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The Naughty Meter

I sent lee a text asking him if he would like to sleep with Gemma. I didn’t think I’d get a response, but to my surprise, i did.
 “Fuck up you mad bastard are you serious?” read lees text. He asked would it mean that I would then sleep with Jessica? 
 I said we could have a ‘partner swap’ one night if they were up for it. I never heard anything for a day or two, but then at about 8pm Friday evening, Jessica and lee walked in.
 I was in the living room and Gemma was in the bath. Jessica, lee and I chatted in the kitchen until Gemma came down. She was wearing a turquoise coloured satin night gown. I went upstairs for a bath and a few minutes later lee came up to use the toilet. He poked his head around the bathroom door and said “ If you’re serious, then you’re on”.
I reached for my phone and text Gemma asking her if she’d like to sleep with lee tonight? She quickly text back saying that as long as I was ok with it, then she would.
 I quickly got out of the bath and put a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on. I shouted to lee to come up and have a look at the computer which was in the bedroom. I told him that Gemma and I were up for it as long as he and Jessica were. Lee assured me that he and Jessica had spoken about it and they both wanted to do it.
 I went upstairs flick Jess’s arsehole. Pausing after a few minutes of ‘going-down’ on Jess’s bum I listened to next door. It sounded like Gemma was ‘going-down’ on Lee as we could clearly hear sucking and slurping noises. I’d slipped off my shorts ages ago and began to rub my hard cock as I listened to Gemma sucking Lee’s cock n$ext door. I was paying so much attention to listening to Gemma and Lee in the next room I hadn’t noticed that Jessica had turned over and was now laying on her back. As I continued to slowly wank myself off I became aware of Jessicas hand down the front of her skimpy red thong, slowly rubbing herself off. I watched Jess playing with herself as she lay in front of me.
 She was getting really horny as she rubbed her fingers over her swollen clitoris, softly moaning as she touched herself. Jessica then got up onto her hands and knees and gently pushed me down onto my back. I was still slowly wanking myself off as Jess moved between my legs still on her knees and looking straight at me. She lowered her head to the tip of my cock - licking the end with the tip of her wet tongue as I carried on stroking myself. A few seconds later Jessica was sucking me off expertly for a good ten or so minutes before whispering into my ear that this bed wasn’t really big enough and shall we go next door?
 Jess took my hand and led me across the landing to our bedroom. She eased the door open and we were greeted by the view of Lee and Gemma in the 69 position slowly performing oral sex on one another. Lee looked over at us and Jessica lent in and kissed him passionately before he buried his face into Gemmas pussy again. Gemma just kept sucking his dick - like a porn star. It took a few minutes for me to get my head around what was actually going on. It was unbelievable! 
 Taking Lees hard cock out of her mouth Gemma continued to wank him off, her dark red lipstick was smeared all over his cock. Gemma looked over at me and Jessica, but she was so engaged and enjoying sucking Lee off that she seemed to be looking straight through us. Jessica then knelt on the bed and began to suck on Lees cock as Gemma wanked him off. Lee had his tongue in my missus fanny - licking and sucking her pussy lips. His hands were up under Gemma’s g-string on her arse and before long her hips began to buck slightly and I noticed he had his middle finger up Gemma’s arsehole.
 Lee was fingering her bum - something I rarely got to do! I watched as Lee fingered Gemma’s arsehole as he teased her hard clit with the tip of his tongue making Gemma moan erotically. 
Jessica moved away from Gemma and Lee - turning to face me. Jess has got lovely big tits and her nipples were hard. Leaning back onto her elbows Jessica began caressing her boobs, gently pinching her hard nipples with her fingers. It was so fucking horny and sexy. 
 I was standing beside the bed watching Gemma sucking Lees cock, Lee fingering Gemmas arse whilst sucking her cunt and Jessica laying next to them in just a thong touching herself sexily! 
Jessica poked her tongue out towards my cock and then got onto her hands and knees facing me with her head right in front of my throbbing cock. She reached up and slowly began to wank me off. Igrabbed her hair - pulling her head into me gently. Jess was now gasping and moaning as she rubbed my dick around her lips and she was soon sucking me off hard. I watched my cock slide in and out of Jessica’s mouth - juices dribbling down her chin. She really knew how to pleasure a guy orally!  Jessica was so aroused and horny.
 Looking over, Gemma was now laying on her back as Lee slowly peeled off her g-string before stuffing her black knickers into her mouth. I looked on as he rubbed his cock over and against Gemmas clitoris before slowly sliding his length into her pussy - making Gemma moan out loudly.
I was in erotic heaven as I watched Lee slowly start to make love to my missus, sinking his cock into her fanny. And it was obvious that Gemma was loving having Lees cock inside her. 
 Jessica was still sucking my cock and I had my hand down the front of her knickers stroking her moist pussy. Jess’s fanny was neatly trimmed or shaven enabling me to rub her swollen wet clit rapidly and before long I was fingering her hard and fast with my middle finger sinking in and out of her soaking wet cunt. I was soon fingering her with two fingers which she was loving.
 We’ve got a large wooden$ framed double bed and Gemma had put new white silk sheets on it especially for tonight. There was plenty of room for the four of us on the bed which was creaking and squeaking under the pressure! 
I slipped Jessica’s sexy red thong off and positioned myself between her legs easing them open slightly wider. Jess’s wet pussy opened up in front of me and I softly pressed my face down into her.
Jessica was horny as fuck as I rubbed my finger up and down her wet fanny before sliding it deep into her once again.
I was now concentrating on pleasuring Jessica - fingering her with one hand and stroking her clit with my other. Jess was moaning quietly as I used my hands on her for a while before gradually going down and licking and sucking on her hard clitoris. She tasted gorgeous.
 As I was sucking Jess’s clit, my eyes were at the same level as Lees cock as he screwed my missus right next to us.
Jessica was moaning and gasping hornily each time I flicked her clit with my tongue, my face was covered in Jessicas lush pussy juices and she did taste good.
A short time later Jessica sat in a more upright position on the bed and again took my dick in her mouth, I couldn’t believe I was actually living out one of my fantasies. I never imagined it would ever become more than a fantasy, but here it was actually happening!
 The bedroom was only dimly lit by one of the tall up-lighter lamps in the corner of the room throwing just the right amount of light across the whole bedroom making for a very intimate and sexual setting indeed.
 Gemma was now moaning and groaning a little louder as Lee continued making love to her. I couldn’t believe the change in Gemma as she really seemed to be enjoying the occasion very very much.
 I was now standing on the bed leaning against the bedroom wall and Jessica was sitting up against the slightly angled wooded slatted headboard. I slowly began fucking Jess’s mouth, in and out nice and slowly being softly licked and sucked by Jess’s tongue. It was evident that Jessica loved giving oral sex or at least loved sucking cock anyway! 
 It was totally unreal as I carried on fucking Jessicas mouth whilst watching Lee and Gemma having sex next to us - it was such a massive turn-on!
 I could see Jess looking over at Lee and Gemma as she sucked on my cock. They really were fucking each other hard and I didn’t think Lee would last much longer. They were still in the missionary position with Lee slamming his cock hard into Gemma - and she was loving it! They were getting a little louder and It seemed to affect Jessicia. I withdrew my cock out of her mouth and whispered to her that why don’t we just watch Gemma and Lee for a few minutes? 
Jess nodded in agreement so I led on the bed in between her legs resting my head on her upper thigh. I was so turned-on and horny by watching my girlfriend having sex with Nathen right in front of me - it was truly an ‘out of this world’ experience and I didn’t want it to end just yet!
 The sweat was dripping off Lees body and I could see he was tiring. At that moment, Jessicas hand reached down over my face. She softly stroked my lips before inserting her middle finger into my mouth - working it and and out several more times until my saliva was dripping off her fingertips.
 Lee had now slowed right down on Gemma and he was resting his head on her shoulder, he was still inside her though.
 I remember Gemma whispering into Lees ear, but I couldn’t hear exactly what she said. Lee slid his dick out of Gemma and stood beside the bed, his cock was still dripping with Gemmas juices. Gemma then got up off the bed and her and Lee began kissing passionately standing up.
I found this very sexy too,- watching Gemmas tongue exploring Lees mouth whilst wanking his cock at the same time. 
The bedroom was so hot and warm and I remember seeing the condensation dripping off the large mirrors on the wardrobe doors.
 None of us were talking and the only noise was coming from the stereo quietly playing in the corner of the room. 
I felt as though I was in some kind of sexual daze or trance as I was laying on the bed watching Gemma and Lee snogging each other standing at the side of the bed. My gaze lowered down their sweat laced bodies watching as Gemma wanked Lees cock with her hand as she pressed her tits into his chest and her tongue still inside his mouth.
His hands were all over my missus naked arse feeling and caressing her - which she was enjoying.
 I looked down as Jessica planted kisses on my chest before starting to lick and gently bite my hard nipples. Jess gradually kissed her way down my body before licking and sucking my balls. She was soon ‘going-down’on me. It felt amazing as she had such a powerful suck. Jess was sucking me off beautifully and nosily. 
Lee was glancing down watching her as she slid her mouth up and down my hard cock. Lee then turned Gemma around to face us as he rubbed himself against her from behind. 
A few minutes passed and then Gemma bent over resting her hands on the wooden bed frame and her head on my tummy. She parted her legs slightly as Lee wanked himself off quickly before then sliding his dick into Gemma from behind. 
 Jessica was still sucking my cock as her boyfriend slowly began to fuck my missus from behind. Gemma raised her head off my tummy and whilst looking me in the eye she mouthed the words ‘I love you’ to me and I could really see that she was still really enjoying herself. Lee gradually began to fuck Gemmas pussy a little harder, making Gemma moan louder and more erotically as his cock filled her again and again. A minute or two later Jessica lifted her head off my dick and as Lee slid his wet cock out of Gemma, Jess reached out wrapping her hand around the base of her boyfriends cock which glistened with Gemmas pussy juices.
 I watched Jessica as she moved over on the bed to take Lees dick in her mouth - Gemmas love juices didn’t seem to bother her in the slightest! She sucked him off for just a few seconds before he moved back behind Gemma and again slid his wet cock into. He slowly began to screw her from behind again - slowly, but deeply into her cunt.
Gemma was moaning sexily each time Lee thrust his cock back into her. Gemma still had her hands resting upon the wooden bed frame as Nat continued to fuck her from behind,- a position which Gemma adored.
 A little while later Gemma stretched her arms out over my body, so that her hard nipples were lightly brushing over my tummy. 
 Lee was still making love to her slowly from behind making her moan and sigh more than ever, - turning me on more than ever!
 Gemma lifted her right hand off the bed frame and wrapped it around my cock. She was wanking me off whilst Lee continued to fuck her. Gemma is really good at giving hand jobs - she just seemed to always find the right rhythm and I was absolutely loving it. She knew she could make me come pretty quickly by continuing to wank me if she wanted to, but I think she wanted the experience to continue as much as I did. She then took her hand away from my dick and instead she just licked up and down my cock just using the tip of her tongue. I’d dreamt about a moment like this many times - imagining what it would be like to have Gemma sucking my cock as she was being fucked from behind by another man, and the reality was even better than what I’d imagined! 
 I savoured the sight of Lee fucking Gemma as she sucked me off for several minutes longer before turning my head the opposite way towards Jessica. I’d almost forgotten about Jess as I was enjoying being pleasured by my missus and for a brief moment I felt quite guilty. But I needn’t have worried - Jessica was laying on her back next to me with her legs spread and one hand covering her fanny. She too was watching as her boyfriend fucked Gemma as Gemma sucked me off. I looked back down at Gemma’s head as she carried on licking me up and down. She was now really moaning quite loudly as Lee continued thrusting deep into her from behind and you could clearly hear his balls slapping into Gemmas bum as he rammed her hard. I carried on watching my missus head bobbing up and down on my cock for a minute or two longer - I couldn’t believe how horny and sexy I felt! 
 I quickly became aware of some subtle movements next to me on the bed, so I turned my head slightly to look beside me. Still having my cock sucked by Gemma I was now looking at Jessica, her eyes were closed and her hand which was covering her pussy a few minutes ago was now gently stroking her fanny up and down, parting her lips with each stroke. Soon after Jessica began to ease her middle finger up inside herself. She slowly began fingering herself - eyes still closed. 
 I turned to look at Lee who had really slowed down behind Gemma. He was watching his girlfriend fingering herself led on the bed next to me. Gemma then reached around and as Lee withdrew she clasped her hand around the base of his dick as she turned round to face him. She wanked him off slowly as he continued to watch Jess pleasuring herself. I'd always wanted to fuck Jess - and she knew that. She has absolutely gorgeous tits - really plump and soft.
 The atmosphere in our bedroom was now oozing sex and the associated pleasures that it brings. 
As my missus carried on slowly wanking Lee off i noticed that Lee, Gemma and myself were all gazing at Jessica, watching as she sensually and softly penetrated her very wet pussy with her middle finger - inserting it and then withdrawing to lightly rub her hardened wet clit in small circular motions. 

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