50th Birthday Cruise   added 5 years ago    

  By: RodManly

My wife, Neilyn, and I just returned from a cruise celebrating our 50th and 51st birthdays, respectively.

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            We had a great time.  Even though we’ve been married over 25 years, we turn each other on as much or more as always.  We can get a little kinky. Even recently we’ve started using adult toys such as dildos, and Neilyn surprised both herself and me in her enjoyment of this toys and associated fantasies.


One of the little fantasies involving dildos is that I penetrate her with the 8 inch. long, inch and a half thick, dildo while performing oral sex on her.  I told her I thought she would like that because I remembered from years before one of her fantasies was to sit on top of my cock while we sat on the couch and someone would perform oral sex on her.  Neilyn replied, “ It still is…”


            On the cruise we were enjoying all the shipboard amenities, especially the spa area with steam baths, saunas and pools during the day. Having drinks, dancing and partying in the evenings.


 In the past, there were sometimes when Neilyn would get really horny and just want to fuck no matter where we were.  That hadn’t happened in a long time, but it happened on this cruise. 


It was the evening of a wonderful day on the beach.  We’ve been having quite a few drinks, dancing, and enjoying flirting with each other fairly heavily on the dance floor.  There were two young couples iin their young 20’s hanging out in the dance club also that we got to know.  The two couples were a group.  I wasn’t really sure who was actually with whom, since they kept changing dance partners and were grinding hard against each other regardless of which guy was with which girl.  The two guys were very well built and the two girls were hot. 


We got to know them and would sit with them.  They were quite nice to us even though we could have been their parents.  We’d all had quite a few drinks.  Eventually one of the guys asked Neilyn out to the dance floor.  I figured he was just being nice.  When he got Neilyn n the dance floor, though, he started dancing with her like he’d been with the two young ladies, standing behind her grinding his crotch into her ass, which is still quite a nice ass even at 50.


That surprised me a little, but not as much as Neilyn bending forward slightly and grinding her ass right back against his crotch!


I was surprised, but also found it quite exciting that the young stud was practically dry humping my wife on the dance floor, and my wife was enjoying it. 


The other guy and two girls looked at me, I just laughed and shrugged my shoulders.  The guy got up and went out on the dance floor to join in the dance, practically turning it into a three way dry hump as they danced around her, taking turned pressing their crotches against her gyrating ass.   I could also tell they were both getting hard-ons.  The two girls looked at me and said, “come on.”


They led me out on the dance floor and before I knew it I was dancing with these two hot, young chicks, dry humping each of them in turn on the dance floor like Neilyn was getting it from the two guys.  I looked at Neilyn and she just laughed.


Eventually, the song ended and we all returned to the table, which was a good thing because I’d been close to shooting my load into my pants a couple of times and didn’t know how much longer I could have held out rubbing my hard-on against two sweet young asses. 


Neilyn and I both said to the foursome, laughing, “Well, we’ve never danced like that before!”


The foursome left to go to a big party up on deck. I looked at Neilyn and said, “Hmm, you really seemed to enjoy that.”


To which she replied, jokingly, “I didn’t see you complaining either!”


I asked her how she liked dancing with the two guys and turning them on.  She said it was fun, especially once she started feeling that they were pressing their hard-ons against her ass.  Then she surprised me even more and said, “I was hoping to make them cum in their pants.”


            We headed up on deck.  Since there was a big party aft, we stayed forward and up a deck where we could both see and hear the festivities, but we were alone.  Then she did something she hadn’t done in a long time.  We were behind a waist high wall and rail over looking the deck party. She told me to sit in the deck chair, then she straddled me and sat done with her dress covering me. She reach under her dress between her legs, unbuckled my belt, pulled my zipper down and pulled out my throbbing cock that had been about to explode since the dance floor.  Neilyn said, “It seems you’ve been enjoying yourself too.”


            She pulled her panties aside, place the head of my cock against her pussy lips, and lowered herself onto my cock.  I hadn’t seen her in a mood to fuck no matter what or where we were in quite a long time.


            Neilyn took my hand and placed it on her pussy so I could rub her clit and lips.  She held onto the arms of the chair to lift herself up and down on my cock. 


            We were so horny that  we both were cumming hard in just a few seconds. I could feel her pussy being drenched our mixed juices. 


            We slowed downing after that hard fast fuck, but to my pleasant surprise, Neilyn did not seem to be ready to stop.


            She stayed sitting on my now soft cock while I gently and carefully massaged her pussy.  If I do it too aggressively after she’s had an orgasm it gets too intense on her clit and she makes me stop.


Neilyn stayed sitting on  me, gently swaying with her head tilted back and a conent smile on her lips while I continued to run my fingers through her very wet and slick opening, playing gently with her outer and inner lips, dipping my fingers into her cum filled pussy. 


She reach down and started doing the same to my spent cock, tugging on it and rubbing my still throbbing balls.  In a few minutes I could feel that she was getting my cock hard enough to slip back into her. which is what she did.  Nothing feels as good as feeling your cock continue to grow and get hard inside a pussy.

Neilyn started to gyrate her hips again as she felt me get harder, while I continued to rub her fabulously slick pussy.  I could feel her clit actually swelling up under my finger tips. Neilyn’s head was tossed back and I could see that her eyes were closed. 


Neilyn than did something that surprised me even more. She reach down, grabbed me by the base of my shaft and my balls, leaned forward and pulled me up behind her so she could now lean over the low wall and rail and see the party crowd below while still having my cock in her.


She was now bent over the rail about one deck above the crowd.  Anyone looking up would only see her from the waist up and not have a clue.


I looked around and didn’t see anyone so I figured, what the hell, I lifted her dress up above here waist so her bare ass was exposed in the moonlight. I knew she was in one of those horny moods at this point that she didn’t much care who might stumble upon us, she was in a total “just want to fuck” animalistic sort of mood like a bitch in heat.


I could tell she was also have one long orgasm or multiples “little” orgasms the way her ass was twitching and grinding with every stroke. The cum from our first fuck, and additional juice from her were running down her legs.


Since this was our second fuck, the edge was off and I felt like I could fuck her all night.


I looked around and realized that the two young couples from the dance club had also happened upon us and were watching.  I was at first a little concerned, but in a way didn’t care.  I looked back down on Neilyn’s ass as she was bent over the rail with her eyes closed, and I started stroking my cock into her harder and she started twitching and pushing pack with her ass I could tell her orgasm was increasing.


I realized I was getting close to shooting my load for the second time.  I also knew that she would likely enjoy even longer stroking after her own orgasm. I looked back over to the two young couples.  Each girl was rubbing one of the guys’ crotches.


Without saying anything, I signaled with a head nod to come closer, but not to say anything.  One girl took her boyfriend’s cock out, which was nearly hard, and dripping with pre-cum.  The girl licked the drip off and used her mouth to finish getting him hard.


I was starting to shoot my second load into Neilyn.  She was enjoying herself and still had her eyes closed, pushing her ass back against me as I cummed, trying to keep my cock in her as long as she could.


As my spent cock softened, it eventually popped out of her pussy as her pussy pulsed and squeezed on my cock.  The young stud had come up beside me with his cock in his hand.  I told Neilyn, “Just a moment.” As if I was re-positioning my self to re-enter her.


I took one hand off of her as if to do that, moved enough to the side so the young stub could position himself behind her.  Now my cock was what I always considered an average six inch cock, about an inch and a quarter thick.  This young stub had about an eight inch cock that looked about two inches thing.


Neilyn ass was still quivering and moving in a stroking movement waiting for me to re-enter her. Instead, the young stud pressed the larger head of his cock against her very wet and dripping opening, then suddenly he was pressing his large cock all the way into her pussy with one firm, smooth long stroke to the hilt.


Neilyn started twitching and grinding her ass like never before. That larger cock must have been hitting every sensitive spot in her pussy I just couldn’t reach, like when I would use a dildo on her.


I stepped back and watched the young stud drill my wife of over 25 years, getting a birthday present she never expected. 


Her eyes were still closed.  She was moaning and said, “You must have brought a toy.”


Now standing slight aside of her, I said not exactly, to which she suddenly opened her eyes and realized who was fucking her to her next orgasm. I could tell she tensed slightly, stopped stroking back against the guys cock, and was very surprised, but I my hand through her hair, and said, “It’s like a birthday present.”


She looked at me for a moment, than closed her eyes and started to respond once more to the guy’s strokes.

She opened her eyes, and said, “Since we’re doing this, there’s someing more I want.”

With the young stud behind and still penetrating her, she had the two of them sit back on the deck chair.  She laid back against the young stud, lifted her dress up so I could see his cock stroking her extremely wet pussy now full of two of my loads and her own juices from all the fucking.


She laid here head back against him, closed her eyes, and said, “I want you to lick my pussy while he fucks me.”


Now, this had been a fantasy with us using dildos before, but actually eating her pussy while anther guy fucked her I wasn’t sure about.  She said, “What are you waiting for?” in her hot horny voice. 


So I positioned myself and started carefully licking around her pussy lips and clit, try not to lick the guy’s cock.


The guy was thrusting hard into her from behind.  My licking her pussy was making my wife reach an intense orgasm “quickly” after all the fucking she already had this evening.  Neilyn grabbed my head and me tight against her pussy so I had no choice but to feel his shaft also pressing against my chin and lips while I sucked firmly on her clit. 


One of the girls must have felt bad for me because I suddenly felt my cock being sucked on.  I was able to look down and saw one of the girls sucking on my cock like a calf on its mama's teat.

I surprised myself and got a third hardon for the night, something that hadn’t happened in quite sometime.


With my own cock being sucked, I just closed my eyes and no longer cared whether that I was licking my wife’s pussy while another guy fucked her, as I could feel his shaft sliding in and out and his balls hitting my chin with each of his strokes into Neilyn’s pussy.


I could tell Neilyn was cumming once more and wouldn't be able to take much more and would want to stop soon.  I didn’t know how much longer the young stud was going to go.  I figured I would give Neilyn a big “finale”.  She likes to feel cum shooting inside of her.  So, placing my lips so I had both suction on her clit and on his shaft, I reach up and grabbed the guys balls and squeezed. I heard him groan and he pumped harder and faster. 


Neilyn by now was moaning very loudly.  Fortunately, the music from the party down below was quite loud.  The young stud started to shoot a very large load of cum deep into her pussy.  She pushed my head away, arched her back up to get the full penetration of his eight incher and started slamming her ass up and down his shaft.


The young stud must have been shooting his load for about five minutes.  I didn’t care because his young girlfriend was also making me cum in her mouth – Neilyn hadn’t given me a blow job in years and it felt fantastic, even more so while what Neilyn get her ass fucked off by a young stud.


Eventually they slowed, she collapsed back against him while he continued to gently stroke her as he softened and shrunk slightly. Than she stopped moving and just laid back against him in exhausted bliss. Her legs spread wide, his cock still in her very wet pussy, the mixed cum just glistening and running out of her pussy, down his softening shaft and balls.


After about five minutes, she opened her eyes and held her hands up to me to help her up. I took her by the hands, lifted her up. I could actually hear his cock come out of her pussy with kind of a sucking and popping sound.  She twitched s

lightly as that happened.  Her dress naturally draped back down to cover over her cum covered, glistening thighs.


She bought her face to mine, in her eyes was a very happy contented look, gave me a kiss, and said, “Thank you.”


We left the two couples there without a word, went down to the party.  We couldn’t dance any more because her legs were too shaky.


When she could walk more, we went back to our stateroom where we collapsed on our bed.  As she fell asleep, I rubbed my hands over her body, still feeling her pussy wetter then I ever felt it before.  I took a washcloth and gently wiped the drying cum off of her thighs.


In the morning as we woke, I gently nibbled over her body, finishing with licking and sucking her pussy, still full of cum from the night before.  As she began to cum, I slipped my own cock back into her, feeling my cock slip into her pussy still warm with last night’s juices, mixing my own cum once more with the rest.  She held me tight and quivered as we came together.  And so ended our 50th birthday cruise.

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Jaccal    (2010-05-28 07:12:30)    Flag as inappropiate
Jaccal What a stunning, sexy and very real story. Well done!

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