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              After weeks  of getting  to know  each other  and multiple
conversations with our new friends." it is now time to get hot & nasty. 
Friday night arrive sand we notice   headlights pull into the drive. My
 wife  and  I look at each  other and  decide  there is no turning back
 We hear "Hello" then a light knock on the door, Stacie and Christian
have  arrived.

We  enjoy  a  lite dinner  mixed with  some drinks, and
conversation about what  I  haven't  a clue (we are really not hearing
much due to the fact we are drunk  with thoughts of what's  about to
 go down). We can all feel the horn level building in the room. My wife
 and I have  never been involved  with anybody else sexually so we let
our guests lead the pace.

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The Naughty Meter

                  We  head  to  our  bedroom  to   check   out   the  computer
 (hint, hint).  Our  guests are no  strangers to  this type  of  arena  and
 commence  fondling  and  kissing  as  they  double  team  up on  my
 wife. They  begin to  squeeze  and rub her in all the right t places. She
 begins to breathe a little bit heavier and faster. Stacie  strips  down to
 her panties  and undresses my wife completely. Christian is watching
 his wife explore every  inch  of  my  wife's  flesh.

  She  cannot  stand it
 anymore and tells him to lie on his back so they can wake up his cock
 and invite it to the  party.  Her  puss  is  boiling over  and  aches   from
 emptiness. She climbs aboard  reverse cow girl and sinks down slowly,
 and eases her way down to the  base of his trimmed endowment, she
 gently  grips  his  balls and  dishes  out  a squeeze.

Her pace begins to
 increase and her moisture level is highly visible on his thick shaft.

                Stacie  is  close  by  filming their every move. The  girls begin to
whisper  and  giggle  for   a  few moments  then  order  me  to  lay  down
 between  their  legs.  My  wife's  swollen  puss  and  Christian's sack are
 but a few inches away from my face. Stacie insists that I not be shy and
tells me to dig in! I bury my face in my Wife's hot hole and flick her hard
 clit with my tongue, lapping away at her slit up and down.

I can feel her
hot juices seeping down my chin. This is by far  the  wettest  I  have  ever
 seen her! Christian is  thrusting  upward  to  meet  her  every  downward
 hump. Stacie expresses to me she likes to see christian  get  handled by
all and grabs my head  and  directs  me to his  ball  sack.  I explore  him
orally and can taste my wife's juices  which  drives  me crazy.

After  every
minute or two of pumping I grab hold of his cock and  pull  it  out  of  her
swollen puss.I focus on his helmet with my tongue and lick around it like
an ice cream cone. I swallow his cream coated cock down as far a  I  can
and pause there for a few seconds. 

Coming  up  slow  and  sucking  just
enough to get him to release some  pre-cum. The  wife  is  watching  this
and  begins to spank her puss, which splatters my face from her extreme

                 She jams it back in and speeds  up  her  pace  and I can hardly
keep up with them. She lets out a long moan when Stacie nibbles on  her
nipple. She gushes with her second orgasm. I see his balls begin to tighten
up. I pull his throbbing shaft from her  oozing  slit  so  that  he  might  cool
down (no cumming yet!)I start  to lick around  her  backdoor  and  ease  a
finger inside to help her  open up  to  accommodate  his  tool.

  She  knows
what is coming next and lets some more juice flow. I grab him and aim for
her tight anus. She eases it in until "pop" his tip  is in.  She  takes  a  deep
breath to help her relax then drops down to  his  shaved  pubic  area.  She
starts out slow up and down up and down then picks up  the  pace, faster,
harder, and deeper.

Eventually she slams onto him using up every inch he
has to offer. Stacie has  managed  to  put on  a  strap  on  while  she  was
filming. Surprise! She climbs over and dips it into the wife's aching empty
hole. She keeps this up for five or six minutes then moves over behind me.
Her  temporary cock  is  soaked  and  without  warning, slides it in my ass.

Using the wife's natural lube she dosn't bother to prep me. I grab a pillow
to let out a load moan. A minute or two later she pulls it out and resumes
her filming. I  tell  him  to  lift up and I place the pillow under his ass. This
is just the right height for my mouth. I start to circle around his anus  with
my tongue. I can feel it contract and pucker. I dart in and out steadily and
his  pace  quickin's.

        The  wife  has  her  hand  on  his  balls  and  is  gently squeezing and
tugging  I  start  tongue  fucking  his hole. This proves to be all to much for
him.  He  lets  out a tremendous groan. One last thrust and half way back
out his aching cock pumps the hottest cum  load  into my wife's tight hole.
His  cock is twitching and pumping like no other. She is about to pass out
and  trembles violently. 

I  watch  his  throbbing member pulse and pump
until  finally  he  is  empty.  His  cock  begins to soften and I remove it from
her  grasp.  Stacie  tells  her to push out her newly planted seeds and asks
me to clean up the mess.  I  lick  up  what  has  seeped  down  her crack to
keep it from hitting the sheets. I then clamp my mouth directly on her ass
while she is pushing. I start to feel his warm load  fill  my mouth.

The  girls
tell  me  what  a nice clean up job I did and give me a long erotic kiss. But
one member remains. Christian's  cock.  He is getting limp and covered in
his and my wife's explosions . I gobble it into my mouth and lick it clean. I
slowly draw any semen from his cock that didn't  make  it's  way  into  the
wife's  ass.  I  clean  him up so well his cock is aching and at full attention
for his girlfriend to enjoy. Enter your story here...

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