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  By: nevergetsober

“I’ve never done this before,” she said.


“Done what?” I asked, playing coy.


“Had a one night stand.”


That’s when I knew I was getting some tonight. Before that comment it had been up in the air.


I had just met her that night. It wasn’t the first time we’d met, though. We went to high school together. She was a tall, slender redhead, much taller than I was, cute and nerdy with larger round glasses. We were two different people from two different groups, although our paths had crossed several times. She was weird and way too into anime for my tastes. I was (and still am) nerdy, sure, but I was also in drama and on the wrestling team. If not for the mutual friend, we may not have realized the other existed.


I had seen her that night for the first time in years at her work when I went to visit my friend who worked with her. Another friend I was with struck up conversation with her first and told me she was recently single. I went and casually started talking with her but ended the conversation with “So lemme get your number.” She gave it to me and my friend who worked with her begged me not to go through with it because he had to work with her every night.


A few hours later, I decided to give her a call and ask her to get coffee at midnight. She agreed and we spent several hours catching up before it was late and we were both tired. We went out to her car and I felt daring so I leaned in and kissed her. I had her pinned to the side of her car for a few minutes before she broke the kiss to tell me she’d never had a one night stand before. Knowing my roommate worked early mornings we headed to my place, probably 10 minutes after he had left.


When we got inside, I immediately took her to the floor. Whatever you want to call it, making out, necking, or dry humping, that was all the foreplay we needed. She clung to me whispering about how wet she was so we got up and moved to the bedroom.


I was naked in no time flat but she decided to slowly strip for me. She asked if I ever imagined being in this spot when we were in high school. I honestly answered no and she confided she never thought about it either. Finally, I saw her standing there in front of me. She had nice, perky breasts with nipples fully erect and a full, red bush. Usually I don’t care one way or the other about pubic hair, but this proof of her being a natural redhead was enough to raise the lust inside me to a whole new level. I couldn’t wait to be inside her.


I was wondering how she wanted to do it, but before I could say anything she was on her hands and knees on my bed, ass raised, fingers spreading her beautiful pussy for me. I mounted her quickly but slid my cock in slowly. There’s nothing to me like the first moan of insertion. She begged for me to fuck her faster and harder until my cock was covered in her cum. My hands clenched her waist as I thrust as deep as I could. I thought about putting a thumb in her asshole and possibly persuading her to do anal with me, but her pussy was so tight and she could use it to squeeze my cock so I was more than fine. Finally, my hips bucked as she slammed her whole body back and I came hard into her. I collapsed next to her and we fell asleep.


The next morning we woke up and talked for a bit before I asked if she was ready for round 2. She cocked her head and asked if I really wanted to go again. I told her of course and we ran back into the bedroom.


She was naked before I was this time, on her back legs spread. I absolutely love eating pussy so without her even asking I dove down, cupped her ass, and ate her pussy with vigor and lust I haven’t felt since. She ran he fingers through my hair and started grinding her pussy into my face before grading a fistful of my hair and pulled me up.


“I don’t want it. I need you inside me right now.”


I got on top of her and pounded her pussy again as she wrapped her legs around me while cumming hard. Her entire body wrapped around mine as I fucked her so hard it slammed my bed into the wall. After about 10 minutes she demanded to ride me. Being a man who does things for the ladies, I happily agreed. As she rode me I drove myself deeper into her. Then the most amazing thing happened, in my opinion.


She arched her back for a second and then fell from yet another big orgasm. As she tried to catch her breath, she arched her back again and gasped as she came again. Her breathing never slowed down and her eyes got wide as she screamed “Oh my God, a third!” Unfortunately that’s when I came. The pure willpower it took to keep my cock hard was intense, and so was the grinding and pounding she was doing to my cock. Finally, she exploded in her first multiple orgasm and fell into a quivering mass beside me. We kissed a bit more before she dressed and left.


I thought about calling her again, but we agreed it would be a one time thing and she showed up at my work the next day “just to talk” so I let it go. Sometimes I regret it.


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