We burst through the door, already drunk. Lust was the only thing on our minds.   added 5 years ago    

  By: audioking9000

We burst through the door, already drunk. Lust was the only thing on our minds. I laid her on the edge of the bed, kissing her softly then moving to her neck as I took off her shirt. She then shimmied up now fully into the bed. I lost my shirt and pants as well and made my way towards her. Kissing her calves, thighs, belly, and breasts on my way to her mouth. We could make out softly for hours. As I nibbled on her neck I would wrap my arms around her and undo the clasp of her bra. I will never forget the feeling of unveiling such perfect breasts. I had mastered the art of removing her bra with one arm. Her nipples already hard and waiting to be caressed.


I wasted no time moving from her neck to her bare, free breasts. “Suck me,” she would whisper as I gently kissed her chest. I would move slowly around her nipples kissing and gently sucking her soft skin, eventually moving towards her nipples now so very hard. I sucked and rubbed her breasts as she demanded, arousing her to the point of moans. She would cradle her other breast if my hand would wander. I had never known anyone to get so aroused by such fondling. Eventually I my hand would make my way down through her panties. Her clitoris was the warmest spot on her body, now already wet. My lips would soon follow as I made my way down her plump soft belly. Her skin was as soft


It was at this moment that I would admire her body for the temple that it was. Her neck bent back with pleasure, plump breasts exposed and thrust upward, belly soft and quivering as I gently massaged the outer layers of her vagina. I would lick her lower tummy, down to her pelvis and moving to her thighs. She had such marvelous thighs. Size 12 pants, 36-D bra, there is nothing better. Her full legs, from her beautiful ankles to her strong, defined calves to her wonderfully thick thighs, were almost the most amazing part of her body, until her flexibility was discovered. “Kiss my thighs,” she whispered. I would obey any of her commands.

I kissed her thighs gently sucking on the areas that were so sensitive. Slowly inching closer and closer to her vagina. I would glance over it at first, softly kissing her clitoris eventually leading to sucking and licking. She loved to be fingered and eaten at the same time. I would do it for hours.


Her moans would get louder and louder at this point. My two fingers moving in and out massaging her vagina while my mouth pleased her clit. She would scream, “Oh my god,” and I would only increase the deliberacy of my motions. When she could not stand it anymore she would reach down and grab me, by this point my penis was as hard as ever, waiting to please her every demand. Her vagina gushing needed not preparation at all, as I climbed back up to meet her face to face I slid my penis into the most wonderfully amazing spot in the world. Burning hot, and incredibly slippery, she moans.

I grabbed her breasts as I slowly slid my penis in and out of her vagina, getting deeper with each thrust. Her moans increasing in intensity, her breasts pressed up against my chest. I would wrap my arms around her waist placing my hands underneath her shoulder blades. Her breasts now in my face, I would resume sucking and licking her chest as we fucked. “Suck me,” she would again say as she moaned.


I would slide my hands up her shoulders bringing both of our arms above her head. Using her arms and shoulders as leverage I would begin to thrust ever harder. She was vulnerable in this position, defenseless as I held her arms above her head. But she loved every second of it. She would extend her legs fully spread out to the sides as I had my way with her, enjoying her body to my fullest.

This was a wonderful position, she was on her back, arms up, and legs spread out wide. This is where her flexibility and leg strength became clear. She could hold her legs wide spread with no help from her arms, leaving her vagina fully exposed and unobstructed. My penis would penetrate her deeper and deeper, I would thrust as hard as I could into her now soaked vagina, holding my penis there as we both massaged each other’s pelvises. She would always move her hips to fuck me back when she was lying down.


Her groans getting steadily more incomprehensible would begin to cease. Her breathing would stop as her mouth shot open with pleasure.  Each time she would catch her breath harder than before making me harder and harder as she got wetter and wetter. Getting closer to the edge of the bed there was a 1-foot gap between the bed and the wall, her neck now bent back over the side of the bed as I fucked her pushing harder and harder her arms let go of her legs and went over her head onto the ground. Her body now almost in a handstand as her ass was on the bed with her legs fully split out to each side. I would put my hands on the wall and bend my body backwards as she was and fuck her. Her orgasm was incredible, with her body upside down she would cum uncontrollably.


Eventually moving back up to the bed we would position ourselves near the opposite wall. This would allow me to use the wall as a push off to use my legs to fuck her at will. I would move up, letting her arms down and bringing my body up higher to hers. Her hands would wrap around her calves pulling her legs back yet still extended out to the sides, in an almost complete straddle split. This position amazed me. I could rest my whole body on hers, her breasts now sweaty slid up and down my chest as we fucked. My stomach rested on her plump soft belly also hot and wet with sweat. Her vagina at this point was unbelievably wet from cuming uncontrollably, she loved it.

It seemed the more intense the sex got, the more incomprehensible her moans became, she would never physically quit. She pulled her legs back farther, thrusting her vagina higher and my penis deeper into her than ever before. “Fuck me, fuck me,” she would say eventually yelling it. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Oohhh fuck me deeper!” her words began to fuel my lust.


We were one body at that moment, conjoined with pleasure never wanting it to end. Both our bodies now lubed with sweat and vaginal fluid we slid all over each other sucking any body part we could reach. Her breasts would bounce as I began to pound her with all my might. Her body spread out open as wide as could be, arms and legs extended out leaving her breasts, belly, vagina, clit, neck, and anything I wanted was at my disposal, and I left nothing unattended. With her legs pulled back and pelvis elevated there was absolutely nothing between her vagina and my penis, she would take everything I had to give her. The intensity would stop her breathing.


My hands would then move down from above her shoulders to underneath her once more. This time they would work all the way down her back to under her ass. “Grab my ass,” she would say. This was the pinnacle of our sex. My hands now on her ass cheeks and her legs still extended outward in a split, with arms fully extended and her hands now holding her feet. I would squeeze her ass, pulling my penis as deep as it would ever get inside of her.

She would scream, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Her words nearly incoherent at this point as she was overcome with pleasure, “GRAB MY ASSFUCK ME GRAB FUCK OHHH FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!!” Her thighs would rub against my arms as our bodies were intertwined at this point I could feel the sheer size of her legs. The wonderfully soft skin, her legs were the most voluptuous I had ever seen or felt.


Her body now completely in my control, getting fucked wildly, breasts bouncing up and down, bodies wet with sweat, my penis squishing in and out of her covered in her cum dripping down her ass into my hands as I squeezed harder pounding as she screamed and begged for more, “FUCK ME FUCK EM EHHOOFUCK!” At this point she had came nearly a dozen times, I felt it was my turn.

This position, her body, my hands on her ass, her breasts bouncing on my chest, her uncontrollable screams. “I’m going to cum,” I said in her ear. “Cum in me,” was the immediate response. “Fuck cum in me! Cum inside me! FUCK ME CUM! CUM IN ME!” She would scream for my cum. Pulling, thrusting, pushing, fucking as long and deep as I could go I came into her, my orgasms would always make her cum instantly. The look of pleasure on her face was unforgettable, mouth open, eyes closed, neck bent back, she could not breathe it was so intense. Her arms would fall off her legs, legs would go limp but I would thrust deeper making her feel every throb of my penis as I ejaculated my load inside her vagina. She would shake and quiver with each throbbing thrust as though she was cuming every second.

We couldn’t move after that experience, we laid on each other. Her body shaking from such intense orgasms, I stayed inside for her a few minutes gently massaging her vagina as she continued to cum. “I can’t stop cuming,” she said. Her vagina now full with my hot cum as I gently fucked her until my penis was not longer hard. We passed out after that, it was incredible.


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