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  I tapped on the front door, but there was no response, the dogs didn’t bark either, but there were lights on in the living room and an upstairs window was dimly lit too.
I waited for a few more minutes, but still no-one came to the door.
The blinds were all shut so I couldn’t see in through the bay window. I could just about hear music playing so I thought I’d try one last time.
As I went to use the door knocker, the front door quietly crept open - wide open!
  I tip-toed in through the passage and was just about to push the living room door open at the foot of the stairs when I could hear floorboards creaking right above me.
I froze to the spot not knowing which way to turn, whether to call out or to quickly slip out of the house. If I left, I would have to close the front door behind me which would make a noise, so, I had little choice but to stay where I was - at the foot of the stairs, for the moment anyway.
Suddenly, but gradually over the music I could hear what sounded like Mandy gasping or moaning and it sounded very much like it was coming from the bedroom directly above my head.
It quickly became evident as to what was actually happening, - Mandy and stuart were in bed making love.
I know I should have got out of there as quickly and as quietly as I could, but I was just completely rooted to the spot!
If I left at this moment in time I would be noticed, - I would have to close the front door behind me and they would definitely hear me. They’d only have to look out of their bedroom window and they’d see me scurrying across the road to the car.
They would probably be deeply embarrassed and would then think I’d been purposely ’perving’ on them. 
I was in a no-win situation, so I stayed ’trapped’ at the bottom of the stairs. Thoughts were running through my mind and I remember thinking that I couldn’t wait to get out from there as soon as I possibly could!
Standing there for 2 or 3 minutes seemed like 2 or 3 hours and then the music suddenly stopped! I listened to the stereo automatically stopping the cd after it must have played right through.
Now there was no noise coming from downstairs at all. Could it get any worse?
  Mandy and stuart must have heard the stereo knocking itself off too because everything fell silent upstairs for a few moments, then slowly but very surely the unmistakable sounds of sex grew again.
Then, as if she was standing right next to me I heard Mandy speak, “Do you want your birthday present now babe?” she asked stuart.
I couldn’t quite make out Stuarts response.
There was then quite a bit of movement going on - drawers and wardrobe doors opening and shutting etc etc.
  Without realising it I was now delicately climbing the stairs slowly step by step with the noise coming from Mandys bedroom cunningly masking my own movements. Within minutes I was sitting behind a large cupboard on their landing.
Then to my absolute amazement and with minimal movement of my head I could actually see right into their bedroom. A large mirror on the wall opposite to where I was sitting was in such a position that images bounced off it directly onto a tall free-standing mirror in the corner of Mandys bedroom, thus giving me an absolute perfect view of the dimly lit room.
This was quite surreal. I could see everything, but they couldn’t see me because of the darkness surrounding me.
  stuart was led out on the bed with his back up against the headboard  stroking his semi-hard cock.
  Mandy was standing just in front of the bed looking through an open drawer. Her hair was immaculately pinned up and she was wearing a satin white thong back lace basque with glossy nude coloured lace top hold-up stockings. She looked absolutely sexy as fuck!  I  couldn’t believe  what I was seeing!!!
Mandy then turned around to face stuart once again after closing the drawer she’d been looking through. Mandy was holding  a small clear bottle of what appeared  to be some kind of lubricant, I could just make out the label on the bottle which read  ‘Love Oil’. She unscrewed the top off the bottle of love oil and then placed the bottle on the chest of drawers. Bending over slightly Mandy pulled open another drawer and took out a shiny silver coloured vibrator or dildo with a black coloured base.

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