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  By: love1234

It was a good thing I had decided to put on underwear today.

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“No, you have to spread your legs far apart,” she said. “It would probably be best if you slid off that tight skirt of yours and removed your panties.”

I stared at her in disbelief this woman had gone crazy.

“Come on, come on,” she urged. “Don’t make me come over there and do it for you.”

I knew she was being serious about coming over to me so I did as she said. I slipped off my skirt and panties, laying them neatly on the floor. Then I spread my legs far apart. My hand brushed my shaved pussy. In spite of everything I found myself getting turned on. Ms. Ford smiled and opened up one of the drawers of her desk, pulling out a small black box. As I waited for further instructions I lightly rubbed my fingers over my slit. I slipped a finger inside and felt how wet I was. Lightly I worked my clit, I was feeling more relaxed already.

Ms. Ford walked over to me with her hands behind her back and a huge grin on her face. I looked up at her and smiled back. Whatever she had in mind, I was ready for it.

“Stick out your hand,” she said.

I hated pulling my fingers out of my slit but I did as she said, extending both hands out to her. From behind her came this pink dildo shaped contraption. It was small only about five inches and aside from the shaft two small bunny like ears were attached to it. I turned it in my hand and examined it. This was the big relaxation technique? I wondered. A dildo? I thought it was going to be something a lot more exciting than that.

“I know it doesn’t look like much,” she said. “But trust me, you’ll never want to be without it. Now I’ll just leave you to get acquainted with your new friend. Don’t worry about anything else and take your time.” She winked at me and left the office.

I set the small vibrator on the couch and stripped off the rest of my clothes. It was such a strange feeling being in my boss’s office naked. It was actually kind of exciting, like doing it in your parents room. I lay down on the sofa and began to massage my breasts. I sucked on my finger and then rubbed my saliva all over my big brown nipples until they were nice and hard.

I was really beginning to get into it. I took the vibrator in my hand and examined it. The soft pink shaft came to life as I pressed on it, moving up and down in slow stroking motions. Surely this thing couldn’t as wonderful as she made it out to be, I thought, but orders were orders and so I brought the pink tip to the edge of my pussy.

I closed my eyes and slowly inserted the shaft as far into me as it could go. The thick shaft swiveled and stroked all the right spots, the bunny like ears rested on my clit. I held on to it tighter. My finger rubbed along the base of the vibrator. As I explored the bottom surface I came across two buttons. I pressed the bigger button and the vibrator stopped moving. Quickly I pressed it again. The other button was smaller and I wondered what it was for.

I was already on my way to ecstasy and thought it couldn’t get much

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Comments for Spread your legs

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veemen    (2009-09-23 22:45:26)    Flag as inappropiate
very nice ,please finish
Sweetli    (2009-02-11 14:46:22)    Flag as inappropiate
This got me hot, wish this kind of thing would happen to me
Steiner    (2009-01-04 13:38:45)    Flag as inappropiate
Very nice.
bi_oral69    (2008-06-20 16:16:49)    Flag as inappropiate
Please finish and more with U and Ur boss together
Soohard08    (2008-06-20 00:54:59)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Lovely boss, but you must ORDER her to show how she doìn it, she must be juist to it... If i was you, i would bribng a strap on to surprise the boss with. Lovely.
xquisiteyes    (2008-05-26 19:03:47)    Flag as inappropiate
I enjoyed and looking for an ending.....
subigrl    (2007-11-19 08:47:37)    Flag as inappropiate
subigrl it was great
frenchiefrench    (2007-10-05 17:33:24)    Flag as inappropiate
frenchiefrench better.........? nice, can u finish it? i think i have the same vibrator!
knibal26    (2007-08-31 17:34:34)    Flag as inappropiate
DirtyBiscuit    (2007-08-31 16:03:26)    Flag as inappropiate
DirtyBiscuit Horny as hell... but what an abrupt ending!!!

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