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  By: lolli

Hope you like my story and it turns you on, leave me a comment if it does x x x


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This is a true story that happened to me a few years ago. I was working in a small village down in Devon and was lodging with a woman in her early forties named Elaine. Elaine was very attractive for her age and she had many younger friends that were about my age (23 at the time). I got on well with Elaine and often thought about having sex with her if the opportunity arose, but I didn't want to ruin our friendship and living arrangements.

I had the day off work one day and Elaine was working till five. I had been working late the previous evening so I woke up about twelve midday and had breakfast. I was feeling horny so I double checked Elaine wasn't in and went into her bedroom. I headed straight for her panty draw and had a look through it and I immediately found three dildos. Most women have dildos but it was such a turn on to see Elaine's collection.

As I fished further in the draws I found some black stockings and a suspender belt, I've always wanted to dress as a woman so I decided to put them on. I felt so sexy and feminine it made my dick rock solid. I checked out of the bedroom window to see if Elaine's car was there, she was supposed to be working till five but I had to make sure she hadn't come back, the last thing I wanted was to get caught in her room wearing her underwear.

I walked across to her wardrobe and begin to look at some of her dresses. I was going to put one of the dresses on but I had to make sure she didn't know anyone had been in the room. I saw something at the top of the wardrobe so I pulled it down, It was a blonde wig. Elaine was a brunette so I guess she used it to dress up as a blonde for her men.

I put the wig on and looked in the mirror, I was so turned on seeing myself like that I began to stroke my cock. I had another look in the wardrobe to see if I could find any more wigs or anything else interesting, what I did find was a video tape .

I really hoped it was a home made sex tape that Elaine had made so I immediately put it in her video. The credits rolled and it wasn't a home made movie but it was porn, I didn't pay much attention to what kind of porn it was because I had to look out of the window again. As I came back to the video there was two guys talking, I began to fast forward to look at the woman when I thought I saw something happening. I pressed play and what I thought I saw was happening, one of the guys was giving the other a blowjob. I didn't think Elaine was the type of woman to own dildo's nether mind gay porn.

I was straight and I'd never watched gay porn but I was finding it a massive turn on. I sat on the bed jerking off mesmerized by the video. I grabbed one of the dildos and began sucking on it. As the video went on the guy getting the blowjob had the other guy bent over and eased his cock up the other guys ass, I grabbed some Vaseline from the bathroom and coated the dildo with it. I spread my legs and began to nudge the dildo against my ass. It took me a minute to work it in and when I did I switched it on to vibrate, I was going to explode and then it happened......

The door swung open and Elaine was stood there shocked. There was no time to think about how I'd not heard her, that didn't matter now. I was however more concerned that my landlady had just found me in her room, jerking off to gay porn in a woman's wig wearing her underwear.

I couldn't speak, there was nothing to say, I'd been caught red handed. Her shocked face turned to a smile. 'I'm not happy about you snooping in here Scott but we'll deal with that later.' she came towards me and took hold of the dildo and began thrusting it in an out of my ass. I was shocked but I hadn't come so I just went with it. 'You like this cock up your ass?'

'Yeah fuck me, fuck me' I shouted Elaine began teasing my cock with her tongue.

'Would you like me to suck it?'


'Say I'm a little girl that loves cock'

'I'm a little girl that loves getting fucked by big hard cocks' I couldn't believe what I was saying. Elaine wrapped her lips round my cock and within minutes my cock exploded and filled her mouth with cum. I presumed Elaine had swallowed as she crawled on top of me and began to French kiss me but as she did I realised her mouth was full of cum. It filled my mouth and spilled out over my face and dripped onto my chest. 'Swallow baby' Elaine said, I reluctantly did and immediately felt dirty.

elaine began to lick the rest of the cum of my face and nipples and she then grabbed my chin and forehead and opened my mouth. Her mouth hovered above mine as she slowly spit out the rest of the cum into my mouth, I swallowed without being asked. Elaine smiled 'You're such a nasty girl, I'm gonna have a lot of fun with you'

I was worried about the implications of what had just happened but at the same time I'd had the most mind-blowing sex ever, little did I know how much 'fun' Elaine was going to have with me in the next few weeks......


Elaine laid next to me in the bed and began playing with my cock, "I didn't know you liked playing dress up Scott?"

"It's the first time I've done it."

"I don't believe that, I bet you get dressed up as a cute little girly all the time, and you love cock as well."

I felt embarrassed and didn't want to admit how much the video had turned me on, "No I just..."

"Don't lie to me Scott, I know exactly what happened, you found my video and it turned you on, then you imagined my dildo was one of their cocks didn't you?"

I didn't say anything but my cock was growing hard in Elaine's hand. She began to stroke me really slowly and then she whispered in my ear, "I bet you'd love a hot warm dick buried deep in your ass." I was completely in her control, I began to moan softly.

"Well?" she whispered.


She began jerking me faster, "I think you look really sexy as a girl, would you like to do it again?"

"Yeah... I think so yeah."

"Good, well from tomorrow night till Monday morning you're gonna be a girl, and you're gonna be my little fuck toy." She began rubbing my chest, "I love hairy chests on strong sexy men but not on sissy girls, tomorrow I don't want to see a single body hair on you." She stopped stroking me, "Is that clear?"

I was surprised at how dominant Elaine was being but I didn't care, I just wanted to cum, "Yeah that's clear, I'll do it, whatever you want me to do."

"That's more like it." She began stroking me again and within minutes I moaned loudly and shot cum all over my stomach. Elaine ran her finger across my cum soaked stomach and held it in front of my mouth, I instinctively leaned forward and sucked the cum off.

"Good girl, now go and get yourself cleaned up." Elaine left the bedroom and went downstairs. I got a shower and spent the rest of the night in my bedroom, I didn't know how to speak to Elaine now. I was worried about having sex with her before in case it ruined our friendship but this was much worst, she had total power over me because of what she knew about me. I was worried she'd tell someone but she didn't have any evidence and she clearly enjoyed using me as her 'little fuck toy' so it wouldn't be in her best interests. Besides she asked me to dress as a girl over the weekend and I didn't say no, I was actually really looking forward to it.

I woke up the next day with a throbbing hard-on, I immediately remembered last nights events and began to jerk off. Elaine had already left for work so I didn't see her, which was good because I still didn't know how act around her. While I was at work I kept remembering the night before and was getting turned on about what was going to happen tonight, at one point I had to go and jerk off in the toilets.

It was 5 o'clock and I could finally finish work, even though I was excited I was also nervous so I didn't rush home. When I did get home, Elaine wasn't in but the blonde wig was on the table next to a note which read;

'There's some clothes I want you to wear on the sofa and there's some cream you can use instead of shaving. There's also some wine in the fridge, I want you to drink at least a bottle before I get back. I'll be home around 7.30 and I expect you to be ready. You will be called Mandy this weekend. Elaine x x x.'

Elaine was really getting in this, reading the letter not only made my heart pound I was also highly aroused. I went over to the sofa and there were four bags on there, she must have been out shopping specially. In the first bag I found a short denim skirt, a tight pink T-shirt and a white leather belt. In the other bag was a matching set of pink panties, bra and fishnet stockings. The next bag had a large pair of white stilettos in and the last bag had the hair removing cream, some pink glossy lipstick and some fake breasts that you slip into the bra.

I took a bottle of wine up to the bathroom and ran myself a hot bath. I stripped and began rubbing the cream all over my body and then got in the bath. I had a good soak and had drunk most of the wine straight from the bottle. I showered myself to get rid of all the hair and got dried. It felt really weird without body hair but I felt really soft and feminine. I pulled on my panties first which was difficult considering how aroused I was but I managed it somehow. The rest of the clothes quickly followed and I finished with the wig. I admired myself in the mirror and went to the bathroom to apply my lipstick.

It was quarter past seven, after finishing off the bottle of wine I went downstairs and opened another bottle I took a glass into the living room and waited for Elaine to arrive. I sat on the sofa with my legs crossed, the feel of the stockings on my hairless legs was driving me crazy but I had to control myself and save pleasuring myself for later.

I was so nervous I got through two more glasses of wine before Elaine came back and when she did I was feeling a little bit tipsy. I heard the door go and heard her talking to someone, I totally didn't expect her to bring someone else with her, I froze. Elaine walked in with her best friend Tina, I couldn't believe it. Tina was Elaine's best friend, an attractive 22 year old with long brown hair. Not only did I know Tina but I've tried chatting her up several times.

Elaine introduced us, "Tina this is Mandy."

Tina smirked, "Hi Mandy."

"Hi" I said quietly. She obviously knew it was me and Elaine had obviously told her everything, I felt so embarrassed I went bright red.

Elaine was impressed with how I looked, "Stand up so Tina can see the new clothes I bought you."

I stood up, unsteady because of the wine and the stilettos. Elaine looked me up and down, "Isn't she cute Tina?"

"Yeah she looks like a little slut."

"Of course she does that's the look I was going for. Go and get some wine for me and our guest Mandy."

I went into the kitchen feeling humiliated but aroused. When we were back in the room we were all drinking wine the women ignored me and talked about the men they wanted to screw. Tina then turned to me, "So Elaine tells me that you like to play with dildo's Mandy?"

I nearly choked on my wine, "err... yes."

"It's nothing like the real thing though is it?"

"I... I wouldn't know."

Tina was loving humiliating me, "You've never had a real cock?"


"We'll have to sort that out, maybe tomorrow. What do you reckon Elaine?"

Elaine looked at me, "That depends how much of a good girl she is tonight." Surely they were just joking to wind me up, I hoped so anyway. Elaine finished her wine, "Tina why don't you show Mandy her present?"

Tina went into her bag and pulled out a dog collar. She walked over to me, straddled my lap and fastened the collar round my neck, "Tonight Mandy you're going to be my bitch." She shoved her tongue down my throat and began kissing me. After about a minute of kissing I reached down to feel her ass and she immediately clipped the dog lead to the collar and sat back next to me on the sofa, lead in hand, "Don't get too frisky little doggy."

Elaine went into the kitchen and brought out a bowl. She took my wine off me and poured into the bowl, she then put the bowl on the floor in front of the chair she was sitting on, "Just in case your pet wants a drink Tina."

"I think she's thirsty now." Tina looked at me and pointed at the bowl, "go on!"

I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled over to the bowl. I tried to drink but I made a slurping noise, Tina immediately yanked the lead, came over and slapped me hard on the ass, "Drink that wine quietly, lick it like a cat until it's all gone."

I was gonna be down there a while. While I was down there they began to talk about me like I wasn't there. Elaine noticed how well I was licking up the wine and got the lead from Tina. She pulled the lead so my face was next to her crotch, "That's enough of that for you, I think that tongue can be put to better use." She hitched up her skirt and pulled her panties to the side, I immediately stuck my tongue into her wet pussy. I was feeling really drunk and began frantically lapping at Elaine's pussy. She was clearly enjoying my efforts, "That's right baby!" She moaned as she stroked my blonde wig.

As Tina watched us she shoved a hand down the front of her jeans and began playing with herself, "She's got such a cute little ass."

"Well why don't you have a little fun with it?"

Tina got off the couch and knelt behind me, she ran her hands up my legs and hitched up my skirt, revealing my silk pink panties. She began rubbing my balls and ass through the panties, I responded by arching my back and sticking my ass out, "You like that you little slut?"

I mumbled a "yes" into Elaine's pussy. Tina pulled my panties down to my knees and started kissing and biting my ass cheeks. Having my tongue in Elaine's pussy and Tina biting my ass was heaven but I was hoping she would pay my dick some attention but I had no such luck. Tina placed her hands on my ass cheeks and spread them open she then began flicking her tongue in my hole, I almost came there and then. She continued to lick my ass and then spat on it, she guided her saliva towards my hole with her index finger and then shoved it in. I moaned into Elaine's pussy as Tina began fingering me.

I got my composure back and doubled my efforts on Elaine, she grabbed hold of the back of my head and shoved it against her pussy as she had a massive orgasm. My face was coated in her juices and I greedily lapped the rest from her pussy. Elaine was breathless, "you're a good little pussy eater," she leaned forward and kissed me "Now finish your drink."

I put my head down and began drinking from the bowl again. Elaine got up and got Tina's bag, she looked over at Tina fingering me, "How many fingers have you given her?"

"Just two."

"She can take more than that," Elaine looked at me, "Mandy."

Tina pulled the lead back so I could see Elaine, "Now because you've been a good girl you're gonna get a treat." She pulled two strap-on dildos out of the bag. She put hers on and gave the other to Tina. She walked up to me and held the dildo in front of my face.

Tina pushed my head forward, "suck it bitch."

I opened my mouth and began sucking on the dildo. Tina disappeared and came back with some lube which she began rubbing on my ass, "She's all ready for you Elaine."

Elaine pulled the dildo out of my mouth and went behind me, she rested the dildo up against my ass, "How much do you want this cock up your pussy."

"Really badly please, fuck me with it," I begged.

"Well you know where it is sissy."

I began to push back onto the dildo but as I did Elaine began moving backwards. I desperately tried to thrust myself onto it, much to Tina's amusement, "I think she really wants it."

Elaine grabbed hold of my waste, "do you really want it?"


"Tell me what you want."

"I want your cock up my pussy!" and with that Elaine shoved the dildo deep inside me causing me scream like a little girl. By now Tina had put on her strap-on and shoved it in my mouth. Tina began fucking my mouth like Elaine was fucking my ass, "She's such a nasty girl Elaine, I want to take her home with me."

As Elaine was fucking me she grabbed my cock and squeezed, "I bet she'd love to cum, you fancy a piece yet Tina?"

"I thought you'd never ask," Tina pulled the dildo out of my mouth and sat down on the sofa, she pulled me over with the dog lead causing Elaine's dildo to fall from my ass, "Come and sit on this sissy girl." I straddled Tina and lowered myself onto the dildo. Tina's hands grabbed my ass as I bounced up and down on her plastic cock. She pulled my head to hers and shoved her tongue down my throat, kissing me intensely.

After about ten minutes Tina got me to turn around so I had my back to her as Elaine held her tits in my face. I began sucking on her nipples till they were rock hard and she returned the favour by stroking my cock. Elaine then pushed us further back onto the sofa and then straddled my cock. How I didn't explode there and then is beyond me. I managed about another ten minutes of Tina fucking me and me fucking Elaine until I exploded and filled Elaine's pussy with cum.

I collapsed on the sofa exhausted. Elaine reached down to her pussy and ran two fingers across her cum smeared lips. She offered her fingers to me and I licked them clean. Tina was mesmerised, "She is so nasty, I can't wait to see what she does with some real cock."

Elaine smiled, "Neither can I, we'll have to wait for tomorrow."


It was the morning after Elaine and Tina had used me as their sex toy, I got out of the shower and put on the clothes Elaine had told me to wear. This included the tight pink t-shirt and denim mini skirt from the night before, the blonde wig, some white frilly socks and stilettos.

Throughout the day Elaine was ordering me about, whether that was making her dinner or going down on her. I must have eaten Elaine's pussy about three or four times but she didn't let me get off once. She said she wanted to keep me horny for later that night.

At around six the doorbell went, Elaine was upstairs and she told me to get the door. I presumed and hoped it was Tina as I didn't want anyone else seeing me like this. I looked through the spy hole and luckily it was Tina so I opened the door. I could see she was all dressed up to go out and was looking really sexy.

"If it isn't my little Mandy," she said as she strolled past me and pinched my ass. She sat down on the sofa and tapped the seat next to her. I sat down on the sofa and she was looking at me with a wicked smile, "So you looking forward to tonight?"

Her smile made me nervous, "What's going to happen tonight?"

"Well you'll just have to wait and see won't you, Where's Elaine?"

"I think she's getting ready"

"Good, hopefully we'll pull some fit men and maybe even bring them back for you," Tina began stroking my inner thigh and quickly made her way up to my semi-hard cock and began stroking me, "Has Elaine let you cum today?"

"No," I quickly said hoping that Tina would let me.

Tina was stroking me agonisingly slowly, she whispered in my ear, "Maybe you'll be able to cum tonight when you've got a big fat cock in your ass."

"Mmmmm," was all I could mumble in response. Suddenly she stopped and pulled my skirt back down, "Please don't stop!"

"Aww, little sissy want to cum? You will later baby but not yet."

Elaine shouted from upstairs, "Tina, bring Mandy up here will you?"

Tina grabbed me by the hand and led me upstairs to Elaine's room. Elaine was ready to go out and looking really hot, "Now Mandy, while me and Tina are out you must behave yourself. Now because you were snooping through my room the other day you're going to have to stay somewhere where I know where you are."

Elaine pointed to a large cushioned foot stool, "Lay face down on here." I laid on the stool and was basically on all fours with the stool in between my thighs and arms. Elaine then fastened my thighs to the stools legs with belts and fastened my arms to the front legs with tie-wraps. I felt vulnerable but that was part of the turn-on, I wanted to make myself cum while they were out but there was no chance of that now.

Elaine stroked my ass, "Comfy babe?"

I nodded

"Good, now you liked all the attention your ass was getting last night, so when we come back later we want you to be ready for us"

"I will be." I said not wanting to disappoint

Elaine knelt in front of me, "Oh I know you will be but I'm gonna give you a little help, now close your eyes and open your mouth."

I didn't know what to expect but it felt like a dildo was being shoved in my mouth, I quickly realised it was a cock gag. While Elaine fastened it round my head Tina hitched up my skirt and was rubbing lube into my ass.

Elaine stroked my blonde wig, "do you know what this is for?"

I shook my head.

"It's to get you familiar with having your mouth full of cock, because that's what you're gonna get later, but it won't be plastic it'll be the real thing. Tina's getting your ass ready because if you're lucky you might get a nice juicy cock up your ass as well," as soon as Elaine finished speaking Tina shoved her finger deep inside my ass. I moaned into my gag.

Tina introduced another finger into my ass, "I haven't even started with you yet."

Tina's relentless fingering went on for about five minutes, I thought I was going to cum with the anal stimulation alone. Elaine removed her fingers then began to shove something into me, it felt fatter than a dildo and I quickly realised it was a butt plug. Tina struggled with it at first but she squeezed my balls and I immediately loosened up and let it enter my ass completely.

Elaine walked behind me to look at my ass, "What a pretty sight, I think I'm gonna sign it." I didn't know what she meant but I felt Elaine writing on my left ass cheek with some kind of marker pen, "Do you want to know what it says? It says 'Elaine's bitch', because that's what you are aren't you?"

I nodded knowing it to be very true. Elaine pulled my skirt back down, "One last thing." She put a blindfold across my eyes and kissed me on the cheek, "See you later sweetie."

I heard them leave and hoped they'd be back soon. Being in that position with the butt plug and cock gag made me horny as hell but after an hour or so I drifted in and out of sleep. I awoke when I heard the downstairs door shut, I heard the girls giggling but then I heard one maybe two male voices. I started to panic, I didn't really think they were being serious, before I just thought they were humiliating me. I remembered being turned on when I watched the gay porn video I found in Elaine's room but I wasn't sure if I was ready for the real thing. What bothered me most is what would they make of me?

I heard them all walk up the stairs but Elaine stopped them outside the door, "Now just because I'm letting you in my bedroom it doesn't mean you can have sex with us. You can however have a blowjob from Mandy and if you're any good then maybe you can have me and Tina."

"Fair enough, who's Mandy?" I heard one of the men say.

"Allow me to introduce you," Elaine said and I heard the door open..

The first man, whose name I learned was Nick was excited by what he saw, "You two are a couple of kinky girls aren't you?"

The second man (Tom) wasn't so sure and discovered all was not as it seamed, "Hang on a minute I'm not gay you know"

Tina was quick to reassure him, "Of course you're not, you both want to have sex with us two and all you have to do is let Mandy suck your cock."

Nick was unconcerned that I wasn't really a woman, "Who gives a fuck man, I know a good deal when I see one," He positioned himself in front of my face and unfastened the cock gag, I then heard him undo his zip. I was nervous and expecting him to shove himself deep down my throat but it didn't happen. I waited for a few seconds and then I felt his cock gently tapping my cheek.

"Do you want it you little slut?" he said.

Just the way Nick spoke to me made me want to suck his cock, I moved my head out towards his dick and opened my mouth.

Tina was already enjoying the show, "I told you boys, she's a cock hungry slut"

Nick could clearly tell that, "Let me see that tongue of yours Mandy."

I stuck my tongue out and he wiped his leaking cock on it. After tasting the pre-cum I wanted more and began licking his shaft.

"Mmm, That's right baby," Nick was clearly loving my efforts, he pulled away then shoved his meat all the way into my mouth. My initial reservations about what would happen tonight were quickly forgotten as Nick began to slowly thrust in and out of my mouth. Tina didn't know how right she was when she called me a 'cock hungry slut' I was already addicted.

Nick didn't want to keep me all for his self, "You don't know what you're missing Tom."

"Well let me get in there then," Tom had clearly changed his mind about me. I could here him walk round to in font of me and I heard him undoing his belt buckle. Nick pulled out leaving a trail of saliva and pre-cum between him and my mouth, I barely had chance to catch my breath as Tom entered my mouth.

"So what do you think to Mandy then Nick?" Tina asked.

"She's a good little cock sucker. So are we only allowed blow-jobs from her?"

"No you can fuck her if you want. You'll have to rubber up but make sure you come in her mouth or on her ass."

"No problem," I felt Nick pull my skirt up, he immediately saw the butt plug and Elaine's graffiti. "Wow Elaine's bitch certainly comes prepared," he began playing with the butt plug, every touch making me moan onto Tom's cock. Nick eventually pulled it out slowly and then slapped me on the ass, "What a nice piece of ass, I'm looking forward to fucking it." He than began smearing the lube all over my ass.

Unlike Nick, Tom began thrusting straight away. Apart from nearly choking I was thoroughly enjoying my mouth-fucking, I felt like such a filthy slut.

I felt Nicks left hand grab my waist as he slowly eased his cock up my ass with his other hand. The butt plug and lube made it as easy to slide into my ass as if it was a moist pussy.

"Oh fuck, that feels good," said Nick as his other hand grabbed my waist. He didn't waist anytime in increasing his thrusts causing me to moan into Tom's dick.

Tom withdrew his dick from my mouth "You like that dick up your ass don't you? You little sissy?"

"Yes," I managed to say in between moans.

"You like sucking my cock as well?"

"Mmm yes!"

"Good 'cos I need to cum pretty soon, so you better get that pretty tongue of yours start moving."

"Yes I will, give it to me, I'll make you cum."

Tom entered my mouth again and began thrusting steadily. I tried to improve my technique by darting my tongue around his shaft on every thrust. Much to his approval, "Mmm, that's better."

It was getting harder to concentrate on Tom's dick as Nick was going into overdrive and was fucking my ass off. Suddenly I felt Nick briefly put his hand under me and squeeze my dick, I wanted him to get me off but he only touched me for a few seconds before his hand went back to my waist. After a few more minutes he withdrew and I heard him rip the condom off. A few seconds later big splashes of hot cum were hitting my ass.

Nick breathed out heavily, "Fuck, thanks for that Mandy". He then wiped his cock on my thigh.

I was so horny as cum was dripping down my legs while my mouth was getting fucked, now all I wanted was for Tom to fill my mouth with cum. I didn't have to wait long as he grabbed the back of my head and erupted in my mouth. I managed to swallow most but some crept out of the corner of my mouth. Tom pulled his cock out and with it he smeared cum onto my cheeks. It was the first time I had tasted someone else's cum, I loved it and already I craved more.

I felt a cock enter my mouth but this time it was the cock gag. Elaine spoke to me, "Bravo Mandy, did you enjoy your first taste of cock?" I nodded furiously hoping that it would not be the last time. "Let's tidy you up a bit," Elaine began rubbing the cum into my ass, she covered my ass cheeks and rubbed it all over my balls and dick. When she had finished she took the cock-gag out and told me to lick. I put my tongue out and greedily licked Elaine's cum soaked hand before she replaced the gag.

My little performance must have really turned the girls on because all I could hear for the next hour was Tina and Elaine getting their asses fucked off. I wished I could see them, I wished I was fucking them and I wished I was getting fucked like them. I heard Tina have a massive orgasm and a few minutes after she came over to me, "Want some more cum sissy?" I nodded and Tina took out my gag. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved her pussy in my face. I began lapping at her pussy juice and it quickly began to mix with Nick or Tom's spunk that was seeping from her.

I felt Tina move away for a second but I realised she had turned around as her ass pressed hard on my face. I could hardly breath but Tina didn't care, "Get that tongue up my ass you nasty little bitch!" I did as I was told and licked all the sweat, stray cum and pussy juice from her. Eventually Tina pulled away and I had a chance to breath properly but she than grabbed my throat, "Open your mouth slut."

I opened my mouth wide and could here one of the men furiously pumping his cock in front of me. I stuck my tongue out to try and catch as much as I could. One of the men (it sounded like Nick) let out a moan and shot his load all over my face. It was a good job I had the blindfold on because it would have hit my eyes, it was everywhere. I swallowed the cum on my tongue and licked up as much as my tongue could reach but I couldn't do anything about it on my forehead and cheeks.

The men ordered a taxi and slapped my ass when they left. Elaine approached me and took off the blindfold, "Me and Tina are going downstairs for coffee and because you've been such a good girl I'm going to let you cum when we come back up." She shoved the cum-stained blindfold in my mouth and went downstairs. I waited and waited and eventually they returned. Elaine scooped up all the cum left on my face and kneeled behind me. She smeared my cock with the cum and began jerking me off.

I'd wanted to cum all day and now I finally could, it only took a couple of minutes until I had a massive orgasm and sprayed the side of the foot stool with cum. Elaine milked my cock for all it was worth and then untied me, "That's enough fun for one evening, you can go and get showered now and go to bed, but first clean up your mess."

I lowered my head to the stool and then Tina shoved my face into it. "Lick it up you little cum slut," said Tina as she began laughing at me. I was a little cum slut and I proved it by licking up every drop.

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