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I got a job working the overnight shift. My husband and I are very intimate and really enjoy our time together in bed. We have sex every night, and spend our time sleeping together naked, in a spooning position. My husband missed having me in bed with him at night but we really needed the money I was bringing in with my new job. So he altered his hours so we could enjoy a similar sleeping schedule with more spooning and of course, more sex.

He goes to work for 5am, on his way to work he’ll stop by my job with a cup of coffee to say hello. We spend a few minutes chatting, and I look forward to seeing him every morning. Just before he leaves, he gives me a chocolate which I have to eat right then, so that when he kisses me goodbye he can have a chocolate kiss.

So I leave work at 7 in the morning, my husband doesn’t get done until 2 or 3pm usually. I spend the morning cooking diner for that night, cleaning, doing dishes, laundry, (the usual housewife stuff). I take my shower and get into bed between 10am and noon. I get a few hours rest before hubby gets home and the fun begins. After my shower, I lather up with nice smelling and sometimes tasting lotions, and body sprays.

 He usually takes a shower before climbing into bed next to me. We both sleep completely naked (unless it’s that time of the month for me, than I wear underpants but nothing else).

 Sometimes I’ll wake up when I hear the water running and I’ll join him for a wash (that’s a story for another time), sometimes I hear the water running and get excited, he’ll get into bed only for me to pounce on him after waiting for him to finish showering. Sometimes I’ll wait until the water stops and ambush him while he’s toweling off. The results making the towel unnecessary, and usually qualify for another shower since we both end up hot and sweaty. Again, stories for another time.

So this particular afternoon, hubby climbs into bed with me we fit together like puzzle pieces.  I’m curled in a semi-fetal position, he curls his body around mine, placing his arms on my stomach, resting his hands on my breasts, his cock lined up with my ass. We sleep like that for several hours, just keeping each other warm, recharging, the calm before the storm of sexual frenzy.

 I usually wake up because I feel his eyes on me, watching me sleep. When my breathing changes he knows I’m awake, even before I’ve opened my eyes. He gently kisses me on my closed eyelids, as I slowly wake up. He kisses me on my jaw, and moves to nestling in my neck. His hands slowly and gently move around my breasts, my nipples becoming hard and erect with his attention.

 I turn to face him, he keeps his arms wrapped around me, usually rubbing my back. I hold his biceps, he flexes them for me from time to time because he knows it turns me on when he does. I find his muscles unbelievably sexy. So we just lay like that, facing each other, holding each other, silent not speaking, but silently speaking through eye contact. I’ll get cold and move closer to him, closing the gap between he and I. I’ll wrap my legs around his waist and press my body to his. He pulls me tight in a bear hug—pressed together like this, there’s no chance of separating us. I rest my head on his shoulder, he strokes my head.

 Eventually we break apart and move into a kiss. We kiss for a while, taking brief breaks to come up for air, and to kiss each others neck/shoulder area.

 Just as it becomes steamy and ready to progress to kissing other body parts, he rolls me onto my stomach. He neals beside me he gives me an incredible body massage, focusing on my neck, shoulders, cruelly skipping right over the area of my body that yearns for his touch the most and moving down to my tired legs and calves.

 After some time he stops, places his knee between my partially spread legs and lays down sort of on top of me, but with most of his weight on the bed next to me. He goes back to stroking my hair, and I move my hands to grab at him hoping to give him a massage that doesn’t miss any parts. He seems to read my thoughts and slaps my hands away from him.

 This particular morning, I am on the rag and am wearing a pair of bikini style underwear. He still has his knee between my leg, and is straddling the side of my body with his other leg flat on the bed and his cock resting against the outside of my thigh. He shifts his weight and presses his cock into my thigh. I instantly become excited and feel my pussy clench after feeling his hardness. I get so excited at just the sight of his cock. My mouth and my pussy start to water almost instantly.

 He continues to stroke my hair, effectively pinning my arm with his body so I can’t move it when I reach out to play with his cock. I let out a frustrated breath because my free arm can’t reach any bit of him at all. He shifts his weight again and begins gently rubbing his cock on my thigh tracing the outline of my panties with the very tip of his tool. All the while, his knee is pushed up against my pussy, but not quite touching it.

 My pussy begins to salivate once I feel a bit of pre-cum dribble onto my leg and I squirm a bit under his weight desperate to make contact with his rock hard member. He seems to get pleasure from my frustration—and finally gives my pussy a little of what’s been craving—his touch. He pushes his knee onto my pussy—just his knee ramming it is enough to increase the wetness. When he feels the wetness, he chuckles and tells me I’m a dirty slut. I squirm again desperate to touch him and he moves, I grind my pussy against his knee desperate for more contact.

 I squirm and beg him to let me turn over so I can see him, and after more rubbing of his dick along my underwear line and me desperately rubbing my wet pussy on his knee he finally flips me over. He lays on top of me, careful to keep his now swollen cock away from my yearning pussy. He takes pleasure in making me wait for him.

 I start to kiss him with all my strength, mashing my tongue against his—passionately but rough—honestly really bad kisses, the kind that could knock your teeth out. He withdraws and tells me to slow down. His lips dance against mine but I’m hungry for his cock and frustrated with his games and try to take it out by mashing my tongue to his. He shifts his body so he is completely on top of me. I widen my legs thinking he’s finally going to put me out of my misery and ram me with his cock. He smirks when he notices I’ve opened my legs more and tells me I’m a dirty slut and now I have to wait longer for it.

 He mashes his cock between us, it’s so hard, and so big—it nearly reaches my belly button. His cock seems to throw off heat and throb with each kiss. While locked in a kiss, I try to wiggle my fingers in between so I can at least stroke it and he slaps my hands away. Ben is a big guy, having his full weight on top of me with his bulging cock between us makes me so hot.

 He holds my wrists above my head and begins kissing my neck and shoulders, he uses his remaining hand to stroke one of my nipples. I let out a shiver and a slight moan, afraid to show any feelings of pleasure. It feels so good. He takes the nipple and the breast almost completely in his mouth (I’m a C cup, so I don’t fit all the way in) he flicks the nipple with his tongue, it feels so good, it’s torturous. I want to reach down so badly and rub my clit but he is holding my hands—and I can’t get free.

 After a full assault on both tits, he lets go of my wrists. He glares at me in doing so that I know I shouldn’t dare to move my hands any. I comply and leave my arms where they are. He slides his sweaty body down mine a bit so he can take more of me in.  He kisses my belly button, and sucks on my belly, leaving bite marks. He always tells me my belly is so cute. He loves it.  He kisses and bites my thighs. My body shivers with pleasure and I feel my pussy juices dripping down my leg. His cock continues to throb and throw heat and is pressed against my leg dribbling bits of pre-cum.

 I beg him, please put it in me now, I need it. And he just stops and looks at me and smirks and switches back to my tits. It’s maddening. I want his cock and I want it now. I grab his head and stop him from his assault on my tit and mash my tongue into his. I slide my sweaty body along his and position myself so if he sneezes his cock will be swallowed by my waiting pussy. I beg for it, “please, oh please give it to me now..”

 He grins at me, sliding his throbbing cock just out of reach, placing one finger over my lips to shush me as he slides his other hand down my sweaty body towards my waiting pussy. I feel his hand brush across my hairy pussy (he refuses to let me shave it) which is now wet with juices and sweat.

 He kisses my mouth passionately as he slowly traces my pussy lips with his fingers, taking time to dip his fingers in and out of its gushing glory. He stops and tells me that I’m really wet, and only slutty girls get this wet. He runs his fingers along it, making short, slow strokes, as he kisses me. He pulls his fingers out of my cunt, now dripping with my juices he shoves his fingers in my mouth—I suck his fingers until they’re dry—taking in as much of my juice as I can get. I can see he’s getting even more turned on by how hard I suck his fingers.

 He goes back to rubbing my pussy and kissing me on the mouth. Soon, I can feel my closed eyelids twitch and my breathing becoming faster. I know what’s coming and so does he. He quickens his pace but never actually sticks his fingers in me, my poor tortured pussy is just on the edge of orgasm and he stops. He snakes his way down my sweaty body stopping to kiss random places, lingering longer than I would prefer him to have on my nipples, I let out a frustrated groan—my pussy is hot and dripping, it feels like it’s on fire and my nipples can’t take any more sucking.

 My clit needs to be sucked NOW. I groan “BEN” and he moves along, quickens his painfully slow pace to please every part of my body. Once his mouth reaches my pussy I’m in heaven. I feel like I’m going to die. My eyes are rolling into the back of my head as he sucks on my clit and slurps my juices up. He runs his fingers along my lips and tongue fucks me. I start to squirt my creamy juices, he greedily slurps them up as quickly as they come. My breath starts to quicken and my toes curl and woosh I’m gone...

 As I come down from my orgasm, I realize that he never did give me his cock, and become upset. He’s watching me and probably senses that I’m plotting to have my way with that cock of his…


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