An Affair to Remember   added 5 years ago    

  By: RodManly

Sue was the best lover I’ve ever had for an extra-marital affair. I’ve come to the conclusion that is you are married, don’t have an “open marriage” and you want some ass on the side, get a lover who’s married also, and wants to stay that way, but also wants some cock on the side.  That way, they have all the holidays and events covered and don’t start bitching about being lonely, etc., etc, like a single lover does.



Sue and I met when we were taking an evening business class at the local junior college.  I was 34, she was 30.  A slim blond, she was married also. 



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We started out with small talk during class breaks and after class.  She found out I had a full size conversion van and wanted to see it. We got into the van and I closed the doors and was showing her all the features. Before we knew it, we were locked in each others ‘ arms. She was pressing her body against mine.

I had her gripped tightly, our tongues searching each others’ mouth hungrily. I rubbed my hands up the backs of her thighs, under her short shorts, and gripping her tight little ass cheeks firmly in each hand.



We were kissing each others’ necks, faces, mouths, - I slipped my hands around under her little ass cheeks and slipped my fingers under her panties and into her pussy. She moaned like she hadn’t been well fucked in I don’t know how long.



I asked her if she was the horny one in her marriage. She said yes. 



We were pulling each others’ clothes She pulled back, caught her breadth, and said she was sure how effective her birth control were just at this time of the month. I said that’s okay, then I laid down on the rear bench seat of the van and had her straddle my face. She lowered her little, slightly trimmed, blond pussy to my hungry mouth. 



Her pussy lips were tiny and slick with her juices already.  She started cumming in just a few seconds, pressing her pussy hard against my mouth, riding my face for all she was worth. She came for about five minutes.



As her orgasm subside, she turned around, sat back on my face but now got into a 69 position and started to give me fantastic blowjob, playing and licking my cock like it was a popsicle stick. As I started to shoot my load quickly into her mouth I grabbed her little ass cheeks once more and pulled her pussy back to my mouth, and suck hard on her clit as my load of cum shot into her mouth and down her throat.




We both had to get home. It was after class and dark.  Fortunately, the class had let out abut an hour early, so neither of us would be “late”.  We set up an afternoon rendezvous at a hotel for the next week.

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