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  By: lick_my_cherry_bomb

I was a bit unsure if I should accept the invitation to the new club...the guy I
was dating now was a little kinkier than I had been involved with before..he
talked of many things so foreign to me...bondage...whipping...alter
.torture and the satisfaction that pleasure mixed with pain could
bring. Yet something deep inside got excited at the thought...maybe just
this once I would go and get a glimpse...nothing said I had to participate...I
could just be an innocent bystander...Or so I thought!
 As we entered the
room I was taken by surprise as a large muscle bound guy stopped me and
took me aside.. My boyfriend winked and said see you later! WTF did that
..I thought we were here a couple to explore and
educate ourselves... I was wrong again...The man started to undressed mind was a blur..I fought frantically when suddenly he slapped my
face hard and informed me I had NO CHOICE..
.my boyfriend had signed a
contract. I didn’t believe it...I couldn’t believe it...seeing my shock and
disbelief on my face the man took me by the elbow and brought me to the
front door where a folder with my name was laying on the desk.
He opened
it and displayed the contract...sure enough Brad had signed it..stating that
they could do what they wanted with me and that any force necessary to
make me comply was given consent by my MASTER.
Once again
the man started undress me..this time with a wicked grin...almost naked
now he inspected my undergarments. Apparently he was angry because my
bra did not show quite enough -
so he lifted my tits up until my nipples were
fully exposed. My panties even though they were a thin bare
thong...wouldn't stay on for long anyway he said...He now announced that I
was ready for The Room.

Now I was simply pushed out into the main club room and told to walk
around until I was offered a seat...I could not sit down until then...had to
walk around and let in particular...look at me.\
I was also told
to keep my arms behind me so that my tits were pushed out in
front...inviting visitors and guests to touch and stroke..
.they were literally up
for grabs. Finally an opening came up at a small booth where sat 3 fat
balding businessmen...I looked away pretending not to see them...instantly
the man who held my contract came rushing over.
..waving it in my
face...shouting "You don't have an option...they invited you so you have
to"... OK....I can do this...I try to reassure myself...They ordered me a few
drinks and in time I started to feel a little more comfortable.
I think they
sensed this immediately because then they started..not too rough mind
you. As the doorman said...the underpants wouldn't last longhaving them ripped from me...hard
against my pussy.
.rubbing on the way out as it was pulled against my
clit...OMG...I took in a deep tits thrusting out in front of me.
One of the boys then reached over and grabbed one...his friend reached
over and grabbed the other..
.both of my tits firmly in their way
could I get away. But they hadn't done anything to hurt me was still
kind of fun!  They each started playing with my nipples...then tugging at
them as though it were a contest...then I realized it was a contest..
were trying to see who could stretch and pull my nipples the farthest...I
moaned in pain as they both smiled at each other... and sneered at
me...then each bent over and started sucking...not just sucking...
but biting
and nipping...then sucking even tits were going through a real
workout...finally the third guy said"'Stop...let's measure"..
.they each
stopped sucking and biting..they took out a ruler..they measured who had
sucked out my nipple the most. The right one won...then the loser on the
left slapped and punched my tit as hard as he could...sore loser!  

Suddenly out of no where a pitcher of ice water was poured over my
 tits......relief but worse...I could feel my nipples standing out more from the
cold...I knew their eyes were on them wanting more. At this point other men
were walking around the room.
..perhaps bored with their own adventures...or
looking for new ideas. I looked up and saw a gentleman and almost
desperately I nodded to him...hoping he could come and rescue me from
this hell. He smiled and came to the booth...thinking my prayers had been
answered as he smiled and leaned towards me with his hand out.
..I went to
take his hand but was too late..he give me a back hand across my face...I'd
never been hit that hard...then he reached over and stroked my right nipple
and then my left...more slaps...his time across my tits...even harder.
don't have an option but to take this!... but you knew least you
would have if you had read the contract!" I knew he was right...but I also
knew that I had know idea a contract had been signed until it was much too
.I knew I had to put up with this until the contract was out... I'm strong
I can do it. The gentleman then asked the Boys if they were having fun and
what they had in store for me...I saw them laughing and throwing their
heads back.
.He walked away then...looked back over his shoulder winking at if that was reassurance!

 I was back totally in the hands of the Boys now...they were ignoring my
tits...but now started pawing at my knees.
..pulling my
knees apart...lifting them up.   I knew they were going to do something
involving the chair and my heels...I've been down this road before.
It was
different this time though...instead of fastening them to the rungs of the
chair...they lifted my feet... and attached them to chains over me...then
pulled them high in the air.
 My arms were then bound behind me in the
chair...the overall effect was that I was held down by my arms... my legs
were pulled up...spread-eagled of that my cunt was wide
.just at the right height for someone to comfortably play with and do
what they wanted.  My tits as usual were thrust out in front of me
there was nothing I could do...tits out...pussy lips spread...cunt open.

Since my tits had already been looked after...they were paying attention
now to my cunt.  Yes I had gotten a Brazilian wax the day before...full my pussy was completely bare...evidently this was not the
norm...and it is what made me particularly popular..
.my naked cunt wide
open...pleats and all...for anyone to see. At first I thought they'd walk over
an poke me hard...wrong...they didn't take turns poking me...they took
turns pissing on me...on my cunt..
.I could feel their hot urine puddling on
me...then soaking into my cunt gradually...I was so humiliated...I would
have rather felt their semen in me.  
They laughed as they finished and then
grabbed another beer...just to do it again...then they each came
over...grabbed at my tits..
.pulling and stretching...then back to my cunt to
piss some more.  Finally the gentleman came over again...looked at what
they were doing... and said “Hmm she's not used to that” and smirked as
he said it...he didn't even try to stop them.  
I started to say “Wait that's
not in the contract” but as I saw the sneer on his face I realised it was I said to myself...just take it and get it over with!

The gentleman pointed out to the boys that he thought they could do better
than that! So they unfastened my legs...untied my arms...not being very
gentle at it mind you...flipped me over. OMG... I knew what I was in for tits were hung over the edge of a saw horse...with a space in
.then my hips were over yet another ass exposed. First
they pulled at my tits once again...then put clamps on them...after the
clamps they attached weights that didn't quite reach the floor so that they
were constantly pulling and stretching.
The pain wasn't quite unrelenting but
it was there...I could feel the constant pull...the exquisite pain...especially
when some movement made the weights start to swing from side to
my legs were tied...or rather the legs of the other
horse...spread-eagled again...with my ass spread wide.  I could feel one of
them playing with my ass...trying to open me a bit...a little bit more and
some laughter...then not playing...just pushing and prying!

One man asks...”Can we stick something in her first?”...STOP I thought!!!
Just then they poured the rest of the white wine in a glass...held it to my
lips...forcing me to drink it...I drank it rather sloppily considering my
position...then  felt the cold neck of the wine bottle at my ass
pushed it in a little bit...then a bit further...finally having decided that they
were tired of  being nice...I felt as they pushed the neck of the bottle in all
the way...completely up my ass took it too..
.it was ready by then to
be entered...violated...taken any way it could!

While  my ass was violated...the gentleman came around in front of me...he
looked at my face...slapped it with his extended hard cock...
I could only he grabbed one of the weights on my tit and pulled a bit...then he
reached for the other and pulled a bit harder...I moaned as it hurt but I
didn't know which hurt more
...the weights pulling and stretching my nipples
and weighing them down...or the bottle up my ass...the only holes open
were my cunt and my mouth...but theses men  were never ones to do
everything at once...only one torture at a time.
 The gentleman then
growled...”Boys I think she's had enough foreplay”... Foreplay???... What
the fuck?..
I felt them unhitch me and turned me front wards...propped me
up by the arms...each one in turn came over and stuck his huge cock inside
my cunt and fucked me hard until he came...all three of them in turn...when
they were done they stroked me gently...grinned...and left.

I was a bit unsure what to do next...I was suddenly left again without
anything...anyone..I started to head for the door...having had enough for
one night and wanting to catch my useless boyfriend and give him a piece
of my mind before I consider castrating him!..
.The gentleman asked me to
wait and have a drink with him...I thought I'd be allowed to get dressed
first...but no...I was escorted to another the one I was at the first
time...but the seat I was given wasn't simply a chair...
it had a dildo on it...I
was expected to hover myself over it...then sit down. I hadn't a choice so I
did it went into me I realized it wasn't just a dildo...
it could be
unscrewed and I sat tits fully in the open as I
was not allowed to cover cunt over this huge dildo..
.I could feel it
opening wider and wider...He asked with a sneer if I was OK...I said NO...he
snickered loud and AGAIN waved the lousy contract under my nose. God
 the contract lets them do anything they he dangled it
in front of my face he asked if I wanted to read it and I replied in the
negative...Laughing...he insists that I do...especially the FINE PRINT...
Tits...can be pulled...stretched...sucked...pierced...various tools may be
used in the utilization of tits for masculine pleasure.... 
Cunts will be inserted to the maximum
capacity...allowing full gratification of the male clientele 
Female pleasure does not may also not take place except for the
gratification of male pleasure. 
All tools are guaranteed not to leave lasting marks or scars...general rule of
thumb...tits are to be sucked...fondled...subjected to any
instruments/ any various clients in the club that evening wish to do
not just the ones who take the female on for the evening. 
They may also order her to work the room with them...that approach
other males for the purpose of sucking and fondling as they wish.
With that he stopped my reading and explained that we would read the
 rules about my cunt and ass next time...after tonight I think you have the
general idea what we allow though...and in my mind I am repeating...THERE

After almost splitting me in half....the dildo was reduced back to a
reasonable size and I was pulled off by one of the doormen...he took me
back to the room and helped me dress...although of course I didn't have
any panties to put on...
I asked if my boyfriend was still around and was
informed he had quickly left the club once he had deposited me here as per now I needed a ride home...the gentleman asked if he
could call me a cab...I shook my head..
..I needed the time to cool off and
collect my thoughts...taking in all that had just transpired.  As if to ad insult
to injury...he quips as I walk out the door...”Be careful...there are some real
creeps out there!”
 NO SHIT!!! and even bigger creeps inside the doors of

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