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Not high heels, boots.  


I have to say that while a nice pair of heels and stockings with garters are definitely sexy, a sexy confident woman wearing knee boots will make me into a slobbering fool in a heartbeat. Don't try and tempt me with flats. Even low heels don't do it. Nope, 3" heels on a pair of boots and you can make me into your sextoy.


The thing is, when you admit to someone that you have a preference for this type of footwear, you give them something to torture you with. The chat at lunch turned into a conversation about things that make women sexy. The women at the table were amused, and I thought nothing more of letting on my preference. Little did I know what I would be getting myself into.


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The next day, Sarah and Linda were pleasant to me, but I noticed mid morning that their stops by were somewhat more frequent than usual. Then it came to my attention that the were both wearing boots. Damn them! I knew that they were doing it to torture me now. Linda eventually left for an appointment, leaving Sarah and I to pass the rest of the day. When the rest of the crew left the office. I was hard at work with my head down when I noticed a foot come into view, and then slowly raise up, leading to a foot on my desk. My gaze followed the foot as it rose, and then continued up the shapely leg and body to the eyes that were above the smiling face.

"Figured I'd give you a little reward for putting up with Linda and I all day," she softly said. I allowed my gaze to fall down to her legs again, noticing that her underwear had mysteriously disappeared. (Thong, by the way. That had come up in conversation yesterday).


I put my hand on her boot and ran it up her leg. She flexed a little, and then hopped up on the desk, placing her booted feet on my armrests, giving me a lovely framed view of her pussy, boots forming a highway to pleasure.  Breathing heavily, she slid down onto my lap, and we embraced and lip-locked in a very passionate kiss. Soon, clothing was being discarded, except for the boots. Oh the boots.


Sarah propped her ass on the edge of the desk, and then wrapped her booted legs around my waist as I penetrated her. She moaned and pulled me into her with her legs as I slid my hard cock into her. We fucked like this for a while, stopping only to allow her to lie back fully on the desk and extend her legs fully up, allowing her boots to contact my cheeks. I pounded her mercilessly as she did this, and her orgasms came quick and fast and often.  Flipping her over on her stomach, her legs apart as she sprawled over the desk, I dropped to my knees and ate her out voraciously, my hands running up and down her legs. She screamed as she came again and again.


As she recovered, she sat on the edge of the desk, legs crossed, and then started to jerk me off. She used both hands, sliding up and down my shaft and cupping and tugging my balls, until I shot my ropes of cum all over her shoes. She then reached down with a finger, and scooped up some of the white cum and tasted it herself,a nd then shared it with me.  

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