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I was conflicted. I’m not saying that I didn’t want my dick sucked. Of course I did. Tara was her name. Her lips caressed my cock gently, but firmly. She did so without complaint. Occasionally she’d let a mouthful of spit ooze over my rock hard cock. Then resume sucking. Oh, it was great.



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I met Tara from Jenna, her older sister by a mere 11 months.  Tara was shy where Jenna was outgoing. Both girls were hot as hell. Tara continued slurping away on me when Jenna appeared in the door way.

“She gives good head, huh?” Jenna asked with a wink.

“Hell, yeah.” I answered, trying to sound cool.

Jenna sat down next to me to get a better view of the action. She removed her shoes and socks, followed by the blue jeans she had on. Sitting in her underwear and T- shirt, Jenna watched her sister suck me off.

“Tara loves sucking dick. It’s her favorite thing. Isn’t it sweetie?” Jenna purred.

Tara’s answer was to simply continue sucking.  Never taking her eyes of her sister’s mouth and my cock, Jenna started to rub her crotch through her panties. The wet stain spreading soaking in to the cotton. Seeing how my dick was in Tara’s mouth I can’t imagine I could get any more turned on, but watching Jenna pull her panties aside and start fingering herself did the trick.

I was out of breath as my heart beat out of my chest. Jenna was working her pussy with a hooked middle finger.” Okay,” I thought, “things are going good.” Jenna sucked off her wet finger.

“Ooh, hold on, I’ll be right back.” Jenna suddenly leapt up out of the room again.

“Damn that’s nice, Tara.” I said, trying to acknowledge Tara’s talent. She looked up at me and continued sucking.

When Jenna returned, she had a bundle with her.

“Look what I have!” she announced.

It was a whole pile of sex toys. Cuffs, a blind fold, things with crazy wires, lubrication, and a large strap on dildo. “Cool.” Was all I could think to say. Jenna seemed delighted as she fastened the strap on around her hips. I grinned. It looked silly. This large, pink, studded, rubber cock protruding from Jenna’s waist. She picked up the cuffs.  

“Tara!” she snapped suddenly.

“Yes, ma’am!” Tara answered immediately letting my swollen member fall from her mouth, standing at attention. Jenna held the cuffs up and said. “You Know.” Tara began to strip down bare ass naked. Her titties were amazing. I hadn’t noticed before. She turned around so Jenna could cuff her hands behind her back. “Come here honey.” Jenna  said sweetly.

When Tara turned back around, Jenna  reached between her legs and began massaging her clit, slowly working a finger into her sister’s pussy. I sat there in both shock and amazement while Jenna finger fucked Tara. I realized that I was stroking my cock as I watched. Jenna looked over at me and then winked.

“Watch this.” She smiled.

She stood up and guided Tara to the couch where she had just been. She position Tara on her knees, facing the arm of the couch, ass up. I could see Tara’s sweet little hairless pussy. With her hands bound the way they were, she was in a very vulnerable position. Jenna squeezed a handful of lube into her hand and started to stroke the shaft of her strap on, greasing it up thoroughly. Then rubbing more on Tara’s little cunt.

I was so turned on. I can’t lie. Jenna tenderly prodded at Tara’s exposed cunt. Gently pushing in, just a bit, then out. She patiently worked the thick, studded, ten inch rod deeper into her sister. I noticed Tara wiggled her ass to help work the dildo into her cunt. Little squeaks began to escape Tara’s lips. Jenna finally was able to sink the massive dong over half way into Tara’s moistened snatch.,

“There you go baby,” Jenna whispered,” just like you like it baby. Does that feel good?”

“Yes,ma’am. It feels good. Oh yes!” Tara was wiggling her ass, so the rubber dick sank deeper.

“You love getting fucked with a huge cock, because you’re such a whore!” Jenna growled. She grabbed a hold of Tara’s ass cheeks and squeezed, spreading them apart. At the same time she thrust her hips forward and sank most of the pink monster into Tara’s pussy. Using her ass for leverage, Jenna began to thrust faster, pumping her hips. Jenna was fucking her sister hard now.

Jenna motioned for me to come around to the arm of the couch. I realized that Tara’s head was just above the arm, right at cock level. My cock, still very much hard, pointed right at her. “In her mouth!” Jenna commanded. I went ahead and inserted my cock into Tara’s moaning mouth. “You filthy bitch. You love this.” Jenna accused. She was now pumping aggressively , and slapping Tara’s ass savagely. Tara’s lips felt so good tightened around my shaft I just gave completely in. with double handfuls of hair, I fucked her face harder until I started making plunging noises.

Jenna was now pulling out another little surprise. It was a small vibrator. “Okay you little slut ,I know what you want!” Jenna spat. Turning the vibrator on high, she inserted it deep into Tara’s asshole, and then began to twist it, while she continued to pound on her pussy. I expected Tara to scream or thrash around, but instead she let out a moan that sounded like a sigh. Then she began to almost chant, “Mmm hmm, mmm hmm, mmm hmm…” I was amazed. Just then Jenna released Tara’s hands.

Hands free, Tara reached out and pulled my cock deep into her mouth. “Fuck my faced, motherfucker.” She hissed. Oh, it was on now. I pushed her head down on my cock and thrust deep trying to knock on some tonsils. When I came, I came hard. Tara didn’t spill a drop.

Later on as I was going home in a daze, Jenna said, “Tara, what do you say?”

“Thank you.” Tara blushed.

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Omg that's hot!

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