Muddy times.   added 5 years ago    

  By: mmmtasteyapples

When i was young all i ever had sex with was women.  After i had dick i didnt want a women i enjoyed the feel of a hard cock in me...  I started dating my babe almost 2 years ago, he was the first guy that actually gave me orgasm after orgasm.  after a while i started wanting some pussy.  my babe was really excited about this b/c i had told him of previous stories.


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he was so anxious he started talking to some girls at work.  somehow he found the right girl.  my baby is 33 and im 20 lucky for him and me she is my age.  after he talked to her and found out she likes girls too, we all got together and got to know each other.

for my babes work he had a mud volleyball game contest thing.  he invited me but i didn't want to go alone, without thinking i asked the lovely new girl that i was into to come with me.  with no hesitation she said yes and i went and picked her up.  

Not thinking about what would happen later we got there and ended up getting into the mud.  me the lovely girl and my babe were so dirty...  mud in every crease and crevice in our bodies......   

after the games we all went back to my babes apartment.  right away he got out his camera and video taped us naked with nothing but mud on us.   we decided to take a shower.  while getting clean me and the lovely lady kissed each other and caressed each other bodies.  

my babe just stood and watched for a minute until we put him the middle and cleaned him.  once we had all the dirt off us we made our way to his bed.  my lovely lady brought a bad that a lot of fun toys.   

I knew that my babe wanted to see me eat another girl out, he sat on the bed next to us while i licked her pussy and felt her tits.  he asked us to switch so we did and he watched her eat me out..   

i wanted my babe to have the experience of two women on him so me and the lovely lady took turns sucking his big cock.  

after that she pulled out some toys the main toy that we used was her strap on.  she fucked me hard with it and i also fucked her hard with it...  all the times that Ive had sex with a woman and this was the first time that i used a strap on.   i liked it but i do like dick better.... i wanted my babe to have a chance to be with another woman also...  so i told him to fuck her and while he was fucking her i told him to fuck her harder.   i played with myself and enjoyed the thought of the three of us having this great sexual explostoin.  

after a while my babe told me to sit on his face while the lovely lady rode him.   we switched, and we would kiss each other while we sat on him.   

near the end of it all my babe laid us next to each other and went back and forth from my pussy to hers licking them.   then he fingered us both at the same time until we cummed.   that night i got to sleep with pussy and dick in my hands...   

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