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Its only been two months Reggie and Tanae have have some outrageous sex you wouldnt belive. But Reggie wanted to dig a lil bit deeper give her something she never have before something so spontaneous and mind blowing.


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Reggie devised a just a tiny little plan. Reggie flew out to S.C. without Tanae having any knowledge. Tanae friends calls her and say that her man has been running around the town wit some female has pictures and all. Tanae is very upset beyond belief. Tanae gets info that Reggie and his mystery woman is most expensive sweet in town.

Pissed off and not thinking straight Tanae decides to go to the the hotel. She arrives walks to the front counter and tell the clerk she's looking for her huband, she give the clerk the first and last name. The say to Tanae "Ah Tanae we have been waiting for your arrival." Tanae looks with a confused stare the rage has disappear all she think is "what the fuck you mean waiting" with a blank stare. The clerk has informed her she will need assistance do to the face she will have to be blind folded until she gets inside the room. Tanae is nervous but is going wit the flow she goes up stairs walks into the room. Tanae hollers out "Reggie." He's behind the door answer soft sexy deep answer

"Yes Sweetheart" she jumps from being scared she tries to remove the blind fold but he stops her and says "Not yet." Reggie grabs her by the hand walks her towards the bedroom and tells her he has two suprises for her. They make it to the bedroom, Reggie gets behind her and backs away slowly and says "take of the blind fold." Tanae does so and what she sees amazes her. Assorted fruit is everywhere, assorted syrup is everywhere, candles lite and when she turns around with a big smile on her face Reggie is standing there naked with can of whip cream in both hand.

Reggie throws her on the bed and devours he pussy eating assortments strawberrys, grapes, cherries, chocolate, caramel syrup poured all in her pussy wit whip cream topping and lick clean. Tanae cums 3 time and orgasm 3 time. i tell her to get cleaned up. As she walks to the bathroom she ask "whats behind door number two?" Reggie answers "Once you get cleaned up you will see it Suprise #2". Tanae is all all soaped up she calls Reggie in the bathroom. He goes into the bathroom, she steps out sqauts down and starts swallow his dick, deep throating, spitting and while jacking his dick. He tell her to open her mouth and started fucking it fast and slow.

Not so long after he sits her on the bathroom counter fucking her pussy throwing his dick in here ramming it hard, thrusting her as she moan moan creams and shouts for more. turns her around from the back giving to her in the ass slow at first then hard making her ass cum. Reggie Stops and tell her to dry off so she can see suprise #2. After drying off they remain naked. As they stand in front of the she ask what do you have instore for me now. Reggie tell her to be quiet and puts the blind fold back on her. He opens the door and walks in the room and lays her on the bed and tells her not to take the blind fold off until he tells her too.

\Tanae lays on the bed naked patiently waiting until she hear moans and wonders to herself whats going on. She recieves a dick in her hand and my voice telling her to suck it. As she sucks away, she feels her pussy getting rubbed on by a gentle and ruff hand. Tanae sees an audience, 4 cameras hook uped up to 2 different flat screens recordin. Not to mention Others in a all out orgy. Tanae is subbed dued to her partners. She continues suck the random guy while getting head frm another woman.

I step up and she sucks us both goin back and forth while recieving head from a woman. Tanae stops and says she wants us both in her at the same time. Random lays down on the bed ad she sits on top of him. Reggie leans her forward and sticks in her ass.Tanae begins scream she's loving it bouncing back and forth them cumming back to back rapidly, until she orgasm in both holes. We stop, .......................................................Tanae is outta breath, falls to her knees and sucks us both, until we finally cum all over her chest

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