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  By: saintstephen

3 Sisters - The Girlfriend aka "The Flight Attendant", The Younger Sister aka "The Little Vixen" & The Older Sister aka "The Bitch"
This fantasy is based on truth and my own wandering mind, which I find make the best fantasies.
Dated a girl in college that was one of three sisters. She ultimately became a flight attendant.
She had 2 sisters - the little vixen that was 18 and about to start college & the bitch older sister 3 years my senior.
Prologue - Spring of my senior year in college, the flight attendant went home to pick out dress for the older sister's upcoming wedding in August. The bitch older sister tells the flight attendant that I will not amount to much and she should think about her future. The flight attendant shares her sister's concerns upon return from the weekend. I laugh and say..."you don't know me then" and by the way have no intentions of getting married for a number of years At that point I knew the relastionship was doomed and time to have fun for the next number of months leading up to graduation...
After the discussion with the flight attendant decided to push the envelope with her...talking dirty while having in public places....watching her masturbate..and the most surprising part turns out she was a bit submissive and liked to be spanked..I ask you..Who was I to argue?
The Summer (A 6 Weeks Before the Wedding) - At the flight attendant's house..the little vixen looks more inviting than ever & the bitch is still smokin hot. A body to die for. You know the beautiful rich girl type that knows it
The Vixen - One morning the girlfriend was working her summer job, the bitch was out shopping...a full day event, which left the Vixen alone with me..bad move...Swimming in their & frolick...touching..grabbing her leg as she tried to swim by me & eventually turned into groping. Got her in the corner of the pool and brought her hand to my very hard cock ...told her she was "fucking hot". Left the pool to shower in the basement room where I stayed when visiting & invited her to join me.
Upon leaving the basement shower there was the little vixen in a t-shirt, clearly no bra & a pair of shorts. Did not miss a beat dropped the towel, lifter her t-shirt and went to work on her tits, kissing her neck, her nipples and laying her down on the sofa bed. "I can't have sex with you", she said "it's not right but I really want to".  My reply "Let me pleasure you. I bet your boyfriend doesn't do what I will". With that the shorts were off, her legs spread wide and licking and gently rubbing her clit. The vixen never had that done to her, and like her sister the flight attendant loved her pussy licked. Must have been in the genes.
Well about 10' later she locked her legs around my head, pushed her pussy into my face and came like there was no tomorrow. Job Well Done. I kissed her having her taste her own juices, swore her to secrecy and promised more to come.
"The Flight Attendant" - Arrived home from her summer job a couple of hours later & we went down to the basement as our usual practice. Told her take a shower & proceeded to lick her pussy to orgasam. Then fucked her while whispering dirty nothings into her ear & thinking of the little vixen.
All True - had both the sister within hours!! Now for the fantasy Part.
"The Bitch"  The day after the 2 sisters event. the vixen and I hanging out at the pool with the older sister. The bitch seemed nervous but I could not take my eyes off her bodacious tits, long legs and fabulous ass in her rather skimpy bikini. She was teasing me. She knew it and I knew it.
Followed her inside the house for a drink & the phone rang......"I got it she yelled" and literally grabbed the phone out of my hands..."I'll take it upstairs" she said handing  over the receiver like I was her hired help... She ran upstairs and picked up the phone in her room and told me to hang up. I did push the receiver down but lifted it back up and listened in totally prepared to hear her & fiance discussing mundane wedding details...Not so fast my friends!!!
Well it was not the fiance but rather the best man & they were not talking about wedding details. The bitch even more than the flight attendant was a submissive and the best man was clearly her dom. He had her talking dirty, recounting the nasty details of their numerous rendezvous over the prior few months & promising to fuck him at the wedding. My first phone sex experience and I wasn't even involved...I just won the lottery!!
After 30' the sister walks by me and says "you look like cat that just swallowed the canary".....My reply..."no, like the smile on your fiances best man's face after  you swallow his cum"....Oh yes the tide has turned and the look on her face...well priceless.
"Tomorrow morning 10 am get a room at the Marriott and wear that lovely short blue skirt with that white silky blouse you seem to like so much...pearls would be nice and of course sexy lingerie and lovely make up..Be there on time or I call your rich husband to be and share all the details that he will know I am telling the truth". I turned and walked out the door..with 2 beers - one for me and one for the vixen...
The Hotel:
Cocktail Hour
Showed up at 12 noon with a bottle of champagne keeping "the bitch" waiting for 2 hours. Ohhh was she pissed off and did I love it.
"ok you perve, let's get this over with" she hissed as I entered the room.  "What's the rush. Let's have a drink of champagne. In fact let's drink the whole bottle"  I replied. The older sister was an easy drunk, which I had previously noticed. 
After pouring our second glass...invited the sister to sit down on the edge of the bed while I was in the desk chair across from the bed. "No thanks" she replied " I prefer to stand"...."No ..I inisist you sit or I leave now & make a call.  If I make the call don't think you will be having the big fancy wedding next month that you want so much"
As she sits on the edge of the bed her skirt moves up her thighs. She stands to pull it down.."No" I chastise her "I like looking at the skirt ride high up your fucking legs. And from the phone call I heard you like to be told what to do & talked dirty to.  Well my dear this is your lucky day."
For the next few minutes we sit in silence as I sip my champagne. My eyes stare at her eyes, drop down to her tits. the legs & back up again. She knows exactly what I am thinking. She is both angered and flustered. As there is enough in the bottle for a bit more champagne for each of us, I instruct her to top each of our glasses. She tops my glass off & then hers. She turns to walk back to the bed & I say "not so fast. Why don't you stand in front of me while we sip our champagne.  
 She is rigid standing in front of me I reach out and touch her smooth legs.  "Very nice..cleanly shaven...well done. Why don't you part your legs a bit for me my little pussy". Slowly, reluctantly she separates her feet and by the way she is wearing lovely pumps, along with the short blue pencil skirt the white silky blouse with pearls. I start rubbing her legs roughly,no romance here,  behind her knees, between her legs and slowly start heading up between her legs and under her skirt. I lean forward tell her not to move, my face almost even with her womanhood & reach behind her & enjoy feeling her lovely, beautiful ass.
"Even nicer than I thought. You don't mind if I open up your blouse do you. After all, would not do anything without your permission. May I?"
"Yes what"
"You can open up my blouse"
"No, give me permission to open your blouse and feel your fucking tits"
She complied and she was shaking a bit. Hmmmm..
One by one unbutton her blouse telling her that she was going to be a good slut for me today & suspect that she would enjoy herself in the process. The blouse is open & she is wearing a very sheer white bra that shows her rigid nipples. She is instructed to lift her skirt up above her waist & stand there for my inspection.  I stand up remove my clothing and feel her tits, telling her all the time how lovely they are & take off the skirt & blouse
Picture the hottest woman you ever saw, standing in front of you in sheer matching panties and bra and pumps..Waiting for what's next.
The Main Course
For the next few moments I feel her tits, tell her to stand still & put my hand between her legs..Oh my she is very wet! Get behind her & my hard cock is pressing into her sheer panties. She is instructed to lift her hands over her head & she does. Without warning I slap a handcuff on one hand & move her quickly onto the bed & handcuffed to the head post. The second set of handcuffs for the hand to the other bed post. 
"Lovely bra but needs to come off", I say. Unfortunately no easy access with hands handcuffed over her head. A scissor cuts the bra between the cups and are slowely folded back to reveal the most amazing set of breasts and nipples ever granted to one woman. I lick, touch, pinch, them. Kiss her and low and behold she is clearly responding. Our tongues are doing the samba together, my hands are rubbing her all over her torse and between her legs. Have to put my cock between her tits and I do. Rubbing my pre-cum on her face
 "Want me to fuck you", I ask
"Please fuck my pussy hard", she responds
"Not yet, my dear"
I pull her panties down, push her legs apart and have a lovely meal, taking time to tell her exactly what was going to happern Have her tell me in the most graphic of terms what I am doing. She is as wet as the ocean and Yes baseball fans, she cums over & over. 
Out comes the camera and get a lovely shots of her pussy, her tits, her face in the most compromising of positions
 "Now these pictures are just insurance" I promise her. As long as she makes herself available when I like never have to worry about her husband to be finding out her secret.
"By the way", I tell her "sex with another man at your wedding is very tacky" patting  her very wet pussy.
.I wil leave the rest to your own imagination as what we did the remainder of the day.
When we were done had her walk through the hotel lobby in the silky blouse with no bra, which as you recall has been cut away and now tucked away in my pocket.
Thought it only fair to share those lovely tits bouncing up and down as we walked. What a heavenly vision for both men and women to see.
Did enjoy the bride to be one more time prior to the wedding and she was even hotter the second time around. We did eveything your minds can imagine. Like to hear from some of the women out there what would have our second get together involved.
Over the course of the summer continued to enjoy the flight attendant and 3 weeks before the wedding told her I was moving to SanFrancisco to begin my business career and needed to leave immediately. She was very upset. I departed within the week and as you know she became a flight attendant. Given the circumstances of my departure we did not remain friends.
The Little Vixen did visit me a number of times during her college career and I would meet her in NYC when back on the east coast. Needless to say there was no hesitation to having sex with me after I broke up with her sister and boy did we have sex..Great Fun!!
Eventually she met someone and got married. No I was not invited to the wedding.
So my friends hope you enjoyed my first "submission" so to speak. Will periodically share my fantasies. Now that I think back the mother of the 3 sisters was hot..hmmm
Encourage women to make contact with me if there is a way to do so at pandorassecrets---a great site
Respectfully submitted,
Saint Stephen


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unknown    (2010-08-10 12:36:50)    Flag as inappropiate
Very nice story indeed. I liked the story with the last sister best. I am rather moist at the moment. Great job.
saintstephen    (2010-06-20 10:49:00)    Flag as inappropiate
Thank you all for the first 1,000 views......

Saint Stephen
saintstephen    (2010-06-06 21:33:22)    Flag as inappropiate
Thank you Shy...Working on another....likely the week of June 7...Stayed Connected
saintstephen    (2010-06-06 21:33:04)    Flag as inappropiate
Thank you Shy...Working on another....likely the week of June 7...Stayed Connected
shybutwannatry1    (2010-05-27 13:44:23)    Flag as inappropiate
I love your story! Very hot can't wait to read more! Wow I am still getting hot thinking about the fantasy! Very provocative!

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