Re-connecting   added 5 years ago    

  By: TulsA

I know he wants me. I can see it in the way he looks at me. I can hear it in the way he says my name. I want him just as much. I can't hold back any longer so I tell him when and where.


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He shows up looking as sexy as always with his dark hair and beautiful blue eyes. "I need you! I need you so much!" I pull him in and begin showering him with kisses across his neck and lips. I bite softly at his lip and then move to his neck and find a nice spot to kiss and suck on and bite. He is so delicious. My pussy is getting wetter by the minute. I need more of him.

I pull his shirt off and run my hands over his beautiful pecs and abs. But what I really want at is still buried in his jeans. I try to remember to be patient. We’ve got all night. His hands are starting to explore my body. His right hand is on my ass, squeezing the hell out of it. His left hand is on the back of my neck urging me on as I continue to kiss all over his collarbone and neck.

His left hand slides up my neck and into my hair grabbing himself a handful he pulls my head back and exposes my neck to him. I moan with pleasure as he takes my neck to his mouth. He kisses and sucks and moves his right hand up my body to caress my tits, only to remember I was still wearing my top. “This is not fair!” he pulls the tie closing my shirt and it slips open. “Mmmm…that’s much better!” I had surprised him by going sans bra, so when he pulled my top open my perky tits were right at his fingertips.

My top slid down my back. He couldn’t resist, he pulled my head back by my hair again to arch my back and brought his mouth to my tits. I had feeling of total pleasure the moment his lips touched my skin. I remembered this feeling, but it had been so long since I had it last. His teeth scrapping across my pink little nipples, his tongue teasing me back and forth, his lips and mouth sucking lightly than hard to keep me in check.

I moaned and pushed my pussy against his crotch and I could feel his hard cock begging to be released. I brought my hands to the front of his jeans and started to unzip them but he grabbed my hands. “Oh, no, no, no! You can’t have my cock yet…I want to hear you cum for me first!” “Mmmmm….” I moaned at him “But I want it!!” “Well then you better get your ass on the bed so you can cum for me!” He demanded and pointed towards the bed.

I turned to face the bed and put my hands to my jeans. I shook my ass slowly from side to side with the beat of the music. I looked over my shoulder at him and rolled my ass all around and bent at the waist and stuck my ass out towards him. I slid my thumbs inside the top of my jeans and began pulling them down ever so slowly.

I heard him moan in approval at the sight of my red g-string peeking out the top of my jeans. I pulled my jeans down to my ankles and stayed bent over the bed putting my left knee up. I continued to bounce my ass up and down for him. Holding myself up with my left hand and left knee. I began caressing my ass with my right hand still glancing at him over my shoulder. He had sat down in the chair and was leaned back staring at me as if he wanted to devour me. I loved it. I spun around and sauntered towards him slowly still moving my hips to the music. I swung my legs around and straddled him with my right hand on his shoulder and my left hand tracing up and down the silhouette of my body. I brought it to the front of me and began to play with my nipples. I ground my pussy down into his lap. He moaned my name, “You are so sexy, Baby.”

I was so on fire for him. I needed him, but I knew what I had to do to get him. I picked my dripping pussy up off his lap and walked backward towards the bed. I slipped my index fingers into my thong and pulled it to the floor. I laid back on he bed and brought my legs up with my feet flat on the bed. I could see that I held his attention. I began rubbing my clit with my right index finger.

I pulled and pinched on my nipples and continued to rub my clit furiously. It felt so good! I slid two fingers into my pussy began finger fucking myself and thumbing my clit. I looked up to my man and he was starting to grind up in the chair. I knew I was so close…I bucked against my fingers and it happened. I moaned and arched my back and lifted myself up off the bed. I cried out his name, “Mmmm!! Make me cum harder! Give me your cock now!! I need it!!”

That was all the encouragement he needed. I did what he asked. I came for him. He was on me in a swoop. I pulled his pants and boxers off in one sweeping motion. I had been waiting so long for that cock I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled him down on top of me and we kissed deeply, our tongues massaging each other’s. His sculpted chest and abs pressed against my soft tits and toned stomach.

He reached down and with one swift motion lifted my left leg into the air to give him full access to my waiting pussy. I was completely on edge waiting for his cock…he was teasing me. “Give it to me! Please! I need it! Please, I need your big cock inside of me!” I started bucking into the air trying to search him out. He reached up and took my wrists into one of his big strong hands and pinned them above my head, then when I wasn’t even expecting it…he gave it to me.

“UUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!” I came almost instantly. He felt so perfect inside of me, like my pussy was made to fit his cock. I arched my back to take all of him. His chest pressed against the back of my leg. “God, you feel so good Baby Slut! Mmm! Take my cock you little bitch!” “Ooooo yeah, yeah, yeah!! I needed you so much! Mmm! Give it to me! Yes!”

His cock was so deep I felt him hitting my g-spot and my body began to quiver with pleasure. “Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum so hard!!” “That’s right you little slut! Cum on my fat cock bitch!!” I came with such force and bucked against him so hard he had to hold on to my wrists so tight so I couldn’t get out of his grip. His other hand went across my throat and he held me in place as I rode my orgasm out to the full extent of it’s pleasure.

I lay beneath him trembling and breathing spastically. He pulled his cock out of me and dropped my leg to the bed. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head right up to his cock. “Suck it bitch.” I grinned and slyly leaned forward to take his hard cock as deep into my throat as I could. He was so big it took me a few moments to choke it all down. He moaned at the feeling of his cock deep in my throat. He kept his grip on my head and hair and fucked my throat. I reached behind him and grabbed two hands full of his ass and he immediately yanked his cock out of my throat and slapped it across my face.

“I don’t remember telling you you could touch me! You’re gonna get it now!” He was so strong and sexy. He grabbed my hips and flipped me over and spread my ass far apart. He spit on my asshole and I knew what was coming. I felt his hard cock poking at my hole and then pressing and then….that marvelous stretching feeling. “MMMMMM!!! OOOOO!!! Oh Baby!! Yes!! Take that ass!!” He pushed all the way in and pulled back then pushed in…he fucked the living hell out of my ass! I was bucking back against his thrusts so hard, feeling my tightest hole stretched to take in all that his fat cock had to offer.

“OH! You little bitch! Your fucking ass is so fucking tight! I’m gonna cum in your ass!”

“Yes Baby! Cum in my ass! I want you, cum Baby! Cum!” “Oooohhh! Fuck yeah! Oh fuck! Yes!” I felt him explode it my ass and I milked him for all he was worth. He pulled his spent cock out and I collapsed onto the bed. I lay there trying to catch my breath then I felt him grab my hips again.

“I’m not done with you!” He smiled at me and flipped me back onto my back. He pushed my legs apart and began kissing my inner thighs and nibbling on my skin. He worked his way down to kiss my lips and
bite and tug at them. I was so sensitive from the whole eroticism of him and the evening. I looked down my body to see him looking back at me and his beautiful eyes sparkling at me. He started teasing my clit with his tongue, then sucked it into his mouth and continued to suck on it till I started to tremble. He didn’t let me cum though just yet. He moved his mouth down and pushed his tongue into my pussy and gave me a tongue fucking like I’d never had. I was going crazy with pure lust.

I was ready to cum again. I arched my back and pressed my pussy into his face and bucked against it. He didn’t miss a beat and slid his first two fingers into my pussy and went back to sucking my clit. That was it. “OOOOOHHH!!! OH my god!!!! Holy fucking shit!!” I fell flat on my back and felt tingles go all through my body. I couldn’t catch my breath. He slid up the bed next to me. My cum glistening all over his chin and lips. I put my hands on either side of his face and kissed him deeply licking my sweet cum from his face. “Damn, Baby. You are so fucking good!” I told him between kisses. “I’m glad you feel that way.” he said smiling at me and touching my face. “Cause I’m ready to do it again.”

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