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  By: Piro_raeB

Its been more then a year now since I saw her in person last. We’ve kept in contact though chatting online and playing fantasy games with video calls. How would our first real meeting after all this time go down I wondered as I waited at the train station listening as they called out different arrivals and departures. I could feel the sexual urge in my body spilling over giving everything I saw a different look; I couldn’t help but notice all the women as they walked by. Wondering if they were here for similar reasons as we would be, dressed head to toe in stern business wear, but secreting wearing sexy lingerie, maybe nothing at all, or perhaps a secret toy hidden between their thighs.


That’s about when she showed up, time seemed to stop as she came up the stairs from the train bag in hand. Wearing a pair of ripped skinny jeans that hugged onto the curves of her legs and ass. A low cut black tank top that let just enough cleavage show to let anyone’s interest run wild, while still holding back a few secrets. Her soft brown eyes sitting comfortably behind her black-framed glasses, giving her the perfect “Come and get me” look. God it was amazing to watch her walk toward me again, I hadn’t had sex in so long and I could only imagine what her pussy would feel like after all this time.


I must have lost track of myself, because the next thing I remember I was being hit in the head with her bag “Wake up, mister” she sighed out playfully. She looked even better up close, as what ever sent she was wearing filled my head driving me up the wall. I got up from my daze and gave her a big hug, I could feel her soft breasts press against my chest and her hands wander down grabbing my ass. As we hugged she started to grind her hips into my crotch. Apparently I wasn’t the only person here that was insanely horny today

. We started walking back to my car, chatting about her train ride her, and how we would have about an hour or so car ride back to my house. The roads were unusually empty today for some reason, which I didn’t mind at all because it gave me lots of room to speed down the highway, music on full blast. The speed of he car turned us both on even more, her hand rubbing up and down my thigh, while the other one slid down her pants.  Slowly I felt her hand creep over my crotch, unbuttoning them and unzipping them, pulling out my semi-erect cock massaging it in her hand.

Slowly she started stroking me, as she began to play with herself even more. I heard her seatbelt click, but couldn’t take my eyes off the road at this speed. In the corner of my eye I saw her head duck under my arm, and felt warm shallow breath on my now hard cock. She gave it a long soft lick from base to tip, and then started to drool on it, swirling the spit around the head with her tongue. Slowly she took the head into her mouth letting the teeth graze by it as her tongue continued to spin around it. My foot began to sink harder on the pedal as we picked up more speed; she took my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

I felt the tip hit the back of her throat, as she slowly slid it back out leaving the head on her tongue licking it like a lollipop. As the song changed in the car she started sucking to match the beat. I could feel the bass in my cock as it bounced around in her mouth. It was a truly amazing feeling, and I could feel my eyes starting to roll into the back of my head and she continued to suck with more and more force. As she deep throated me again I could feel the cum spurt out and fill her mouth up with jet after jet of hot, white, cum. She sat back up and swallowed hard a few times, till her mouth was empty again. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful, and we got to the house we decided to break out the vodka relax just a bit.

She ended up falling asleep after a few shots, which was perfectly ok because I had planed for that and it worked out fairly well timing wise. I carried her up to my bedroom and placed her down onto the bed. Her black hair fanned out, and shirt pulled up just enough for me to see her stomach. The dark skin was soft and smooth as I touched her, pulling her shirt off and tossing it aside. Her breasts wrapped up in a silky purple lace bra, I could still see her dark areolas her smooth sexy chocolate skin waiting to be teased and touched.


I was taking off her pants as she started to come around I felt her looking down at me “Is it play time now?” she asked softly as I threw her pants across the room onto the floor. The flowering sent of her body was truly intoxicating as I drank it in. I could feel her start to squirm beneath me as I handcuffed her wrists to the bedposts. Sliding back down between her legs I could feel the warmth her pussy was giving off, it was soaking wet making a dark wet spot as it dripped down onto the sheets. Gently I began to kiss her clit as she moaned softly into the air, as I slide my finger deep inside her wet snatch. It was even tighter then I remembered.

Soon enough she was bucking her hips against my face and hand riding them closer and closer to orgasm. Pulling my face back, I could tell she wanted to taste herself on me, I slid my cock deep inside her and coated it with her juices as she moaned with joy. Finally I pulled it out and brought it up to her lips, she automatically began sucking and licking the head like she needed to do it to survive.


Pulling her panties off the rest of the way we started to work, finger fucking her deep inside her pussy again. She moaned loud and starting begging for my cock inside her again but to fuck her this time, to really fuck her till she couldn’t think anymore. After a few more minutes of fingering her, I slid myself down by her dripping pussy and ran tip of my cock on her lips. Letting the juices get the head nice and wet so it could slide back into her. Slowly I slid it deep inside her till it was buried in her depths, she let out one big moan of “OH YES” as I started to pull back and begin thrusting into her

. Slowly her moans pick up more and more volume as we began to fuck each other in rhythm. I felt her body tighten up and heard her scream as her first orgasm washed down her tightening around me while her legs pulled me into her almost holding me in place as I thrust in little by little. Finally she let me go and I got back to fully fucking her again, I pulled her legs together and pushed them high into the air as I continued to pound her super wet pussy into the bed. She screamed, “Yes, Yes, I love the way your cock feels right now!” as I continued to fuck

. I could feel myself reaching the point of no return as I let her legs fall back down and wrap around me grabbing onto her nipples and pulling them as hard as I could till she scream in a mix of joy and pain as I came deep inside her pussy, filling her up with my cum.


As I slid my cock back out a think glob of white cum came out soon after it, trailing down to her ass hole. Watching the cum soak into to her ass I got the idea to try anal for the first time with her. I got so lube and started to lube up my cock for what I was about to do to her. She looked at me questioning why I needed to lube up after fitting in with no problem, “If you think about it, you’ll get the idea” I told her. She instantly started biting her lower lip in anticipation of what was about to happen to her virgin ass hole. I pulled her hips up into the air bring her ass into full view and began rubbing a few fingers into it. Probing in and out with two fingers to warm it up for myself

. When I started to be able to move my fingers around with some ease I figured she was ready enough for the cock. I eased it in as she bit her lip hard and hard moaning out under her breath in joy as my cock plunged into her without waiting I started to fuck he ass as hard as I could she started yelling out how good it felt having my cock deep in her ass and that she loved it. But damn that ass was tight as hell and I could feel myself about to cum already I focused on the fucking and held off cumming for a while longer and she still ranted on about the amazing feelings she was having from her first anal experience suddenly I felt the burst of cum flow out and another and another as I stopped and pulled myself out.


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