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It was going to be my first time ever traveling to Africa and I was more than exited. I wore my favorite orange sun dress for the ride so that I would be both comfortable but still sexy. I waited in the lobby to board the plane becoming more and more anxious by the second to get on the plane and relax. Finally it’s time to board my plane. After everyone was seated a stewardess (a woman in her mid 50's) began giving the directions for everyone just in case the plane crashed. Soon the captain (Captain Kyle Dillans) comes on to the intercom and we begin for takeoff.

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After were in the air for about 30 minutes the stewardess comes to my seat and tells me that I am wanted in the Cock-Pit. I give her a look of shock and follow her. She opens the door, Waits for me to enter then closes the door behind me leaving me with the most gorgeous man in the world. He had blonde curly hair and ice blue eyes with a nice size body and an award winning smile. He looked up at me and smiled and said "Hello Mrs. Dillans how are you today" I replied by saying “Hi Captain Dillans".

He proceeded by putting his arm right bellow my ass and pulling me to him. I leaned down and kiss him deeply. He broke the kiss and pulled me into his lap. He turned me so that I could see to the right of him. That’s when I saw his co pilot. I hadn't even noticed him when I first came in and flushed a little out of embarrassment. Noticing the embarrassments on my face Kyle laughed and said “Tony this is my wife Alex, Alex this is my new recruit co pilot Tony" Being polite I said hello but scoped him out. He had dark hair and deep brown eyes with a kind of shy essence about him something I had never seen in Kyle or other pilots. after a little silence Kyle said" Okay, Alex I want you to suck his dick for me." I leaned over so that I was still in Kyle’s lap and began to unzip Toni’s pants.

I could tell he was a little uncomfortable with this but I wasn't going to stop. I reached in his pants and pulled out his dick and began rubbing it. Kyle put his hands under my dress (he new I wouldn’t be wearing underwear) and started rubbing my clit. This wasn’t the first time I did something for another person because Kyle told me to. I always did exactly as he told me to.

Toni’s dick was getting harder and bigger by the second so even if he wasn’t comfortable he sure did like it. When I thought he was nice and hard I started licking the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue knowing it was the most sensitive. He leaned back in his seat and let out a slight moan. I then began to lick his whole cock all the way down his balls trying to get it all wet. His cock expanded in my mouth and I loved it. After a Few minutes of this Kyle told me to get up and to sit on Tony's cock and ride it. I got on top of him and as soon as his cock penetrated my pussy I began to moan.

He wasn’t the hottest thing but he had a long thick cock that filled every crevice of my pussy. He had his hands around my waist pulling me onto him. I rocked my hips in circles so that I could feel his dick turning inside of me. I started moaning loader and loader. He then deviated with his hands a little and moved them under my dress taking it off of me, really getting into it, Leaving me completely naked on top of him while my husband watched and was stroking his cock with one hand and grapping my hair with the other.

Tony then started moving me harder and harder onto his cock and then came inside of me leaving my pussy gapping open and dripping with a huge load cum inside of me. Kyle then put me on top of the deck and started licking the cum out of my pussy. Drinking and slurping up every drop of the creamy white goodness that Tony had left me with. Tony then got on his knees and started sucking Kyle’s dick. I watched as my husband’s throbbing dick was being deep throated by another man and I have never been more turned on.

I started to orgasm all in Kyle’s mouth. But Kyle kept licking and stuck one finger in my ass. It felt way to good. I had my hands in his curly blonde hair pushing his head just a little making more and more pressure. I came again this time squirting my juices in his mouth. He proceeded by giving me multiple orgasms until my pussy was sore and raw. Then he took his dick out of Tony’s mouth and put it into my ass and came. He told me to lick it all up and to not leave a drop or he would start fucking me again. I was to sore to argue and a part of me didn’t want to.

I took my hand and put it in my ass trying to get as much cum in my mouth as possible. Then when I was finished he started kissing me so that he could taste some of it. We he had had enough I got up put my dress back on and went to my seat waiting for us to land…. To be continued

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anonimusrick    (2011-05-17 18:34:24)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick An obedient slut you are.
smoothballs    (2010-01-31 12:15:15)    Flag as inappropiate
Two cocks and one pussy is one of my favs as well!!!
CanadianCasanova    (2010-01-26 20:14:34)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Nice story! I look forward to the rest!
jalvar11    (2010-01-24 05:33:48)    Flag as inappropiate
jalvar11 Sounds like you like to get ravaged. And sounds like you love cum as well

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