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  By: AryelNyght

He has been working at the computer for what seems like days, not moving from the chair less it be to go to the bathroom or move his back and stretch. After all he is a writer and once he gets started he won't come up for hours. I hear him moan once in a while, cuss too. Maybe I can help him relax.


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Heading into the bedroom taking off everything except my little black thong I have been saving just for something like this. I look into the mirror to fuss with my hair and lipstick. I feel all of a sudden a little nervous. I see Boo our cat laying at the foot of our bed watching me with a bored look on her face. She is use to me telling her all my worries and woes. Ever since Kathleen called all excited about what happened at the cabin. I have been feeling lonely and a little depressed. Thank goodness Gavin was there to get her out of that cabin after the roof caved in on her in that snow storm. What she told me happened later between them only happens in books. What a romantic, erotic few days she had with him. She is so lucky to have found someone like him.

Sometimes I wish Vincent was that sexual with me. I know I am not too knowledgeable in the sex department. I have in the past few months taken up reading some erotic romance books to see what all the hype is about. I have read his books too. I wonder why we haven't done some of the things in them. I looked over at Boo. She is looking at me as if to say, well go out there and start something you big ninny. Taking a last look at myself in the mirror, I blew her a kiss and headed for the front room.

I stepped out of the bedroom and walked up behind him, running my fingers down his long blonde hair, pulling the holder out of it so it would fall loose over his shoulders like I like. I leaned down and kissed the top of his head moving in a little so my breasts where touching the back of his head. He reached up still reading what he had just written and kissed my hand.

"Are you going to be much longer?" I asked hoping he would notice my breasts rubbing his head.

"MMMM..maybe I just can't get this one scene is just driving me crazy!" he said.

I wanted him to see me, so I grabbed the chair, swung it around so his eyes where level with my breasts. He started to say something. I stepped back quickly so he could see me standing there in only my black thong.

"Does this help?" I ask with my sexiest grin. For a moment he didn't say anything just looked at me and I could swear his ice blue eyes for a moment got darker, a slow smile formed on his mouth.

"Lovely, he said, just lovely!" I watched as his eyes moved slowly up to my face, I knew I had him, he wanted me.

"It can wait for a while" I said in a soft voice, "come to bed with me, love me"

"Yes, it can wait." he said staring at my black thong like he was in a trance "Wait! What can wait for a while?" he asked shaking his head to clear it.

"The scene, the story, the DAMN book!" I said a little louder, getting angry.

"Ah, my sweet" he said in a low voice "as much as I would like to take you right now, I have to get this finished by tomorrow, please try and understand?"

And with that he swung the chair around and was back typing again, leaving me standing there with my thong in my butt as it were and a big "LOSER" sign on my head. I stood there for a minute just staring at his back and breathing hard, Thinking I could take this throng off, wrap it around his throat and squeeze!

Instead I just took it off and threw it at him as I walked to the bedroom. "I am taking a shower and going to bed! Have fun with your scene!" All I heard was a grunt from him and the typing of the keys.

I went into to bathroom started the shower, fuming all the while at him. Our shower is large enough for two, a walk in shower they call it.

I closed the door and reached into my private cabinet where I hid the vibrator I brought last week, the lady at the store said it would help. Even told me how to use it for "the best orgasm I ever had! "She said.

So, I stepped into the shower the warm water felt good running down my body as I wet my hair and washed it, smelling roses and spice coming from the shampoo.

I reached for my soap and a sponge, started to rub soft scented lather all over my breasts.

Feeling them stand up a little at my touch, I must be hornier than I thought. I ran the sponge down my stomach and slowly around to my backside, I closed my eyes, thought of "his hands" doing it. I always wondered what it would be like to make love in the shower.

I moved the sponge back around down my stomach until it reached the top of my womanhood; I opened my legs a little and slowly moved it down in between my legs. The softness of the sponge felt nice as I moved it back and forth, thinking of his hands doing this. It felt so real that I started to breathe hard as the sponge moved in and out of my legs rubbing just the inside of my wet lips. It felt so good.

I moved closer to the glass of the shower and placed my hand on the glass to steady myself, I placed my leg on the little seat there to get a better reach of my now throbbing clit. I am I really doing this? Can I really pleasure myself with just a fantasy?

I closed my eyes again and saw him there kneeling, his hands on my butt cheeks pulling me closer to his mouth and tongue. I reached for the vibrator placed it onto my clit. Seeing in my mind his tongue working on my clit as his fingers invade inside me. First one then two.

I started to move my "little battery lover" back and forth, liking the feel of the hum is giving. I reached up with my other hand and pulled on my nipple, moaning a little as I did, seeing his hand there pulling and tweaking it.

Getting into this now I moved "my new lover" back more to just touch the opening of my pussy, starting to slide it in. Wanting it to be him sliding into me...I gasped as it moved into me, I opened my eyes just a little, I froze.

There on the other side of the glass he stood, watching me. He was naked and hard as I have ever seen him. I opened my eyes wider started to say something, he put up his finger to his lips

"SHHH!" He said with a low growl, "Don't stop what you are doing please let me watch."

He placed his hand on the other side of the glass right where my hand was like we were touching starting to stoke himself.

I watched him move his hand up and down on his rock hard shaft, started to feel him as if he was moving in and out of me. I looked up into his eyes as I moved the vibrator in and out of me feeling myself let go.

As I stroked myself in and out he stroked himself up and down keeping time with me. I was close now feeling my stomach getting tight my breathing getting heavier, I looked down to his erection. He tapped the glass so I would look into his eyes.

Just as the climax welled up in me I could see the wanting in his eyes and I never felt so Sexy or turned on as right now. Our stroking getting faster, feeling the tightness in my loins, I exploded into orgasm..... I came so hard I slid down the glass to the floor breathless.

The next thing I knew he was in the shower carrying me out. My knees where so weak I didn't think I could stand but he stood me long enough to wrap a towel around me and picked up again.

"Where are we going?" I asked breathless. (remembering I still had my "little friend" in my hand I dropped it on the counter).

He kissed me and reached for it. "To finish the Scene" he said with a hurried moan and carried me off to bed.

The next morning I woke, sore and happy. Sort of like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind after Rhett carried her up the stairs. We made love all night, every way we could think of even standing up in the shower. Thinking back to later when we had exhausted ourselves, laying in each other arms he told me he closed his eyes and could see me in the shower. He couldn't think of anything but, coming into the bathroom. When he saw me there so sexy and turned on he had to join in. Giving kudos to the lady at the sex store, Kathleen's phone call and myself. I turned and looked to his side of the bed; of course he was not there.

I heard in the other room the tapping of the computer keys and a soft "yes". And I knew the "scene" was finished for now. Hoping there would be more "scenes" to finish, many more.

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Love your writing style and your hot imagination.
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funfor2or4 love it

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