, saying “mmm, that’s a good girl.” He even fish-hooked my left cheek, which made me moan from the sheer filthiness of the pleasure I gave him. My lips would make smacking noises and my spit made slurping noises, which turned me on even more. I was on a mission to please my man…and boy did I enjoy doing so! During his thrusts, I remarked “mmm I love that cock when” to which he replied,  “what was that? Don’t talk with your mouth full, missy. That’s bad manners”. I then nodded in agreement that I had exhibited terrible manners. At the point of his fastest thrusts, he slowed and I felt his cock throb inside my mouth and partially inside my throat

 He exited my mouth and began to jerk himself, telling me “I think its time for your reward. You want some?” I nodded, again playing my role with innocent puppy eyes. He then put the tip in my wide open mouth and continued to jerk himself, faster and still faster, building up speed, until suddenly…I felt warm jets of gooey goodness spew into my mouth and down my gullet. Some of it landed on my eye and cheek, for which he apologized, but I said “Oh no problem”. And with a grin, I scooped it off my face and sucked my fingers with delight.

With a satisfied smile, due to his satiated lust, he commented “mmm you are my nasty little mami aren’t you” as he reached down and smacked my ass. “Mmm, yes I am”, I answered. Being a talented lover, my boyfriend was able to get hard again after a mere five minutes. How lucky was I? Very. He carried me to the bed and plopped me down on my back, then proceeding to spread my legs and approach my hungry pussy with his hungry mouth. I decided to spice up this segment as well. I winked at him and said “why don’t you get on your back” and rubbed my hands together in an evil manner. He had wanted me to dominate him in return for his dominance, so I happily obliged his request. I raised his legs and smacked his rock hard ass and said: “someone’s been a disobedient little boy, hasn’t he?”

And with a feigned pleading look, he said “I’m so sorry I’ll listen from now on!” And I said, “oh you will, after I’m done with your punishment!” I then proceeded to straddle his face, which he loved. He adored having my pussy lips wrap his mouth lips like a gift box. His lips were definitely a gift to my pussy. He slurped eagerly on my inner lips, as I pushed his head gently into my wet pussy, which he slurped at more and moaned, telling me he loved when my juices fed him. I then slyly responded “I knew you would”. I didn’t want to get carried away so I backed up and with a grin, asked him: “so now will you be a good little boy?” And he nodded, saying “I’ll do anything you want!”

And I responded, “that’s a good boy, now no more punishments, as long as you lick my pussy now. You can control your mouth now that you’re a good boy”. I lifted my ass, but was still straddling him. Since he was being a good boy, I let him reach up and gently but diligently lick my pussy. Playing a disobedient little boy again, he begged “no more, please!” In feigned outrage, I gasped and said “you dare insult your mistress and deny her pussy? For this, you shall pay again!” This time, I fucked his face a little differently. Instead of just keeping my pussy on his lips, I ordered him to stick his tongue out. I then moved my pussy up and down on his tongue as I playfully told him “you know you love that, you dirty little boy”.

“Mmm, yes I do” he mumbled, with his mouth voice muffled by a feast of pussy. “That’s what I thought”, I answered evilly, as I pulled his hair slightly and began to push his face into my sopping wet lady cave. Ultimately, since it was harder for me to get off than it was for him, it was eventually missionary, rock the cradle position which gave me a screaming climax. He pushed me on my back on his bed and proceeded to lift my legs and tie them together with his light blue bandana. He then proceeded to fuck me as hard as he ever did, which made my moans vibrate through the whole house

. The pleasure of his drilling cock was too much to bear. I was leaking a river onto his cock. After I came, we cleaned up, got dressed, and ordered some pizza. I was always hungry after sex.


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