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Since this is my first story, I should let you know that my stories are real stories, not fantasies. They have been happening over the years, with different sub ladies that I was acquainted to, or in a relationship with.


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This story plays in Paris, France. We lived in the US, and I had surprised my sub with a long weekend in the city of love. We arrived around noon on a Friday, and we checked in our hotel. I told her in early evening to get dressed, as we would head out for a walk into the city, so we could have dinner as well. I told her to wear her short denim dress, buttoned up all the way through, and her red heels, and her black lacy lingerie. It showed her 40D breasts nicely - I had always loved how they were quite perky, at her age of 35, and how her cleavage always attracted men instantly. Together with her green eyes smile, she was exuding a nice sensual energy.

'I am ready, Sir', she said, as she was standing ready at the door, in her heels. 'Should I wear my collar of cuffs, Sir', she asked sheeply, as she was instructed to ask, when going out. 'No, not today', I said, as I took her leash and collar, with the cuffs and put them on the bed. We went down, and into the street. I had picked our hotel carefully, it was right around the corner of Montmartre, and close to the sex shops. She would soon find out.

As we walked past the shows, men would come up to me, and in French, ask and encourage me to come inside, and attend one of the shows. As my sub didn't speak French, she was dependent on my translations to know what specifically could be going on. She knew, of course, what was going on in there. We walked, and I had her walk up a bit in front of me, sometimes, so I could watch her walk, her sexy legs, and observe how others were observing her.

At one of the shows, the man walked up to me and stopped me. He had a different question to ask me. 'Can i give her three kisses, on the cheek?' he asked me, pointing to her. She looked at me, puzzled. I answered 'Sure, but let me get her ready for you'. So I turned to her, and said 'I want you to go inside this store, and take off your panties, then bring them to me'. She walked up to the store, went inside and came out a few minutes later holding her black panties. She handed them to me, as she had done so many times before.

I turned to the guy, and said 'She is now ready to be kissed by you'. I said to her, 'this guy has asked me to kiss you, three times on the cheeks, and I am allowing him to - make it pleasant for him, and smile'. He walked closer to her, took her by an arm, and pulled her closer, as he kissed her, 'one, two, three' and looked at me, 'merci beaucoup'. As he was kissing her, I saw her eyes in a glow, looking at me from the side. So I asked him if he wanted to kiss her the French way, a tongue kiss?

He first acted surprised, then said 'Mais oui, bien sur, ici?'. I said, yes, you can, but let's walk in the side alley to do that. I translated for her, and explained that we would walk in the side alley to have him kiss her. I thought I noticed how she was holding her breasts even a bit higher now, typical for her, as she was about to be handled by a stranger.

We stopped at the container, standing on the side, and I told her to go and stand against the wall. I told the guy he could go ahead, and kiss her. As he was inching in on her, I reminded her to keep her legs spread, when being kissed by a man. He kissed her on the lips first, then pushed his tongue inside. She was accommodating him well, opened up, and let him play with her tongue. I saw him getting aroused, and pushing in harder on her. So I told her to take his hand, and lead him under her skirt.

He let himself be guided, and as he started to feel her bare cunt, I saw him going inside with 2 fingers immediately. He turned to me, and said 'She is wet already, the little slut' and I answered 'She always is, the whore'. He had her in his hands - one shaming her under her dress, the other one feeling her breasts. 

'Open up your dress for him', I said sternly as I wanted her to be fully visible for him. There were few people in the side alley, and one couple had stopped across from where we stood, to watch us. I went over, and pulled her dress back on her shoulders, then unhooked her bra, and pulled it down, completely exposing her breasts.

'Can I suck her tits'?' he asked politely. 'Take whatever you like', I said. And I reminded her to serve him any way he desired. He sucked her nipples, lapped her breasts, which made her nipples so helpless and erect. She was showing him well how easy she really was.

'Do you want to fuck her?', I asked, and the only thing he answered was, 'where?'. I said he could take her behind the container, right here, or join us to our hotel room. He said, 'can I do her here first?' I told her to move away from where she was standing, go on the side of the container, and lean over it.I took her dress off, as she was positioning her legs spread before him. 'You can fuck her like this' I said, as he got behind her, and unzipped.

She looked back over her shoulder, as she felt his hands in her waist. He spread her ass cheeks, and pulled up his cock, planted it square on her pussy and pumped in like that. Next time we can do a condom, I said to her, but we don't have time for that right now. The couple had come closer, was standing next to the container, as he was fucking her now. The guy said 'she is very willing, how do you get her like that?'. I said, 'well, you need to train her, and punish her for any bad behavior, that's basically it - other than that, she needs to be a whore at heart'. 

He looked at her being fucked, then looked at his wife and said to me 'would you want to train her to become like yours" and I obliged, gave him my business card, with my international phone number. asked him to call me tomorrow.

The French guy was fucking her fast by now, holding her by the shoulders, occasionally pulling her hair, and asked me if he needed to pull back. I told him she would be happy to receive him in her mouth, and asked him to deposit there. At his command, I told her to turn her face to him, and receive his cum, right there, in the alley.

I asked her how it was as she was putting her dress back on. I told her to put her bra in her purse. 'He was big', she said, 'and fucked me raw'. I said 'exactly what you needed then' and told her it was time to have dinner now.




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