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  By: zelo882000

It happened after work  while we were walking in a mall, she wanted to buy a modem so i followed her to go and buy. Before going back she wanted to go to the toilet. So i jokingly told her i want to follow her in. You know how Landmark mall is, thier top floors always empty one. I was suprised when she dared me to follow her. Nobody was inside so she went tot he first cubicle and tried to close the door la. I stopped her and she was like "nono" while laughing. Finally after awhile i tried to come in she let me in and closed the door.


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We were doing nothing for a moment before i asked "So arent u going to pee?". She said "You pee first la" while smiling. So i pull down my zip and took out my penis and pissed into the toilet. She was laughing. After i was done i told her "Its your turn now". She was like "noo" again but after awhile she pulled down her panties and pee. While she was peeing i said "Oww your making my thing hard" while making my penis errected. She was laughing and she kept stopping peeing. Then i asked her "U wanna touch it?". She was staring at it so much for awhile so i just took her can to put in on my cock. She was like fasinated with it. After she rubbed it for awhile i slowly moves my hands and touched her boobies.

She seemed to enjoy it so i continued rubbing and slowly made her to stand again. Then i started rubbing her pussy that was kinda wet already. (I dunno if it was becoz of her pee or her juice) She started to moan and i was rubbing my penis on her backside too. After awhile she started to get really wet so made her bend forward and pulled up her skirt. I put on a condom (i usually keep 1 in my wallet just in case i have sex) and inserted my penis into her wet pussy. She was really tight but very wet too which made it easy for me to move in and out. I went slowly at the start coz it was really kinda tight. She would moan really loud when i inserted my penis to the max.

I slowly humped her for quiet some time until she told me to go faster. So i did and it was totally nice. Her juciy was like pouring out like a waterfall. It was wetting my pants and her legs. She was moaning so loud that i think someone surely would have heard us. I started to rub her nipples and her clit while humping her hard anf fast. I could feel her pussy getting tighter which means shes about to reach climax. So i humped her harder and faster. Finally after a few seconds she started to cum and i pulled out my penis coz i was about to cum too. I quickly took out my condom and rubbed my dick till i cummed on her backside. She was tired after that and sat on the toilet while i helped her clean herself and myself. After awhile of resting we walk out and went back to my car and went home.

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