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  By: BoomingEcounter

Last summer, I spent a couple of weeks with my girlfriend on the French atlantic coast, in the Basque Country. On the last day, we decided to take the train back to our town ; it was a very hot and sunny afternoon, around two o' clock, and the train station was then almost totally empty, which is quite unusual during August. As we were entering our train, I noticed a girl who was smoking a cigaret next to the door. She was, just like me, black-haired, brown-eyed, and tanned; she was around 165 cm, and had beautiful eyes, curly hair and the hell of a mouth. While I was climbing the stairs, we had a short but very intense look, almost beastie, as if the loud and sweaty atmosphere had awaken our deep, primitive sexual instincts.
Since a very few passengers were on the train, my girlfriend and I planned to take advantage of this situation by fucking in our compartment. As the train hadn't leave yet, we were scared that a new passenger would come into our compartment, thus breaking our plans. To prevent this situation, and also to check if the other girl was around :p , I said to my girlfriend " Close the curtains, I will stand in front of the door until the train leaves - so that if any passenger comes, he's gonna pass his way".
As I got out of the compartment, I saw the girl, smoking in the corridor. I also light a cigaret, and I started to look at her threw the window reflections. She was looking at me too, and soon our eyes stuck together. My heart was booming and my feelings were so intense that I reacted instinctively : I turned my head so that I could look at her directly into her eyes ; we kept this eye contact for at least 10 seconds - which I thought were 10 minuts - electrifying all my body, and - of course - making my dick as hard as a frozen rock. I walked the corridor towards toilets, hoping that my girlfriend would not check on me. While I was walking, I heard her following me, and my excitment kept on growing. I entered the toilets and kept the door opened, prentending I was washing my hands (quite useless, but I was shy at that time). 
The girl arrived in front of the toilets, and stared at me. At that point we both knew that no talking was needed, we both knew what we wanted, and before I could think of my first move, she grabbed my pants and started to open them. She grabbed my dick and began  flicking slowly her tongue on my shaft, and sucking it ; my dick was in heaven, feeling her thick lips going up and down, more and more deep, until all my dick was inside her mouth. That was my first deepthroat, and I keep it as one of my best sex remembers... I felt that I would come very soon, and I started to try to pull slowly my dick out of her mouth ; she understood my worries and just said "mm mm", while taking my dick all the way back to her throat. I camed so much, exploding in her mouth, as she swallowed every drop with an audible pleasure.
I remember often that story, and think about what I would have done to her if my girlfriend was not waiting for me. But that's another story subject ;)


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