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  By: saintstephen

Fantasy #2 - Wife Takes a Lover


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The Naughty Meter

As shared in prior fantasy like to combine mix some real life factoids with my mind, shake vigourously and the result is a hot fantasy.
Travel a great deal for work - almost every week for 3-4 days and know it gets lonely on the road.
Hence being an active member of being Pandorassecrets.....Being on line keeps me out of the bars & trouble....

Well I suspect it's no different for my spouse, who by the way is smokin hot....nice legs, nice tits w/ incredible nipples & well trimmed in all the right places...Our time together on weekends is hot...& we do share fantasies while having sex including pretending to be a lover and not a spouse...

The Fantasy
My fantasy involves encouraging my wife to take an on-line lover with my ok...only requirement is that she share her "chats" with me.

She laughs & says "Ok, I will be sure to do that & you're crazy".....Interesting though that night she seemed particularly turned on as I pretended being her on line lover describing in detail what I would do to her as I was doing it.

Arrive home after a long week on the road....cocktails, 2 martinis that is, nice dinner, nice conversation...catching up, some wine....By the way she is looking hot.....She suggests an early night & up to the bedroom we go.....We take a shower together & she says "wait outside,,,I have something nice to put on"....I love lingerie (another real life factoid) and makeup & pumps...hmmmm

Out  into the bedroom she comes wearing a short silky robe. She removes the robe & is standing before me in a sheer black bra, see through black panties, black thigh highs, pumps & make up impecable...She looked spectacular!! I quickly stood up & moved towards her...

"Wait", she says.
"What makes u think this is for u. I have a date tonight"
"Was lonely earlier this week and as you encouraged me to do went online & met someone"
"We have been teasing all week and tonight I'm going to fuck him"
I begin to protest but it was me after all that encouraged her.
"OK Do you want to play & then come back & tell me", which was what I had originally suggested.
"No", she responds. "We're going to have a threesome" She laughs,
"You are going to actually do what he types & at some point you will type what I say while the vibrator does it magic"

Turns out she met him on Pandorassecrets...while reading fantasies received a message from him....they exchanged email and engaged in some hot chat....( hint hint Pandoarasecrets women)
On comes the computer & Rob is on line....Introductions take place...He types that I am a lucky having such a hot wife.

For my benefit they summarize some of their chats during the week, which have led up to this evening
Turns out she shared some hot secrets, even 1 or 2 that I was not privy to...interesting.
Every woman has her secrets...right ladies?
Must say as I was watching her type in that outfit...she looked great & I was clearly standing at attention.
Strangely turned on about seeing my wife share herself with another after 20+ years of marriage.
Would this result in opening up our relationship, swinging, well only time will tell I thought.

"Yes", she types responding to Rob's question.
"I bought some new lingerie just for you tonight Rob & know you will like"
She then describes in detail her lingerie, how she shaved just like he asked her too and finished by saying "I am really looking forward to fucking you. Having your big cock in my pussy"

Rob starts to type how he woud begin by standing behind her, kissing her neck & cupping her tits...
She signals me to get to work & as i am behind her
He wants to rub her pussy through her panties & she readily spreads her legs & tells him how she is getting very moist.
My hand knows just how she likes it....
She tells him what she would be doing to him & their exchange is getting very explicit & hot with lots of dirty typing going on.

As I am now licking her pussy & cannot see the screen she is reading aloud the contents of their chat.
I can feel her first orgasam building but she is not ready yet ....
She types for him to stop licking her pussy & tells me to take over the computer...She moves to a large chair right nexy to the computer...lies back & spreads her hegs wide and takes her favorite vibrator in hand....

As she starts to talk I type ..."Rob I am ready to have u fuck me now....take your big cock & put it into my very wet pussy....I'm spreading my pussy lips so you can see my entrance......my panties are off.....take my pussy"
Rob is typing furiously and I am reading what he is telling her....very explicit....every other word fuck....with lots of pussy, tits & cunts thrown in for good measure..

Between reading aloud his words, typing her words, trying to watch my smoking hot wife pleasure herself...almost too much multi-tasking.....
She is leaning back, her legs spread wide, her knees up at her chest, her eyes closed & the vibrator clearly working it's magic.
"Oh fuck,,,your cock feels so good,,,,,fuck me hard Rob,,,,fuck me baby"
"Shit I'm going to cum....fuck,,,shit....cum....cunt...pussy.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

The screen has gone surprisingly silent...suspect Rob cannot type one-handed.....My wife basking in the after glow, eyes closed,,,silent
Me looking back & forth between the screen & my wife......waiting....then there it is a short message from Rob.

The Mrs takes back over the computer and they chit chat for a few more moments & agree to talk again during the week.
Computer turned off...take the lovely wife back to bed...as she stands up still has the pumps, bra & thigh highs on....panties as we already know off.

The Romance
Sense the Mrs is conflicted  ....enjoying immensely but not sure what this could mean....
I lie her down in bed tell her she is absolutely beautiful & the hottest wife there is.
No dirty talk but slowly enter her & have sweet sex....
She has another earth shattering orgasam & I cum as though been storing up for months....

We full asleep & I wonder what doors we just opened.....hmmm

Respectfully Submitted this 12th day of June 2010
Saint Stephen
ps - All - Please see my prior fantasy "The 3 Sisters" Would like to reach a 1,000 views. As of June 11th up to 900.....
Comments on my fantasies welcomed...Always help to know what people like etc....

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