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  By: nautigurl

I woke late on Saturday morning.  As I climbed out of bed my head was full of thoughts and images from the previous night.  I stepped into my shower and as I soaped my skin my mind wandered back to the times I had imagined tasting his cock.  And last night my dreams had turned to reality.  My pussy responded immediately to my thoughts and I began to rub my clit, quickly.  I wanted to see him, so I needed to cum as quickly as I could.  I needed fast instant release.  Of course I should have guilty, he was my husband’s best friend for God’s sake.  But knowing how much my husband liked me fucking other men eased that guilt.  In fact I couldn't wait to share what had happened with him. I dried and threw on a short, partially sheer robe and went downstairs.


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My husband was in the kitchen in nothing but sweat pants.  God I loved his back.  I took in the sight of him before he looked up, and I knew by the smile on his face that he knew.  My heart raced. 

"Morning darling" he beamed, "have fun last night?"

"Yes, David, God yes I did." I replied as I walked over and kissed him.

"Let me get you some coffee, and you can tell me all about it."  He pulled away, his cock beginning to swell.

I sat down and realised my pussy was already damp.  I often wondered if other women craved cock the way I did.  David reassured me often.  "Of course they do darling, most just aren’t in relationships where they are given the opportunity to have their needs met."

"So, Jeff finally found out what a hot little slut you are huh?"  He winked.

"David, his cock, oh my God.  His cock is delicious."  I whispered.

"Glad you like honey......" he smiled.

And he bent to kiss me again.  Slipping one of his hands into my robe, he began to gently fondle my breasts.  I stood up and the kiss began to intensify.  And then I heard soft footsteps padding into the kitchen.  I spun around and saw Jeff, fresh from the shower in nothing but a towel.  God he was cute.

"Oh, good morning sleepy head." he smiled.

David pulled me into his chest, my back against his hard body, and continued playing with my breasts.  I could feel his cock stiff, pressing into my ass. 

"Morning” I smiled back as my nipples hardened.  David pulled the front of my robe open, revealing my nakedness to his friend.

"Abi was just telling me how delicious your cock is Jeff."  He smiled.  My pussy was on fire knowing the game he was playing so well.

"Oh really?  In that case why don’t I lose this?"  And in one quick movement he dropped his towel, revealing his beautiful cock.  My mouth watered at the sight of it, erect, bobbing in front of him, the head purple and angry.  I licked my lips as he grasped the base of his cock and slipped his hand slowly, confidently up it’s length.

"Sweet heart, go say good morning to our guest while I get rid of these pants, there's a good girl" My husband ordered, and as I stepped forward I felt the sharp stinging slap of his hand on my ass, and his hand caught the top of my robe, and he held on as I walked toward to his friend, the robe slipping effortlessly from my body..

I walked over to Jeff and he bent his head to kiss me, his tongue dancing expertly in my mouth.  He put his arms around me and slowly traced them down my back till he reached my ass, and then I felt him pull my cheeks apart, revealing my puckered hole to my husband.

"You really are quite the cock lover aren't you Abi?" He said.  "David has been telling me all about you.  How you love taking cock as much as he loves watching you take it.  How you like every hole filled, and how you love having those holes stuffed with cock simultaneously.  You have the perfect partnership here don’t you honey?  And it's working out quite well for me too isn't it?"  He smiled that sexy smile that I had seen so many times in my fantasies.  And my pussy gushed.

As he spoke I felt David behind me.  He placed his hands on my hips and lowered down and began to slowly play with my ass.  He knows how much I love my ass teased.  I felt first his fingers, just running up and down my crack, then gently caressing my hole, before I felt his warm breath and wet tongue begin to lick.  Jeff ignored my deep moan and covered my mouth with is, as he stroked, kneaded and squeezed my tits, pinching my nipples suddenly every now and again.  I knew I was about to enter my idea of heaven and my body began to tremble.

To be continued.....

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juggfukkler    (2011-04-20 04:37:58)    Flag as inappropiate
I hope some dp action is in abi's future!
shybutwannatry1    (2010-03-01 12:19:14)    Flag as inappropiate
Omg wanna hear more pleassssse!
CanadianCasanova    (2010-02-26 18:20:26)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova This story was such a tease! I can't wait for the next part!
nautigurl    (2010-02-22 17:10:55)    Flag as inappropiate
nautigurl promise not to keep you waiting too long xx
naughty51    (2010-02-22 09:40:37)    Flag as inappropiate
naughty51 can not wait to find out what the men have in store for you.....xx

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