Older Lover Seducing Young Woman   added 5 years ago    

  By: gray6lover009

Met this young attractive slim asian woman. Coco and I met at a coffee shop by accident. I noticed she had some fashion drawings on the table and commented. she told me she designed night gown lingerie. I expressed an interest in seeing her designs. She invited me to her apartment and offered to model her lingerie for me.


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The Naughty Meter

She model two lacy revealing designs then came out in a black and red lacy very revealing gown. She stood near the bed caressing her pert breasts then caressed her thighs. I quickly undressed walked to in front of her. I kissed her lips moving to her neck and shoulders with feather kisses. My hands slowly and softly fondeling her small breasts and nipples. She was moaning as my caresses continued sliding the gown off her shoulders.

Sliding one hand to her pussy rubbing slowly and my other hand to her small ass. My hard cock standing to attention and aching. She knelt down stroking my rigid cock slowly with her hand and caressing my balls with her other hand. She slowly started sucking my rigid cock and licking my balls as I moaned. I groaned loud as I came filling her mouth with cum.

She laid across the bed as I slowly parted her slim thighs feather kissing the inner thighs. I teasingly licked her clit she moaned and shuddered. I slipped my finger into her wet pussy as my tongue flicked over her clit. She was moaning and wrathing with each finger fuck and tongue flick. She was begging me to fuck her as she pulled at my hair.

I slid up to her shaved wet pussy rubbing my cock against the lips then teasing with short in and out probes of the head. With each probe she moaned thrusting her hips up towards me. Then I quickly slide my cock all the way into her wet pussy. She arched her pelvis up and gasped at the sudden insertion of my cock into her.Thrusting into her like a pile driver long deep thrusts. She wrapped her arms around me digging her finger nails into my back.

She is moaning and wrathing with every thrust. Her moans turn to screams and is wrathing in a frenzy as orgasms sweep over. With 4 long thrusts I stiffen letting out a deep low groan and explode in her filling her with cum. I pull out rolling her onto her stomach. Caressing her small firm ass then begin rubbing my cock aganist her. She moans as my cock rubs aganist her ass then parting the cheeks aganist her asshole.

 I lube my cock and her asshole then tease her with the head of cock. I push then pull away three or four times. She shudders with each probe  . Then pushing the head into her small tight virgin asshole   Then sliding the shaft all the way in she screams OMG.

I start thrusting into her tight small ass short thrusts then longer harder thrusts deeper into her.  Suddenly I stiffen exploding into her ass filling her with cum.


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