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I was the whole week on the road and happy to be home. Normally I go on Friday evening to the pub for a beer but not now. I took a shower, put on a jog, t shirt and sweater and I poured myself a Bacardi coke. Let a disk fill the room with some smooth Jazz and dimmed the light. I shuffled on the couch with a blanked to warm me. Wonderful feeling, accosted from a week work, I started to enjoy this moment for my self. Head down on a pillow, body nice warm from the shower, good music to relax.


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The Naughty Meter


Nina Simone “you now how I feel”, “here comes the sun”. love to listening to these lyrics and drift away. I woke up from my mobile phone.
It was Dani,
“What are you doing “she ask with a soft and warm voice.


Halve sleeping I answered that I was laying on the couch and enjoy the quite moment. She told me that her friend Anna and she just came back from a party and wanted to join for a drink. I wasn’t amused by the idea to be disturbed tonight but the “I have been missing you” was for me a sign that I had to accept this invitation. At the same moment the door bell rings and I here the giggling voices from the girls on the other side. The bitches planned already to come here.


When I opened the door the both where standing there Dressed in black leather long coats with head. Dani was looking at me like she did in “the Mirror” and Anna had always that naughty look over here. Never had something with either of them but I was melting away and felt horny feelings coming up.


High heels where clicking on the wooden floor when they entered the living room while I walked to the kitchen to picked up a bottle red wine with glasses. Giggling and talking with each other the music changed in to dance.  Back in the living room my breath stocked when they where dancing and I saw how hot they where dressed.


Anna had underneath the long coat a skin leather mini skirt here nice big breast covered by a tiny bra. Whit that black tailed hair and brown skin she looked like an Indian. I was observing here and pleasant obsessed. There is that obvious answer that has something to do with the actual amount of a woman's body that is left showing by a mini skirt and tiny bra verses the amount of the body that is left up to the man's imagination.


Dani already took off the coat and was wearing black leather chaps with belt and nice tiny black bikini. I know that she likes it to push up here breast and cover here puber and labia just enough to twinkle your imagination in to a status of interest and the whole view makes you shiver and hunger. And I did! I like to see women dressed in leather pants. The sensual feeling of leather pants on my own body makes me already horny and than that on a women’s body is for me a complete climax.


“What kind of party did you bin?” I ask with a silly look to my own dress. A naughty laugh and both crawl on the couch when they explained me that they where in this teasing mood already the whole evening. And story after story of there teasing games flood with the wine we where drinking. I know them both and know they can play men and leave them lost in there horny conditions.


I could not get my eyes from both girls they where looking fantastic and my mind went already in to a direction where men normally only dream off. I like to have sex with both of them.


Anna noticed that I was starring to them. She always has a naughty look over here and likes to start teasing. Stood up walked behind me kissed me in the neck and whispered “do you like what you see” my move closer to here lips and a “mmm” was a sign for Dani to stand up and sliding in front of me on here knees and start kissing my mouth. The question: “Who do you like the most?” I answered by reaching the big breast in my neck with one hand. And with the other I”ll took Dani by here neck and forced here to a deeper tong kiss.


With my tong I answered a long deep hidden love, and with my hand I was answering a deep hidden desire: to have sex with both of them.


Dani pulled me up removed my pants and Anna took off my shirt, I was naked and my dick standing straight in the air. A approved Ooo… and Mmm… had the two girls made up there minds.


“I love to do cock riding“Dani sad. With here lips close to my nipples kissing my chest, here hands playing with my balls and dick.


“And I want to be sucked” Anna whispered from behind and kept kissing my neck. Here hands sliding my ass and belly.


“I will please you both, girls “I answered with one hand under the skirt and the other in the bikini. While hot moister wrapping over both pussies they started pushing against my arm. The first moans where coming out and I tell you how great that felt to be touched, kisses and touching two girls.


The girls laid me on the sofa and Dani lift here legs over me shuffled here bikini aside and I was watching how here moisture hot labia took place on my hard dick wrap here legs round my waist as I thrusts into here for the first time. A gasp from Dani confirmed feeling him deep and hard inside. She starts ridding slowly enjoying the deep stick. Here moving backwards sucked and wetted my dick with here lips and the hard push forward was rolling my head skin with a sensational pain to his end.


Anna took position in front of Dani with here labia above my face. I reached with my tong here clit and in no time she starts moving in the same rhythmic as Dani was ridding. I had my hands on here tights, fingers playing with here clit. The girls where taking off there bras and started kissing and licking each other. To feel the leather chaps sliding my tights and the skirt hitting my face was a sensation above the heat of two hot pussies from the girls whom plays and moans where filling the area with there horny hot aroma.   


Dani started ridding really wild, I felt here first cum dripping from my dick down to my waist and greased the leather touching my body. My tongs work had influence in the hot cum from Anna slamming here moister in my face with here leather skirt. Continue licking here clit. I moved my hands to here Ass and my fingers started playing with the rose hole. With a:  “aye.  Fuck me there” she pushed down and two fingers slides in the with moisture pre greased ass lips. I sucked the clit deeper in my mouth and pushed my dick harder inside. The squishes from Dani here under body made here clit suck my dick more. And I felt my cum rocked my dick.


Dani here “ya shoot me” confirmed that she felt my cum coming up and started slamming my ass to help my dick hitting here deeper.  Anna’s hands grabbed Dani’s ass and pulled here harder on my cock. While my fingers where fucking hers and my mouth sucking here wonderful tasting clit.


The orgasms in this threesome where overflowing a sensational feeling. The position we had at that moment gave the cum schocks trough to the other and lands after following the circle back to push even harder.  The shocks and screams of this wild sex game filled the room and were working as a whip to made us three wilder and wilder.


It is the beginning of one of my greatest sexual experience ……………..


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