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I have this former co-worker that I talk with about things from her relationships to life questions.  One day when talking about this asshole guy we got on the subject of one night stands.  She had one and was telling me about it and how it wasn't really pleasurable for her because someone always has to have feelings for another.  I told her that I had one and it wasn't pleasurable because the girl was a terrible kisser and not really that attractive.  The conversation went on for about an hour or so talking about the kinky things we like in bed.  Admittedly I got really horny and turned on and that night I had a really really erotic fantasy.


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  Ever since then she has made some changes and decisions in her life that I really respect her for and am happy that she came up with a goal for her life.  I kinda stopped the one night stand conversation after that because I didn't want her to think that I'm just another one of those guys that just wants to fuck her before she leaves, but since this is a fantasy website I thought I would share it.  And I do kinda wish it could happen some day but I don't want her to go off with the wrong idea about our friendship.  So I haven't mentioned it and probably won't.  So here it goes.


 I met her at the front door and before she knocks I open it.  I invite her in and she takes her shoes off.  I immediately kiss her and guide her to the wall.  "What are you doing?" she asks.  "I've always wanted to kiss you, so I decided too.  Was it a terrible thing for me to do?"  "I just um ... didn't expect it.  I kinda liked it."  She begins to kiss me again, this time wrapping her arms around my neck.  I begin to hold her close to me.  Without even realizing it I slide my hand down to her amazing round firm ass and squeeze it.  She moans in a shocked but happy way

.  "So can I give you a tour?"  I begin to show her around, leaving my room for last because that's where we will be hanging out.  We enter my room and I show her amazing walk in closet.  She notices the picture she gave me.  "Yeah, I look at it everyday before I leave the house.  Sometimes I mast...ugh it's just nice to see a friendly face everyday."  She smiles up at me with an unmistakable look.  "So your bathroom, your roommates never use it?"  "Nope never why?"  "I was just thinking, I forgot to take a shower today ..."  I smile back at her knowing where she's going with this.  I pull her close to me and say, "well you can't go a day without washing your hair at least."  We make our way don't to the bathroom.  I start the water and begin to take my shirt off.  She stops me.


She  slides her hands underneath my shirt and begins to feel my chest.  She kisses me and unbuckles my belt.  I begin to slide her shirt up to her head, we take each other's shirt and pants off.  I kiss her passionately while I take her bra off.  As I make my way down her body I kiss her and bite her nipples and stomach.  My hands slide off her panties and I place her leg over one shoulder.  I begin to lick her little groomed clit.  She takes a deep breath of approval and starts to rub my shaved head.  I can tell she's starting to get wet and it makes my cock get hard already.  "I hope you have a condom on you,"  I just look up at her and laugh.

  Making my way back up to her lovely lips I gently pull her hair.  I know this gets her going and that's exactly what I want to do.  Her eyes get big and she pushes me against the door.  Falling to her knees she engulfs all 7" of me.  I'm shocked by how she can fit the whole thing in and still be able to lick my balls.  It feels so good and I haven't had any sex in over a year so I warn her, "I'm going to cum already!"  "It's okay I know it's been a while.  Give me every drop."  I explode in her mouth and think about it drenching be back of her throat.  She swallows with great pleasure.  Taking my hand we go into the shower. 


I allow her to wash her hair and then I take the soap and begin to caress her body.  I get a nice lather and begin with her shoulders and arms, I move on to her sexy breasts massaging them and playing with the nipples.  I make my way down and wash her legs and feet.  I wash her ass and begin to soap up her back.  I turn it into a full back massage as she moans from the pleasure.  I press my body right next to hers and reach in front and begin to play with her clit and pussy again.  She is sopping wet and it makes my mouth water.  I play with her breasts with my free hand and stick a few fingers into her tight pussy.  Biting her neck I pull her hair back hard and she moans and starts to freak out.  She grabs the condom and slides it onto my cock.

  I bend her over and begin to fuck her from behind holding onto her hips for leverage.  I love looking at her little pink asshole as I shove every inch as deep as I can get it into her.  I hold on to her hair like I'm a cowboy holding onto the reigns of a bucking bronco.  She is going absolutely wild now.  She pulls herself out and, I suppose caught up in the moment, I begin to choke her and push her against the wall.  She moans louder and with more pleasure then I realized she had.  I pick her up and she wraps her legs around my hips so that my cock has no room to go anywhere.  I slide her up and down on my huge cock.  I take my hand off her throat and begin to smack her ass and scratch her body.  She is in ecstasy riding me hard.  I cum inside her, we clean off and move to my bedroom.


"Remember how you told me you have toys?  Well tie me up I want to be your slave."  Totally shocked I get up and get my toys.  I get a camera ready and she stops me.  "If you're my slave you have no say in it!"  I throw her down naked on my bed and tie her hands behind her back.  I whip her a few times hard on the back and ass, then I flip her over and whip her stomach.  I can tell she loves it.  I begin to choke her until her face turns red.  I let go and let her grab a few breaths of air.  I force her to her knees and begin to choke her with my other rope. 

While her face slowly turns red I stick my dick deep into her mouth.  Deep enough to where she should gag.  I let her go and tell her she's been a very good sport so far and smack her.  "I want you to get on me and ride me," like a good slave she obliges.  Watching her tits bounce up and down and up and down makes me so horny.  I can't fuck her hard or fast enough.  It's just not possible.  Forgetting what I'm doing for a second I untie her.   Before I know it she has the whip and is making my whole body turn red.  I have to admit I love it! 

  It turns me on so much.  Finally I get up and fling her off of me.  I begin to lick her pussy so fast and wet that she wraps her legs around it tight.  I feel like my head is going to pop off as I begin to finger her while I'm licking her clit.  She is moving and convulsing it feels so good.  She quickly starts to orgasm and cum on my fingers.  I bring them to her mouth and force her to taste herself.  She surprisingly likes it.  She jumps up and begins to ride my cock again, but for some reason she rips the condom off.  "I want to feel only you inside me.  Make sure you pull out ... master." 

Her saying master gets me going and I start to jack hammer away at her.  Each thrust is harder and deeper then the last.  She has a look of pain on her face but I won't stop.  I know it feels better then it hurts.  I love feeling my cock exploring her vagina.  She keeps riding me as I try to go harder and deeper each time.  I look at  her, "I'm almost there." "Cum on my face so that I look like a slut!"  That's it I can't take it anymore and I blow the load all over her face.  I make her look into the camera so that I can see it later.  Then I make her eat every drop, which she was willing to do anyway.


Then I wake up.

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