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  By: ratboy_77

So I’m working out in the garage and I come inside to grab some thing to drink.  As I come in I see that you are doing dishes and staring out the kitchen window.  You don’t notice me at first.  As I grab a glass and go to fill it up in the sink, my hand brushes your breast.  I apologize and you look at me and say don’t worry about it, but there is a look in on your face that says other things.  I set my glass down on the counter.  You grab it and start to wash it.  I’m still standing there behind you.  As you wash the glass I pull your hair out of the way and kiss you on the neck.  You ask me what I’m doing and I say “Nothing”.  I continue kissing your next.

  I move to your ear and suck on it a little.  My hands have rapped around you and are now holding your breasts.  As I continue you say that you have work to do.  You are wearing a white shirt, so I reach down and grab a handful of water and splash it on you.  You shirt is now soaking wet.  I whisper that there is no rush in getting them done.  You smile and reach back and pull me closer.  I’m hard and you can feel me pressed up against your back side.  My hands have found their way under your shirt.  I find that you are not wearing a bra.  I’m massaging your breasts, squeezing your nipples.   Softly squeezing them at first, and then getting harder.

  I can feel your nipples get hard.  One of my hands finds it way out of your shirt and down to your thighs.  I start push your legs apart some so my hand can get between them.   One of your hands has found my bulging cock and is rubbing it through my pants.  My hand is rubbing you through your pants.  I push you up against the sink.  I bring my hands back to your hips.  I find the bottom of your shirt and lift it off of you.  You go to turn around and face me and I stop you.  With your hand behind you, you find my belt buckle and undo it.  You unzip my pants and reach inside to find my dick.  I move my hands to the front of your pants and undo them. 

I reach in and find that you are not wearing any panties either.  I ask if you had something planned for today and you say “no, not until now.”  I reach further down and can feel your all ready wet.  I ask if you have been day dreaming again and you blush and say yes.  Your pants slide down to the floor.  You take your hands and push my pants and boxers down.  My cock is pressed up against your ass; you are grabbing my ass and holding me against you.  You ask me what I’m going to do with it; I tell you that will wait for later.  One of my hands is caressing you bare chest and the other is circling your clit.  You are so wet.  My fingers slide in you with ease.

  You let out a sigh of excitement.  I’m sucking your neck.  I kiss you all over on your back as my fingers are sliding in and out of you.  You can feel my cock pulsing.  You reach in front of us with the one hand and get it wet.  You reach between us and grab my cock with your hand.  You begin to stroke it up and down slowly.  Your other hand has grabbed the edge of the counter.  My hand on your breast is squeezing your nipple harder.  My fingers are still sliding in and out.  It gets easier as I go, you are getting wetter.  Your head arches back exposing your neck even more.  I kiss your neck, slowly moving to your cheek and finally to your lips.  You try and turn around and tell you “NO!” I pull you away from the sink a step or two. 

We are now standing in middle of the kitchen.  You are still stroking my cock.  I take my hand off of your breast.  I put it on your neck and push you forward.  You are now bent over.  You tell me you want me in you.  I relent and you guide me in to your soaking wet pussy.  My hands are now on your hips.  You are holding on to the counter edge with both hands.  I move in and out of you, slowly, in and out, in and out. You close your legs some squeezing me inside of you.  You screech with each new thrust, in and out.  You tell me you want to cum.  I tell you I want you to cum on me, in and out.  I feel you start to pulsate.

  I start thrusting faster and faster.  I feel you cum.  You are dripping wet down your thighs and off of my balls.  I’m still thrusting.  With each new thrust it makes you cum even more.  One of your hands is still holding the counter, the other has move to your clit.  You are rubbing yourself as I thrust, in and out.  You scream “fuck me harder, fuck me!!”  I pull your hair back as I fuck you.  My other hand is on your hip.  I remove that hand and spank you.  You let out a scream.  It surprises you.  You tell me “do it again, harder.”  I spank you again as I thrust up into you.  You moan with each thrust.  You tell me you want me to cum.  I tell you not yet. 

You are so wet I glide in and out of you.  I pull you up we are now standing straight up.  I turn you around.  I begin sucking on your nipples.  You reach down and grab my cock and start stroking it.  I take my hand and reach between your legs and start massaging your clit.  I can feel how wet you still are.  There is a step stool next to us.  I take one of my legs and pull it closer.  I lift one of your legs onto it.  I start to kiss you lower and lower until I’m at the top of your thighs.  I can see how wet you are with my eyes.  I take my tongue and lick you, you taste sweet.  I take another taste of you and can’t stop.  One of your hands is now on my head.  The other hand has moved to your breasts and you are pinching your nipples. 

They are rock hard.   My tongue is sliding up and down your lips now.  I use my tongue to split your lips and find your clit.  You start to shiver.  I can feel you shaking in my mouth.  You are getting wetter.  I move my fingers back to your lips and slide them in.  You let out a moan.  As I’m licking your clit my fingers slide in and out of you, in and out.  I start slowly at first but then get faster.  You scream “yes, more, more, oh god fuck me!”  You tell me you are about to cum again.  I moan and grunt sending vibrations through your clit sending you over the edge.  You pull my head back, but I tell you “I want you to cum in my mouth.”  You taste so sweet.

  You are cumming in my mouth as I suck on your clit.  I can feel you dripping down my chin.  My fingers are still moving in and out of you.  As you stop pulsing in my mouth you reach down and pull me up to you.  I kiss you all the way up your stomach, past your breasts and nipples.  I lick your neck and kiss your cheek, moving over to your lips.  Your hand has found my cock again.  You begin to stroke it, up and down.  You begin to kiss me on the neck, moving down my chest.  You sit on the stool.  You take my cock to your mouth.   At first you flick the head with your tongue.  Then you take the whole thing in your mouth.  Moving up and down slowly.  You take it out of your mouth.  You start to suck each side as you move down. 

You grab it with your hand and start to stroke it.  As you get to the base you take my balls in your mouth.  I can hear you moaning.  The vibrations are driving me crazy.  Let you my balls fall out of your mouth.  You take me in your mouth again.  You are going up and down slowly and gently, using your teeth so you don’t hurt me.  It’s driving me crazy.  I can feel it coming.  I’m about to cum.  I let out a moan and tell you I’m about to cum.  You tell me you want me to cum in your mouth.  You bring you tits to my cock.  You spit between your tits so that my cock can move between them freely.  You are moving up and down my cock faster and faster.    I can’t stop my self, my knees go week and I start to cum and you bring my cock to your mouth.  You take me in your mouth and we both let out a moan.


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