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  By: gray6lover009

I pulled off to the side of the road and I walked over to the driver side window to talk to Mackenzie. I was checking her out and did not mind one bit. I told her we could go up to the cabin on the lake and hang out for a while, so we did. Mackenzie wrapped her arms around my neck and forced

herself on me.


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We kissed like it was the last time we would ever kiss anyone

again. I was rubbing my hands up and down her back. Sliding my hands down placing them on her ass. Mackenzie pushed her ass towards me letting me know what she wanted. We went back to the cabin and laid down on the bed. I had my hands all over her body. She could

feel my bulge getting bigger as I pressed it firmly against her. I straddled

over her and ripped her shirt open exposing her black lace bra. And I began to firmly rub her breasts as I sucked on her neck. I removed one hand and traveled down to her crotch rubbing and rubbing until her jeans were soaked. I began sucking and biting her nipples making her more excited.

I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down exposing her black velvet thong. I began kissing the insides of thighs. She parted her thighs wider, I granted her wish by slowly kissing the outside lips of her wet clit, seperating them with my tongue. I licked up and side ways sending shivers through her body. Mackenzie was about to cream my face as I got up and pulled my pants down and off.

I shoved my monstrous 10 inch rock hard cock right into her face. She jumped on it licking and sucking as I fingered her wet pussy. I was thrusting my cock deep into the back of her throat. I pulled away shoving her down on her, rubbing my cock around her pussy. She started begging me to fuck her. I jammed my cock deep and hard into her, she gasped as my entire shaft slid in. It felt so good being buried in her wetness. I was thrusting deeper and deeper into her.

Mackenzie was shuddering with each thrust coming closer to orgasms. Mackenzie shoved me over and straddled me, and shoved my cock back into her. She began to ride me as I massaged her breasts. I grabbed her hips and began pushing her down on me harder and harder until she climaxed. Her muscles contracting around my cock jacking me off with her pussy.

Mackenzie climbed off me and wrapped her mouth around my glistening cock, sucking until I felt my cum shooting into her mouth. As I finished she licked up all my juices that had escaped and swallowed them licking her lips. After words we got dressed and went down to the lake.

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