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  By: seentualteez

      You arrive home late from work.  The lights are off but you see a faint glow of candlelight coming from our bedroom.  The aroma of the candles hit you as you pass down the hallway.  Your filled with anticipation and curiousity as you make your way to the room.  You see more light coming from the bathroom and then you hear the sound of running water.


      "Taking a bath?" you ask. 


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      "We are taking a bath." I say.     


       You walk in with a coy smile on your face.  I begin to undress you and kiss your neck and along your collar bone.  I can hear you release a long slow breath as you feel chills from my soft, wet kiss.  I put your hair up and help you into our bath.  The water is perfect and you instantly feel relaxed.  I start to wet your body with the soothing water and watch as you close your eyes and begin to relax.  I start to wash your body from your head to your toes.  I run the wash cloth over your body slowly teasing your nipples and watching as you start to writhe with anticipation.  As I help you out of the tub your mind races as you wonder what other surprises await you.  I towel off your body thoroughly making sure to dry your skin completely.  When I finish I wrap you in your silk robe and kiss your neck again and moving to your soft lips.  I kiss and nibble your lips and when you try to kiss me back I pull away and leave you wanting more.


      We move to the bedroom.  I lay you down on the bed and begin to kiss you again.  Now I can feel your body responding, I can feel how hot your skin is as I kiss all over your body.  You pull me towards you and you begin to slowly rub your body against mine.  I can feel how bad you want me to take you and ravish you right now but you know it won't happen.  I help you take off your robe, then I remove a silk scarf from the night stand and lick your lips and kiss your face as I tie your hand together above your head.  I secure your hands to the head board as you look at me with anticipation. 


      "I like when your in control." you say.


      I smile at you and say "You love when I'm in control."


       I turn your over on the bed and see your perfectly shape ass and run my hands over it caressing it and giving it a few light spanks. 


      "Oooo" is all that escapes your lips as I squeeze each cheek.


      I reach for some warming body oil and slowly drip it all over your back.  I begin to massage your shoulder and your back running my hands up and down and side to side.  I begin to knead your flesh slowly in a deep tissue massage.  I play with the sides of your breast and slowly cup your breasts as I feel your nipples harden and hear you moan with pleasure.  I move to your bottom half and massage more oil onto your legs and feet.  I begin to caress your calves and work the days tension from your muscles.  As I work the oil into your thighs I can see you again starting to respond.  I tease your inner leg with my hands as you begin to slowly grind your hips into they bed.  You start to spread your legs more wanting me to go further but I don't.


       "Mmmm baby, please don't stop" you plead.


       "In good time my dear" I respond and kiss your neck with slow, wet kisses.  I lick your collar bone with my tongue and nibble the nape of your neck. 


       I roll you over onto your back and see the lust in your eyes.  They beg me to stop teasing you but once again you know that won't happen.  I stop to kiss you again.  This time I let you kiss me back and we share a long passionate kiss.  Nibbling on your lips and caressing your face makes you pull my hips into you and I can feel the heat between your legs.  I pull back as you bite your lip and pout because you want me now more than ever. 


        I place my finger on your lips to shush you.  I place your hands on my erection to let you know I want you just as bad.  I add oil to your front and begin to rub it in all over your sexy goddess of a body.  I rub the oil in and avoid your breasts and the wetness between your thighs.  I run my finger tips up and down your sides, down your legs and on the inner parts of your trembling things.  I play with each breast and massage the oil in.  I run my fingers lightly around your nipples and lightly graze each one as you moan in ecstasy.


        I slide down your body, kissing your hot spots as I go down.  I lick all around your breasts and take each nipple into my mouth as I suckle them and run my tongue over each nipple.  You arch your back and beg me to finish you off.  I smile to myself knowing I have you right where I want you.  I run my tongue down your stomach and kiss all over your pelvis.  I can smell your sweet wetness and see your clit exposed and begging for attention.  I kiss your inner thighs all the way to the crease where your leg meets your hip.  You moan over and over and ask me to please keep going.  I lick your crevice like it's your sweet center.


        Now for the big finish.  I blow lightly on your wet pussy lips and kiss lightly teasing your folds and feel you try to push yourself onto my tongue.  I lightly lick your folds and flick your clit softly with my wet tongue.  I run my lips over your clit and I can hear you drawing in short breaths with each contact.  I run my tongue from the bottow of your pussy to the top of your clit.  Slowly and with the same teasing pace.  With each passing of my tongue I can hear your breath getting shorter and shorter.


         I slide my finger tips up to your hard nipples and roll them gently and start pulling them gently.  I run my whole tongue up and down your wet center and pay extra attention to your throbbing clit.  I feel your legs tighten around my head as you near your climax.  I tell you to let go completely as I spread your pussy lips with one hand and slide to fingers inside you.  Your dripping wet and your insides are like fire.  I curl my fingers slightly up inside you and begin to massage your g-spot.  I put my tongue on your clit and really work it over now dedicating all my efforts on it.  Your moaning now and calling out my name and I can feel your body start to shake and you let go.  You scream out in pleasure as I continue to tongue your clit and play your g-spot. 


       Finally, you come down from your pleasure.  I remove my fingers and mouth from your lower half and kiss my way back up your body.  When I reach your face I untie your hands and as I do you grab my head and start to kiss me deeply and passionately.


       "Thank you, thank you, thank you." you say as you kiss me.


       "My pleasure." I say.


       You flash me a coy smile and say "Your pleasure?  Not yet." as you start to remove my shirt.




**Any requests for Part 2?**

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sexyyy    (2010-04-10 20:09:13)    Flag as inappropiate
mmm so good. i actually cummed from it! id love a part 2!

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