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  By: April

This is a fantasy I've been enjoying a lot recently. It goes like this...


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I'm single but involved with a lovely married woman. She and I have been friends for a long time but have become sexual only recently. I'm her first female partner. Our love making is intense and passionate... and as frequent as we can manage discretely. She adores the sex but often feels guilty afterward. Her husband has no idea about us, and while she finds her sex life with him unsatisfying, she is devoted to him.

We try to keep things friendly and fun but our emotions  take over and before long we are very much in love. I tell her how I feel openly. She tries to hide her true feelings from me but I know she feels the same. One afternoon we are resting after a wonderful session of lovemaking when she notices that it's getting late and that she has to return home. I don't want her to leave. I want her for myself. Yet of course I know that isn't possible.

As she is getting dressed I take her into my arms, kiss her, and ask her if she would do something special to show her love for me. I ask her to not have another orgasm until we can be together again. She is worried about her husband. "What if we have sex?" she asks. "Just fake it," I tell her. "He'll never know. Save your real orgasms for me." She is worried about the time. "But we won't be able to get together again for a week." I reassure her that it will be fine. "It will just be that much better when we do get together." She knows how much it would mean to me for her to do this and because she loves me she agrees.

After she leaves I masturbate, excited by her willingness to set aside her orgasms for me. I climax powerfully several times knowing that she will not experience that pleasure for anyone but me.

Over the following day or two I send her teasing text messages telling her how lovely she is and how often I think of her. I tell her about my joyful masturbation after she left. "I wish I could have been there to share it," she replies. When we are finally able to meet for lunch a few days later she is extra flirtatious.

"How are you holding out?" I ask.

"I'm slowly going crazy," she replies. "I think about us all the time and I get so aroused."

I tell her she should touch herself when that happens. "Imagine me touching you," I say, "kissing you... stroking you." I remind her that she can't cum, of course, but that doesn't mean she should deny herself pleasure. "I want you to feel pleasure when you think of us," I say. She asks about me. "This week I've been having your orgasms as well as mine," I reply.

After lunch we do a little window shopping. I want to kiss her there, on the street, with everyone in the world walking by. Of course I don't. When I return to work I find out that I have to go away for several days on business. It's a last minute trip. I feel disappointed. I text my lover with the news. "You will still have to wait," I add. Her reply is quick: "I don't know if I can wait that long."

"You can."

As the days pass her messages to me get more and more desperate. "Please," she pleads in one message. "I would like to cum." I tell her no and then masturbate. "I just had your orgasm for you," I reply afterward. "It was lovely. Thank you."

Later she tells me about being with her husband. "You didn't give him my orgasm, did you?" I asked. "No, April," she replies. "I faked it like you wanted." She is such a good girl. I text her back and tell her to masturbate and fake an orgasm then as well.

My trip finishes and finally I return. One day, then two pass before we can be together. She comes to my apartment as usual and soon we are locked in an embrace. "I've missed you," I say. "I want you," she replies.

Our kisses are passionate yet tender. Our clothes form a trail across my apartment to my bed. There, naked, we enjoy each other. Yet even now I don't rush her. I take my time, teasing her aroused body. I've never seen her so excited, so wet, so open. "I love you," I say. I mean it from the depths of my being. She is so good to me.

Finally I taste her. I lick her lovely wet pussy again and again... slowly, steadily, bringing her gradually to the edge. "Oh April!" she cries out, "please, please make me cum!" I pause and stroke her body. "I might make you wait until next time," I say. "How does that sound?"

Her breath is ragged. Her face is flushed. "I... I will wait." I smile at her. "You will wait?" I ask. She nods. "I want to please you," she says softly.

"You are such a good girl," I say. I run my finger between the lips of her soaking pussy and lightly over her clit. "Such a good girl..." I repeat softly, rubbing her steadily. "So good..." Her eyes glaze over and her hands grip the sheets. "You are so good..." I say again. I feel her body buck against mine. "Yes!" I encourage her. "Do it, my love."

Suddenly she lets out a loud wail of pure ecstasy and cums with amazing intensity. Her eyes roll back and her whole body shudders with pleasure. "UNNNGGGHHH!!!" she moans... and then again... her hands and feet spasm and her torso bucks as the waves of pleasure pass over her. It is so beautiful, and exciting, and sexy.

I stroke her clit lightly as her orgasm plays out. I want to draw it out for her. I want to let her enjoy all the aftershocks. She deserves it. She is so good. Finally I feel her body relax under my touch. She opens her eyes and giggles. "God that was good." We kiss. "I know," I tell her. "I've been having your orgasms for days." We laugh and then roll into each other's arms. It is still early and there is much loving to do.


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krisse7777    (2010-10-04 14:59:04)    Flag as inappropiate
krisse7777 wow, all i can say is wow.. i read this over and over again becuz i can't seem to finish before i keep up the good work.
zz84    (2010-07-07 20:21:32)    Flag as inappropiate

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