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  By: dreamboy09

. She falls asleep, silently drifting down into that warm dark abyss
of dreams. Her regret at being alone is soon dissolved by the gentle
attentions of her dreams.

She opens her eyes, and there he is. Tall, he stands at least
six inches taller then herself. He has dark hair, and she reaches out
to touch it, feeling its silky softness. He closes his gorgeous blue eyes,
and turns his cheek into her hand, nuzzling it gently. When he opens his
eyes again, she is caught in their liquid depths.

She feels as though she
is swimming in a sea of desire, and only he can rescue her.
Then he ever so gently reaches out and takes her into his arms,
encircling her in their strength. Here is the one place she feels safe. She


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leans against him, breathing in the fresh clean scent of his skin. She looks
into his eyes once again, and her breath catches in her throat.
His chest is bare, with a small amount of dark hair. She lightly
rubs one hand across it, feeling it's strength. He shivers at her touch.
Her hand seems to wander over his torso as though it has a mind of its own,
and she watches it, mesmerized. Then she lets it slip around to his strong
back, and up to his wide shoulders.

He shivers again, and holds her even
more tightly and tenderly. Then he looks at her again, and his love for
her is plainly evident on his face. His finely sculptured, coral lips part,
and he gently places a tender kiss on her smooth forehead. She trembles,
like a wild animal, tamed by his touch.

He caresses her back, and she trembles again, enjoying the feel of
his hand. Then his hand travels upward towards her neck, and gently caresses
her long brown hair. He releases it from it's single tie, and lets it fall
onto her back. His eyes sparkle as he marvels about her hair. It's silkiness.
It's softness. He leans forward again, and places another gentle kiss on
her, this time tasting her warm, soft lips.

She feels herself becoming lost in the waves of pleasure arising
from just that one kiss. Higher and higher the wave seems to swell, and
she hold on to him tighter, not wanting to lose her one anchor in this
tide of pleasure.

But her alarm clock rings, waking her, bringing her out of the abyss,
and into the bright light of a new day.... She looks for him, but he is there
only in her dreams.....


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