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I had just returned from my out-station assignment. It was a cold wintry night, Sanyo and I, were alone. Her friend and roommate had gone to her parent’s home and had not returned yet. We had known each other for sometime, but it was only in the company of common friends, though she lived next door. It was a practice after we came to know each other ‘well’ this last few months, that whenever I return back, she and her friend would prepared dinner for all of us.

 This evening we were relaxing in her veranda sipping warm tea and watching the moon as it bashfully crept away from the dark clouds. It was a tiring day for her too, as she had a full day in college. I had a penchant for massage, and in the other days while her other girl friends were around they would take turn to rub my back. Knowing that I was tired she offered to rub my back, then I started thinking, is this an opportunity!

            I had fantasized about her running about naked with only her pink socks on, prancing about in our rooms. There was this instance when once I returned back from work, some weeks back, I entered her room without knocking, she and Katherine had just from work too, and I caught her with her pants down literally, she squealed, she just had her hands to cover her crotch, she was wearing only a tiny green panty and I could still imagine the milky white thighs. The day after that was a holiday,

I was playing cards with Katherine and another friend, when she came to the room and said she wanted to take bath and was waiting for hot water, she came to see us playing, when I looked up, her shirts top three buttons were unbuttoned and I could almost see her young firm breast jutting out but she seemed nonchalant about it.  I said ok, but we’ll take turns.

             I lay on her flowery scented bed and she massaged me, kneading my head and the back of my neck sending shivers down my spine and effortlessly moving down to the crack of my buttocks down to my toe, kneading my sole and sending the blood rushing to my groins. It was heavenly as she slides her soft hands expertly all over my body, I don’t know whether she knew that I had a huge erection, but she was still a young virgin out on her first job away from home.

As much as I hate to, but I had to keep my promise, it was my turn to rub her. I made her lie down on her stomach and gently kneaded and tugged her hair, then gently but firmly rubbed the back of her neck, I could see goose pimples forming on her body, taking a cue I began rubbing her, rolled up her t-shirt, flicked her bra strap and massaged her back innocently massaging the side of her breast, then my hand slowly slide down to the crack of her ass,

This was a perfect opportunity to grab her ass without her complaining of any indecency, so I squeezed her ass firmly bringing the two cheeks together, she was wearing only thin cotton PJ, I moved my hand between the crack of her ass, as if to massage her inner thigh and in the process I my hand grabbed the front of her groin and her ass firmly, in the grab of massaging, she didn’t seem to mind, as she encouragingly lifted her buttock slightly, I then firmly massaged her inner thigh, this gave me a new opportunity to touch her pussy in the grab of massaging again,  as I massaged from one side of her thigh to the other side of her inner thigh in the process firmly pressing her asshole and her pussy, I thought I heard a muffled moan.

My hands moved down to her legs and toes, as I pulled and kneaded her pink painted toes, completing one circle I slowly moved up her thigh and buttocks again and as I gently rubbed the crack of her ass and proceeded further south, her wet pussy had drenched her pants. I then slowly moved up in circular motion to the small of her back and nape, and as I kneaded and rub her back for sometime, she was fast asleep. I slowly left her room, pushing the door closed with a huge hard-on.


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