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Sedef was thrilled with the idea going on a date with older man. Sedef knew she was beautiful and was accustomed to the appreciative glances of men. She was tall, long legged, with long stright black hair that nearly reached her small waist. Her facial features were splendid with brown eyes and wide full lips.


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Sedef always thought her best asset was her beautiful body, especially her tits, which stood out straight and curved upwards at the ends, and capped by half inch nipples. Sedef was anxious to go on a date with a rugged older man for other reasons too as she had been without sex for months. Her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation.

Sedef and I hugged each other. I smiled at her, all the while eyeing her georgous face and tits. I wanted so much to reach out and grab one of those beautiful tits and suck them. After lunch Sedef and I headed for my house. Sedef and I sat having some wine.

I told Sedef to go to the bedroom for an afternoon of enjoyment. Sedef 's body shivered as she slowly went to the bedroom. She looked trying to smile as she undressed. She seductively slid on the bed. I quickly undressed and had her get on all fours. Sedef reluctantly moved her beautiful ass up on the bed to where I could freely feel her cunt and ass.
I started massaging her clit and running my middle fingerup her sexy ass crack. Then I roughly worked my finger into her tight cunt and started to finger fuck her as Sedef struggled for control.

I knew she probably had not been fucked in a few months and would respond to my wishes. " Oh baby, " your cunt is sopping wet. I wrapped by arms around her grabbing Sedef 's beautiful tits and roughly massaged them. Sedef screamed from the pain. Sedef turned around facing me on her knees.

I grabbed her by her hair and forced her mouth onto my cock. This will keep you from screaming so loud. One more scream like that I will tape your mouth. Sedef nodded that she did.

I was pushing my entire 14 inch cock down her throat. Sedef 's body was starting to respond despite her efforts to not let that happen, she started to move her ass and suck more strongly on my huge cock in her mouth. I sensed that she was about to cum and I pulled my cock from her mouth.

I told her to turn around exposing her beautiful ass and cunt to me. I moved forward in between her knees and lined up my huge member with her flowering fuckhole. I grabbed her by her rounded hips and pushed my cock all the way in to the hilt with one massive stroke. Sedef again screamed.

I started reaming Sedef 's cunt with my long heavy thrusts. Sedef felt a powerful orgasm starting to build in her stomach and legs. Sedef had not ever been this turned on. She could not stop the tidal wave of pleasure she felt engulfing her body. Sedef's pussy started to pulse and contract around my cock, making it squeeze the invading member tightly.

I was feeling the effects too and started to speed up my effort. Sedef felt the room spin as she had the biggest orgasm of her entire life. She could only mumble MMMMMM-MMMM-OOOOOOHHH-AHHHHH- OH GOD.
Her cunt spasmed again and again around my cock. Sedef managed to cum four more times during the afternoon getting fucked. I sent her to go take a shower. When she came back we left.


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