The Long Weekend - Part 1   added 4 years ago    

  By: HardNSensual

Ever since my girlfriend and I established that we were in a sort of informal Master/slave relationship, she had always mentioned her fantasy of wanting to see me dominate another man.  We never had any taboos, but I never got into it so it never went beyond her talking dirty about it.

We had become a little addicted to porn as the years passed by, and we loved to watch and critique what we saw as we fucked.  In the last year we had been watching more 2guys-banging-1girl porn than anything else.  My girl was loyal to me, she practically worshipped me, but we had never had group sex where I wasn't the only guy involved.  The closest we ever came to that was when she finally left her former, nice-guy boyfriend for me and made him watch as I fucked her in all the ways she had never let him do.  She had led him to believe he'd be getting laid that night, and instead made him sit and watch, crying, as she took my cock in her ass, explaining why he was a worthless boyfriend, and how I had opened her up to a world of sex she hadn't even dreamt of.

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The Naughty Meter

And it was true.  Before she fell for me, she was a little inhibited in the way that everyone is when they are ignorant about what "really good" sex is like.

At that point as she left her ex, she had already become completely addicted to me.  Addicted to my cock.

I'm not sure what it was, but the last time we were casually watching a hotter-than-usual MMF porno, her laying no the couch, head in my lap, cock in her mouth, and my hand reaching down to slide a golden vibrator into her pussy... it just clicked for me.  How lovingly she massaged me with her lips and tongue... how much pleasure she had given me especially with the girl bangs she'd arranged.  How turned on these kind of videos made us.  I started thinking about making it happen.  No more fucking while watching it on screen and sharing dirty whispers about "if."  I felt it wash over me as I looked down at my girl, nibbling her way back down my shaft... I REALLY wanted to see that vibe replaced with flesh.  I shot a surprisingly huge load into her mouth and she looked up at me with that guilty little look of pleasure she wore so often and said "Someone definitely likes what they see."  She swallowed what she could and then sat up beside me, pulling my head to hers with both her hands for a deep kiss.

Her mouth was still a little gooey and she started to shiver with delight as I released my grip on the vibrator and used my fingers to massage her pussy lips, and my thumb to work her clit nice and hard.  As she came on my hand, moaning in our kiss I pulled my lips from hers and asked if she was happy.  She curled up against me, her head on my shoulder and whimpered how everything was perfect... feeling wave after wave of her orgasm run through her body.

I decided it would be a surprise.


A month later, we had both scored a long weekend away from our respective jobs, and we planned to have a long hard fuck session that would last all day and all night, all weekend... or so she thought.

Waking up late on that first day (Saturday) around midday, we were talking about what toys and activities we would "explore" in our marathon of fucking when I ordered her to be silent.  She had a mischievous smile on her face, like she knew all the conversation up to that point was bullshit.  She knew I had decided exactly what we would do and it sent an electric shiver down her spine.  I gently drew a blindfold over her eyes and tied it firmly.  I could feel her lean back into my body, hoping... needing me to kiss her, caress her.

I did not.  I undressed her with a slow, light touch, making sure to avoid making actual skin-on-skin contact as much as possible.

After removing the last of what little she had been wearing and letting her stand there, feeling the cool air on her naked body, she stifled a whimper.  And that whimper became an excited wordless breath of air as she felt me fix a leather collar to her, and then the CLICK of a leash clasp as I attached it to her.

She immediately fell to her knees.  She loved being kept on a leash, and if she had had a tail, she'd be wagging it.  I could see her ass wiggling from side to side, knowing she was already getting very wet.

I caressed her face with a firm hand and then picked up the slack on the leash and walked.  Tugged forward she quickly fell to her hands and crawled after me as I led her to our bedroom.  I had her kneel upright at the foot of the bed, tied her leash to the bed post and abruptly left the room.

I'm sure it felt like hours for her, but after a couple of minutes she heard me open the bedroom door again and return to her side.  She pressed her face against my thigh and sighed.  Her heat was definitely rising now.  I reached down and unclasped the leash and stepped back.

"What do you want today slave girl?"  I asked.

"Your cock Master, I want your cock today, I want it EVERY DAY!"

I tilted her head up and gently kissed her lips, then stepped back to have one of the silent men I had led into the room press his semi-erect cock against her lips.

She hesitated for a moment, in case there were instructions coming, and then lunged down on the entire length like it was the last cock she would ever suck.  If there was a goddess of cock sucking, she would have been it, and you could see the sheer joy on the man's face as she worked him.  No hands, just her face moving back and forth into his crotch.  Lips and tongue at work.  Naturally, he stiffened up right away.

As she pulled back off his cock for a lungful of air I saw a smile sneak across her lips.  She knew my cock, and she knew that even though what she had just been sucking would look the same size as mine, she KNEW it wasn't.  My cock was in my hand. Fully erect and eager to make itself known.

I quietly stepped closer and slapped it against her blindfold, hearing her moan, as if the feeling of the slap confirmed any doubts that lingered in her mind.

I stepped back and motioned another of the men in the room to start rubbing his hard-on against her bobbing face.  I got down on my knees behind her, my stiffness pressing against her ass crack and my arms wrapping around her, hands running over her.  This time she was shocked with surprise.

"Today, my baby becomes a true gangbang cockslut."  I whispered into her ear.

I moved my right hand down to her heat and found she was already gushing cum.  Her hands were squeezing her full breasts, tweaking her nipples as the cocks at her face took turns at her mouth.  I don't think she noticed the cold wetness of lube on my finger as my left hand began fingering her arse hole.  She just knew she was going to be fucked like a gangbang whore!

I let her suck long and hard, and she didn't realise that there were four men taking turns on her mouth, not two.  I'm sure she could have stayed on her knees all day, but I felt it was time the real fucking began.

As I lifted her up from behind, away from her feast, she instinctively turned to kiss me.  Her desperate mouth searching for my lips.  Her lips and chin were wet with all the saliva she had been drooling.  She really was a cock hungry slut.  I let her lips briefly make contact with mine before I threw her down onto the bed.

She was chanting "Thank you baby, thank you Master!" over and over as I reached down and unbuckled her collar.  I gave her a light choke as I pulled the leather tighter to unclasp the buckle hook... she never stopped her chant... and it came free, exposing her beautiful, kissable neck.

I commanded her to not move as I moved between her legs.  I lubed up and entered her already soaked pussy.  After a few thrusts I did the same for her anus, but with a little more ease, and a lot more lube.  When she could take a few thrusts without wincing I thrust all the way into her and leaned forward, presenting my lips to her.

She desperately wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself up into an incredibly deep kiss.

I pulled out of her and pushed her back down onto the bed, commanding two of the men to set her up for her double penetration.  She was blindly commenting as I gave my orders, saying "fuck yeah".  I instructed them to have her cowgirled, ass up, for the DP.  I almost laughed when she straddled one cock with that eagerness I had seen so often in her, and then she was held tight as the other guy entered her from behind.

As they gently began to thrust into her, teasing her with their slowness I described to her how she looked.  How hot she looked with more than one cock jerking off over her face.

Confused, she tried to ask "What do you mean?" but her voiced choked on the "Wh..." as she realised I might not be talking about a moment ago, when she was still on her knees.  I signalled for the man behind her to remove her blindfold, revealing three stiff members, held in firm stroking hands, just out of reach from her lips.  I thought for a moment, should I make her beg?  But she did so anyway.

I moved my hips forward and she tried to inhale my meat.  I had the men either side of me slap their cocks against her face at the same time.  She could feel two cocks bouncing and rubbing against her already full mouth, and I could tell she particularly loved the feeling of the really big cock resting across her face with length to spare.

Feeling the two inside her thrust harder now, and held by arms reaching around to squeeze her tits, another pair of hands keeping her ass cheeks well spread apart and firmly held, she moved her own hands up to stroke whichever two pricks she wasn't sucking on at any given time.

Though she wasn't really sucking us off, it was more like a wholesale face fuck as she desperately moved from one cock to the next.  Each of us occasionally reaching down to caress her head and hold her down until she choked.  Seeing her lunge back for air, thick streams of her cocksucker drool connecting her tongue and lips to each of us.

The sight of her being gangbanged was amazing so I motioned for the three of us to step back, away from her hungry lips and watch a little.  Jerking off.  Her eyes were fixed on us, watching our hands pump. Until she couldn't take anymore.  She was chanting again, "Fuck me".  She looked up into my eyes trying to show me she wanted to suck on us again.  And with the three of us out of the way, the two inside her were thrusting much harder now.

I didn't move, I just let her watch... but her eyes were fixed on me now and she smiled like an animal that knows its Master is going to feed her hunger, one way or the either.

As I stood there jerking off, watching her take a hard DP fucking... up until that moment I had still been uncertain as to whether I'd follow through on all of her fantasy.  I'd made sure it was a possibility in choosing the guys I chose, but I had still considered it a "maybe."

She was oblivious, and was getting more of a surprise today than she had ever expected, so I couldn't help but laugh when the look of absolute delight burst over her face as she watched me grab the guys either side of me by the scruff and pull them down to their knees where they could lean forward and fight over who's lips would suck my cock.

She watched them lick and suck, and could see how turned on they were, jerking off their own cocks as they struggled to service mine.  Joy and awe filled her face and her mouth hung open, drool dripping from her lips.  Almost as though the DP she was riding didn't matter.

I smiled, grabbing one of the men by a fistful of hair and started fucking his face down onto my cock, harder than we had been doing to her a moment ago.

My girl released this guttural groan that I knew always came before her hardest, most powerful orgasms.

Struggling to keep her eyes open, she was watching as one of the men anxiously sucked my balls deep into his mouth while the other blew me as hard as he could.  Both of them trying to finger fuck my arse hole at the same time.... and she knew they were succeeding.

I let her watch as they worshipped my dick for just a little longer and then pushed them away from my crotch like worthless fuck toys.  I stepped forward and got onto the bed, dipping my cock into the mouth of the man laying beneath her.  She was pushed back into a proper cowgirl position so she could see my shaft between his lips, and my head bobbing ever so lightly against the skin of his throat as I dipped my length down in his throat.

Now I grabbed her by a fistful of hair and tilted her head up for a kiss.  Pushing back as much as possible into her DP gyrations now, and giving herself into my kiss she was surprised to feel two cocks slapping against her forehead.

She opened her eyes in shock as I pulled back just a little.

"Show me what a cockslut you are for me baby.  Suck these cocks for me slave!"

And she lunged forward to kiss me just as she reached up to pull those two cocks into her mouth.  She was desperate to follow my orders.  I may have tasted some of the precum in her kiss before, but now I could smell it as she alternated between them, inches from my face.  Looking into my eyes she was lost in her lust, knowing that I was throat fucking the man beneath her and controlling all of the men around her, making her fantasy come true.  Knowing that trying to fit two juicy cocks between her lips turned me on just as much as it was turning her on.

At one point she pulled back a little, alternating between sucking cocks and lunging at me for a quick, lusty tongue fuck.  Giving me a taste of freshly sucked dick on her lips each time.  The last time she pulled back to catch her breath, she looked down to see my member had slipped out of that lower sucking mouth and was rubbing back and forth over his face... his mouth as eager to recapture my shaft as she had always been to taste it.

In that moment she seemed captivated.

I tried to break the spell by shifting my position, leaning back away from her, so that my arse hole was over his face and I could begin fucking my ass down onto his extended tongue.  On my command the two cocks in her hands disappeared and these two men got down to suck my raging hard-on as it pointed up at her.

If anything it made her even more spellbound.  Now they were sucking her Master's cock within her reach.  She could see every twitch as I held them down to choke on me.  Hear how they whimpered, like her, when I told them how to work my cock.  Telling them that they belonged down there, as my cocksuckers!

My slavegirl was whimpering again as another of her more powerful orgasms flowed through her, strengthened by the steady and non-stop DP she was taking.

I slapped her dazed face and she looked at me.

"I thought you were supposed to be the cockslut, not them!?!"

And with that she dove down onto my cock.  Not willing to share, she took all of my flesh for herself.  Reaching out to grab hold of their balls and squeezed, making it clear that this was her territory, then grabbing their shafts for the tightest fist pumping of their lives.  And she fucked like a wild animal.  All her holes filled, her hands on cock.  Everything she had fantasised about and hoped for from a cockbang was nothing compared to what she was feeling now.

As I was getting ready to cum myself, I grabbed my girl by the back of her head and pulled her back up into the proper cowgirl position, and told all the guys that they were now free to unleash their loads.

The two DP'ing her came instantly.  The other two that had been in her painful grip stood next to me, jerking off, as I waved my cock in front of her face.  I grabbed hold of the two of them and drew them in closer, commanding them to fuck their cocks against mine.  Both my hands trying to stroke three dicks, wedged together.

"Cum on your cockslut's face Master!"  My girl cried out, and I felt the two men swell and pulsate against my shaft and in my hands.  The look of lust in my slave's eyes, and the feeling of flesh in my hands made me cum with them, and we shot strings of hot, thick cum all over her face, and into her opened mouth.

As my girl licked the last of their cocks clean I signalled for them to leave, and lay down on the bed next to my exhausted girl, running my hands over her well fucked body.

Running my fingers down to where hot cum still oozed out of her.  I dipped my fingers into her sloppy pussy and brought them up to feed to her, which she licked clean.

I kneaded her full breasts and bent down to suckle on her nipples, kissing her all over, finding drops of cum across her chest.  She grabbed my head and pulled me up for a kiss.  Her mouth was so coated in cum that it felt like a full load was still on her tongue.

She wanted me to taste how much of a slut she was.  How much of a slut I had made her into.  Telling me how much she loved serving me, between kisses.  How much she loved belonging to me.  How much she loved me.

She moved her body onto me, rubbing her tits into my chest.  Moving forward to rub them against my face.  Then we rolled over with her pinned to the bed beneath me.  I kissed her deeply and then licked my way down her body, down to her hot creampie.

I gave her pussy a good hard suck, and tongued at her cum filled arse hole, then moved back up for a kiss.

We rolled over onto my back, her on top of me, clinging to me.  Her tongue dancing with mine in our gooey kiss.

And we still had the night ahead of us...

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